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Dj Mixes - Deep Dark House, Progressive, Tribal, Techno, Tech House, & Trance

Upcoming Events: (See official site for more details)4/2 - Deity - San Diego, CA4/23 - Black Bird Bus - The Magic Bus Tour5/20 - Lotus Moon Gathering - SoCal Desert (Full Moon Party) 8/11 - Lotus Moon Gathering - Full Moon Beach Gathering Like what you hear? Subscribe on my official site (www.jessvanness.com) for underground gatherings and updates for Locos.Jess Van Ness is an underground artist in the electronic music scene based in San Diego. Jess is a member of We Are Muxic Collective (@wearemuxic) playing the SoCal circuit including Mexico. Jess also hosts Lotus Moon Gatherings, underground full moon events. Originally a Trance Dj (Transit), he has expanded his musical capabilities with genres ranging from Deep House, Organic House, Progressive, Melodic Techno, Tech House, Breaks, Tribal, Afro House, Minimal & Electro to name a few. Jess likes to paint stories with music and take listeners on an emotional journey with ever changing sonic textures. Much of his music is on the darker end of the spectrum with ethnic textures, deep grooves, heavy percussion and progressive melodies. Jess also has a few experimental side projects; Decibel System (Music Production), Sue Da Fed (Hardcore/Hardstyle Dj), Transit (Trance & Electrofusion Radio) so be sure to check those out. If you’re an independent artist and want share your music, please message us.

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Children of The Deep - Oct 2019 Promo - Deep House, Tribal, Afro, Progressive

A heavy tribal influenced gone off the deep end by JVN. Cross-pollenated with deep house, afro house, melodic techno, minimal and progressive, this set is one of the most technical live recordings from JVN. Real You/Abrio - LIVE MASHUP - Rudy UK, Kato Change & Winyo Origen - Hraach (Giman Remix)Dreamcatcher - Danito & AthinaTribalistic - Night Shift Master (Rise & Fall Remix)Silver - Hunter/GameLost in Khran - Domased Electronica (Subandrio Remix)Is That Charles - Carlos ACongo - Tribal InjectionSexy Train - Alex Raider & Leo LippolisTwisted - Kaz James & Nick Morgan


19 Oct 2019

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The Tormented - Dark Techno & Tech House

First off, F#CK COVID-19! A lot of us are isolated and frustrated with the whole situation. From the overwhelming stupidity and selfishness of others, to our personal battles and tragic losses. There is also a certain irony of being tormented in our own homes when there are many in the world that are facing much dire consequences. While we enjoy food, shelter, and good health be thankful of your situation as you have won the lottery. That said, I'm proud to present to you "The Tormented", a bangin dark techno and tech house set.Live Set List: Tell Me Why (Danny Daze Mix) - Terranova, Stereo MC'sRogue Planet (Christian Cambas Remix)- Simon Berry Omicron (Rpo Part 1)- Rick Pier O'Neil Ellittica (Original Mix) - Leo Lippoli Flux (Original Mix) - Eitan Reiter, PRZ Dial (Heiko Laux Remix) - TruncateCrazy Bop (Don't Stop) feat. Marcel Sadowski (Original Mix)vs The Power (Snap!) - Pay & WhiteTough To Say (Original Mix)- Temudo Radiation Zone (Original Mix) - Kraust Sonido, Jose Baher Mr. Navigator (Marco Lys Extended Remix)- Armin van Buuren, Tempo GiustoFloods (Original Mix - NiQW Love Reside (Original Mix)- IndepthDreams (UMEK Version)- Quench


20 May 2020

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Libertad - Dark Progressive House, Trance, Breaks (20 Year Anniversary Mix)

Twenty years ago after attending many underground parties, I first got my hands on a friends turntables. I was hooked! Soon after I bought a Vestex PMC05 with Technic 1200 MKII’s and I spent hours tucked away learning to spin hard trance, never thinking I would continue to do so 20 years later. It has been my therapy and an artistic outlet. This creative outlet has lead me to explore for countless hours different genres and sounds, learning variations of mixing skills along the way. If I could give any advice to new commers it’ this; record whatever you play and listen to it. It will help you perfect your craft. Learn to beat match without autosync. It helps dial in your ear. Learn the timing and perfect the transition. It will bring your sets to life! Tell a story. Figure out where you want to start, where you want to end, where to place your peaks, and when to pull back. Get the blance right. Learning to use trim and EQ will create perfect blends. Lastly, have fun experimenting and don’t give up!Thank you all for listening and now for Libertad.Libertad is a culmination of songs that balance 20 years of musical styles I‘ve played. With Deep Progressive House/Trance starting at 130 BPM and slowly increases along the way ending with a breaks tribute paying homage to the 90’s big beats where I started.Photo Credit: Wendy Luna


13 Apr 2019

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When The Lights Go Out - May 2019 Promo - Deep House & Progressive

Deep, dark and moody vibes - When the Lights Go Out twists and turns through melodic grooves of deep house and progressive sounds. Track list:Queen of Saba by Cuneyt Clingiroglu Moonchild (Tim Penner Remix) by Max GrahamSomething's Not Clicking Right (Quivver Remix) by Dan SiegNightwalk (D-Formation Remix) by Jonas Saalbach, Amber Long, HackDrift Away by Mika OlsonIsolation (Subandrio Remix) by Jorgio KiorisIn Requiem by Alex MorelliWatching by Chris CargoBurning by Haptic Brigado Crew, Crisstiano Disappear Hear (Antix Mix) by Hyrbid Thanks to all the producers for making such amazing works of art!


29 May 2019

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Masquerade - NYE 2020 - Progressive Trance Mix

To celebrate an end of the decade and new beginnings, we are pleased to present you with Masquerade. This is a strong progressive trance builder with a massive ending of trance tracks. Trip to Red by AntrimPerth to San Diego by AirwaveNuit Blanche by WoraklsTulips Grow In Space by DeepfunkFok It by James MonroVenom by Larsson (BE)Synchronicity by Ferry Corsten, Saad AyubEssence by TerrafusionBorder Country by Underworld, AThis is dedicated to those living in Masquerade.


23 Dec 2019

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Dark Happy Thoughts - Oct 2019 Promo Mix - Deep Dark Progressive

After a brief hiatus, we are pleased to bring you this deep dark progressive set. This deep builder twists and turns through track after track @ 125 BPM slightly increasing in rhythmic and melodic patterns. This beautifully blended live mix set delivers solid harmonies with elements of tribal, trance, techno & deep house but never really committing to a genre. It's solid thru and thru! Tracks included:Kids - The Midnight (Proff Dub Remix)Reevolve - SubandrioSecond Wave - Miika KuismaBombay - RPOInto The Dark - The Saunderson BrothersRunning Out - Dom KaneZoombho - Macrco BediniCroche - N'toAstronave - Gai BaroneBreath - Camphat, Jem Cooke, CristophRebirth - Tim Penner


13 Oct 2019

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Solitude - Deep Dark House & Progressive

Welcome to Solitude. Inspired by the emotional rollercoaster of the pandemic, this set will take you on a dark journey of deep house, progressive trance, acid breaks, and electro beats. Get ready for the last half of the set as it blasts off! Big thanks to Pablo & Clay for title inspiration....No thanks to Apple as Catalina has been a nightmare for recording artists.Colourblind Feat. Jem Cooke by Ki Creighton, Jem Cooke2702 by Dmitry MoloshRed Eyes by Gaston PonteWasted by Rise And FallStranger Things (Subandrio Remix)by Max Freegrant, Miss MoniqueIt's Not Funny by Quivver, ZigerDistance by Rick Pier O'Neil, Oscar VazquezThe Mars Project by Basil O'GlueShadow Entity by UmweltLifetime (Raxon Remix)by GusGusSlowly Burning by Jem Cooke, Cristoph


21 Apr 2020

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Primal (Redux 2018)October 2018 Promo Mix - Tribal, Tech House, & Tech Trance

One of my favorite mixes originally recorded in 2010, this set has been remastered with an alternative ending. The concept of this mix came from a vision of primitive cultures dancing in late night tribal ritualism much like today's culture. This is a blend of Tribal House, Tech House, and Techno with solid tracks from Faskil, Luciano Pardini, Alex & Filip, Perfect Stranger, Marc Marzenit, Jonny Burg, Soliquid, Sian, & Worakls.

1hr 1min

13 Oct 2018

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Retrospective Vol 2 - Classic Trance - December 2018 Promo Mix

Break out the Nordic Track! Getting back to my roots (Transit) and dusting off some goodies from the vault, we journey way back through time for this second edition in the Retrospective series to experience an epic Classic Trance set.Years: 1995 - 2003Kicking off with deep underground track from Gabriel Masurel “Entropie”, this massive Psytrance opener took me years to find and was able to obtain the vinyl copy. I always wanted to use this track in something but it was stolen years ago. This set quickly shifts gears into some epic anthem trance songs from Trinity Sight, Anomaly, Tiesto, Humate (PVD Remix), L.S.G., Sundance, Eruption, Gouryella (Ferry Corsten & Tiesto), and finally Moonman (Ferry Corsten).


16 Dec 2018

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Seduction - Feb 2019 Promo Mix - Deep Progressive House

Launching 2019 with all new deep tracks bringing the progressive sound! In the midst of winter, this is a slower builder goovin @ 122 BPM.Thanks to all the following producers: Armen MiranRi ZaAllies For EveryoneAmber Long & KimiloSubconscious TalesPete KChris CargoAnalog Jungs SubandrioReplicanth


17 Feb 2019

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Tales From the Underground - Deep Dark House & Progressive

A dark euphoric mix with mysterious vibes and underlying elements of tribal infused. This set takes you on a cerebral journey to wide open spaces and transcendental grooves. Welcome to the Underground....Density - Rise and FallClaro (Miir Omar Remix) - Dan NusdeoMovements (Kip 5 Remix) - Itwo5Melodic Circus (Priya Sen & Aman) - Ninesh BabuMagam (RIGOONI Remix) - Roi Ferrari Disorder (Subandrio Remix) - Juan Deminicis Drift (Michael A Remix) - James MonroTrip (RPO Remix) - Parallel Universe Resonance - Tatana Rabbit Hole (Extended Mix) - CamelPhat & Jem Cooke


22 Feb 2020

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Retrospective Vol 3 - Classic Trance & Progressive - January 2019 Promo Set

This marks the last set for 2018 and kicking off 2019 with some MASSIVE trance classics for new years! This set is STACKED with some of my favorite big progressive builders of all time. Years: 1998 - 2002This journey is fueled tracks by Moogwai, Cass & Slide, Nerva, Agnelli & Nelson, Blackwatch, Dogzilla, Oliver Lieb, L.S.G., and finally and epic track by Badlands. Happy New Year everyone and may you have good health, good fortune, and great life experiences!

1hr 1min

31 Dec 2018

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Moroccan Nights - December 2018 Promo Mix - Deep House, Tribal, Progressive , & Afro House

Wrapping up 2018 with another deep and progressive set, Moroccan Nights is packed with tribal sounds from influenced by Africa. Back deep in the underground, enjoy sounds from Volen Sentir, Tone Depth, Lexa Hill, Canu/Nu/Alejandro Castelli, Lizwi/Demajor, Eitan Reiter, Georgia Angiuli, Energy 52, and Jerome Isla-Ae, Moogwai.Again, many thanks to the producers for making such quality tracks! Feel free to message me with promo content.


2 Dec 2018

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Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down Again (Jess Van Ness - Tribal / Circuit Remix)

Depeche Modes classic track "Never Let Me Down Again" mixed/mashed with "Tribal Revolution" from Luciano Pardini by Jess Van Ness.Extended Club Mix2018


24 Aug 2018

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Exorcismo - July 2018 Promo Mix Part 2 - Dark Progressive, Tech House, & Tribal Set

Part 1 - Mal De Ojo is a follow up to The Mystery Within and is a deep dark builder.Part 2 - Exorcismo (Exorcism) takes off where Mal De Ojo ends with some solid Tech House grooves and tribal sound from the underground.Exorcismo is loaded with big tracks from Oxia, Ziger & Blusoul, SiIvano Del Gado, Hidden Empire, Eddie Murray, Miyagi, Several Definitions, Quivver, Boris Brejcha, Carl Cox, Nile Rodgers Again, many thanks to the producers for making quality tracks! Feel free to message me with promo content.For those requesting, recorded with:Allen & Heath Xone:DB4 w/ combination of Scratch Control and LoopsTraktor Pro 2.11.3


29 Jul 2018

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