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GnoPeace is a BuddhaGang podcast. We talk about meditation, Buddhist history, and the various aspects of engaged Buddhism.

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Walking and Talking Dharma

This episode uses the audio from a few of Prem's instagram videos as the starting point for discussions. Acala and Prem discuss various aspects of the Buddha's Dharma. They explore Upaya Kausalya-- they talk about how the Dharma is presented in many unique ways to reach many unique beings. Acala talks a bit about Thich Nhat Hanh. Prem gives an poetic presentation of BuddhaGang style engaged Buddhism. There is a discussion about Buddhanusati: recollection of the Buddha, or mindfulness of the Buddha. Annnd, a few more topics are explored-- check it out for yourself! It's grab-bag full of Dharma goodies!


11 Jul 2019

Rank #1

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Introducing GnoPeace and the BuddhaGang.

This episode provides some introduction to who we are and what we're doing. We describe how we see our BuddhaGang and we talk about what we plan to do with this podcast.  Kobu Sugiyama introduces himself.  Acala Mitra shares about himself and the Buddhagang.  John LeMasney explains how he thinks about BuddhaGang.  Then, Prem Das shares a bit about his life and his effort to survive with his full-time commitment to study, meditation, loving, and sharing the Dharma. After this, Monk Duke -- an American monk in India, practicing with Tibetans-- provides some encouragement to Prem Das.  In the future, we'll be getting into the various Buddhist teachings and we'll be bringing more people into the conversation.   If you want to join the conversation on facebook, check out our group. Or, visit our page at here. Find Prem Das here. Thank you for your interest! Stick around. We'll be releasing episodes each week.


4 Jun 2019

Rank #2