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From The Heart is a podcast where ordinary people like you and me share stories about their lives. Stories about love, loss, winning, losing. Stories so that someone somewhere know that they are not alone.Each individual in this podcast was photographed by me, Henry Tieu, and you can see more of their beautiful faces at www.instagram.com/fromtheheart.podcastandwww.instagtam.com/henrysdiaryHosted by Henry Tieu, an adventure elopement and destination wedding photographer

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Episode 2: Same D*ck For Life

In this episode of From The Heart, I sat down with Emma and Vincent in a cute little cabin in Joshua Tree National Park and talked with the couple about what it's like getting married young and have to have so many days away from each other so early in their marriage.  Special thanks to Emma and Vincent. For more photos visit our our instagram @fromtheheart.podcast Check out Emma's photography page at @epaytonphotos Check out my photography page at @henrysdiary @hdpresets


21 Nov 2019

Rank #1

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Episode 1: What does it feel like now that you're married?

In this episode, I sat down with Daniel and Cheyanne on the day they eloped and asked them about their raw feelings on the day. Subscribe now to hear more about their story and for future stories.


6 Nov 2019

Rank #2

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