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January 15th-17th, 2016 in Downtown Miami's BayFront Park

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The WZA Podcast - #WZATC & Anne Powers

Dylan speaks with a woman that has been through her own transformation journey, Anne Powers. She tells her story, what inspired her, the steps she took, and advice for those just beginning theirs!


20 May 2016

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The WZA Podcast - Guido Trinidad & Transformation Challenge

It has been a while since we've talked to Guido, co-owner and operator of WZA. Hear him talk about his parting thoughts on WZA in 2016, and what the hubbub is with the newly announced "Transformation Challenge."


28 Apr 2016

Rank #2

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The WZA Podcast - Emily Bridgers

The most recent episode of the WZA Podcast, Dylan is joined by 3x WZA competitor, Emily Bridgers. Listen to her talk about the CrossFit Games Open, what it's like to have "home-field" advantage for Regionals, and of course, her experience at WZA in 2016.


16 Mar 2016

Rank #3

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 9

Dylan is joined by #theSteveSuarez, Noah Ohlsen, with a brief cameo by Max, hosted in Mr. Ohlsen's luxurious penthouse condo. In this episode, we break the traditional Q & A format, as they shoot the breeze about everything from Noah's off-season, in which he took home some serious hardware, his bidet experience, and even his budding political opinions. This is truly a special one, that you don't want to miss!


2 Mar 2016

Rank #4

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 8

First episode post WZA weekend! A quick summary of the 5th weekend celebrating fitness, community, and life, and then a healthy interview with our 2016 Women's champ, Brooke Wells! She joins us post-nap to talk about everything from that ridiculous 155lb Grace time, to her sister, and favorite WZA memories. Check it out.


16 Feb 2016

Rank #5

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 7

This episode we've got 2nd place finisher in the Elite division of the WZA Qualifier, Jacob Anderson. Hear from the middle brother, in the very fit Anderson family. Learn what insane weight this guy is throwing overhead, and who would win in a fight between him, ZA, and Alex. Less than 25 days away from the big weekend celebrating fitness, competition, and life, and this is an episode you don't want to miss!


22 Dec 2015

Rank #6

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 5

After a three week hiatus, the WZA Podcast is back! Dylan is joined by 3rd place finisher at WZA and CrossFit Games rookie, Aaron Hanna. In this week's episode, Aaron discusses being a brand new affiliate owner, what his fitness "holes" are and how he's attacking them, and how he got the nickname "Handsome Hanna." Definitely one, you don't want to miss!


2 Dec 2015

Rank #7

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 4

The WZA Podcast, co-hosted by #theSteveSuarez, founder and organizer of the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival. This guy gives the lowdown on this year's festival, and what's in store in 2016. They also get interrupted quite a number of times by Peter Kazanas, the Master's winner of the WZA Challenge, Max Ohlsen, and his human, Noah. They also delve into the soon-to-be announced Rising Tides Challenge, the luxuries Volunteers will experience, and even a little "dating game" action with Steve being quizzed on his "brother," Guido. Check it out!


22 Oct 2015

Rank #8

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 3

Week 2 of the WZA Online Challenge in the books! One more to go, followed by the Team Challenge. In this week's episode, hear from the two fittest Master's on the planet, Shawn Ramirez, the back-to-back reigning CrossFit Games champ, and second place finisher at this year's CrossFit Games, Travis Page (@TravPage). Listen as they discuss social media, fatherhood, and of course brag about their sons and their athletic endeavors. Hear the story as to how Tahj, Travis's son, following their recent move to Miami has Shawn's wife as his Kindergarten teacher. Also, listen to them talk about what it was like competing at this year's Games, what they're looking forward to at WZA Miami, and of course a ton of trash talk. We also go through this week's leaderboard, and talk about next week!


14 Oct 2015

Rank #9

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The WZA Podcast - Episode 2

In the second episode of the WZA Podcast, the team is joined by the reigning Elite champ, Noah Ohlsen. It opens discussing upcoming and important dates, and going over Week 1's WOD's and the current leaderboard. It then segways into Noah discussing everything from his functional fitness beginnings, what he's been up to recently, his dog Max, and even his haircare product secrets. Additionally, he delves into what he was doing out in Cali' the last couple of months, and even his jobs prior to CrossFit. There is also a brief portion spent discussing being a professional athlete, and then closes with some pretty deep questions. Check it out, and find out more at thewodapalooza.com!


7 Oct 2015

Rank #10