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"The Fashion Geeks" podcast is about Men's personal style. Discovering it, celebrating it and enlightening the everyday man. Reg (Geek #1) and Tiff (Geek #2) chopping it up about their love of Men's clothing, style and fashion from a New York perspective (Reg is a native, Tiff calls it home). They give their opinions on the important topics of the week and give solid advice to help out the everyday man become the best dressed he can be. Reg Ferguson is the owner of New York Fashion Geek, a Men's fashion consultancy and Tiffini Minatel Schreiber is a seamstress and costume designer. Can you handle it? They sound just as good as they look.

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The Fashion Geeks- Episode 35- Oodles of Time and Money To Burn.

Reg and Tiff talk about the big assist Chris Paul gave to his teammates (hint: it rhymes with “bespoke”), the fake sneaker market (are your kicks real?) and Reg planning to go to Paris for his “I Must Have It” item. Your fashion game will score on this episode.

27 Jan 2020

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