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Little Cosmologies

Stories about the universe inside of me, Ben Wood. A combination of autobiography, spirituality and philosophy.

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The Pictish Trail

A simple but startling dream about a boar led me down a remarkable path of connection, awakening and understanding. It helped me see... my connection to an ancient group of people called the Picts why I was guided to take a trip to Scotland why I needed to complete a draft of my script on 2/22/2222 the mirror as a portal to a new dimension of truth and understanding of who I am Enjoy!


4 Mar 2022

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The story of my separation as told through a past life. In this episode, I talk about... + a mysterious 3 ‘tattoo’ that appeared on my ring finger last year +Saturn and Venus archetypes + Ponder on past lives as the eternal return + Share what I'm learning from my past life as a man named Josef to understand the cosmic meaning of the completion of my marriage. Enjoy!


27 Jan 2022

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Speaking without Emotion

What happens when we can’t express what we feel inside us, how we become invisible in our lives, plus a vision I had on how to use your light to see yourself and shine again.


16 Nov 2021

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Walled Gardens

This is a story about my biggest fear in life and how a walk through my inner garden helped me overcome it.


4 Nov 2021

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Late Lives

This is a story about how people can continue guiding us long after they pass to the other side. I write about my symbolic journey in the desert of unknowing, and how my late thesis advisor helped me see who I am and love myself enough to show it.


31 Aug 2021

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