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The only college football podcast in the country that delivers real, raw, unfiltered takes on the best sport in America. Hosts Brandon Walker and Kayce Smith pull no punches when discussing the national landscape of college football. New episodes drop Monday and Thursday.

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Super Mega 2019 Season Preview

The only super mega preview for the 2019 college football season you need is here. The Unnecessary Roughness crew take you through their hot takes for the season and answer the big questions from the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12, and SEC.Does Jalen Hurts have a chance at the Heisman? Will anybody dethrone Alabama in the SEC? Is Texas BACK? Which out of conference game has the most on the line? Does Brandon Walker hate Iowa or Ole Miss more? A lot of questions and the only place with all the answers is Unnecessary Roughness! Subscribe. Rate. Leave a comment. Follow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness.

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22 Aug 2019

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SZN1 Episode #27 - Regretful Tweets, Sitting Out of Bowls, and Rap Beef

On this week's episode, Kayce, Johnny and EB recap the Heisman and Kyler Murray's old tweets, debate if players should or shouldn't sit out of bowl games and much more. Johnny also tells a story about his own regretful tweets and they get die laughing at the Twitter beef between a rapper and a TV host. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!


13 Dec 2018

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Championship Weekend Recap

[0:00] Intro[3:00] College Football Playoff reaction. Did the committee get it right?[18:15] A look into the minds of the coaches in the playoff. Who wanted to play who?[27:15] Observations from the 5 championship games this weekend via the mind of Brandon Walker. [31:45] A quick rant on the Dr. Pepper challenge. [38:40] Is the Big 12 sending a sacrificial lamb to the CFP?[51:00] The Pac-12 was who we thought they were.[53:00] A takequake from Brandon Walker.[1:01:50] Coaching news. Does Brandon Walker already hate Lane Kiffin?[1:07:20] SHIT LIST [1:11:30] Hot TakesFollow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness!

1hr 29mins

9 Dec 2019

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Week 1 Reaction

[0:30] Intro and a conversation about Jack Mac's voice.[6:14] Kayce & Brandon call in to give their live reaction to the OU-Houston game. You won't believe this, but an argument ensues. Audio will sound different in this segment due to Brandon + Kayce being on phones.[18:58] Who won the weekend? Brandon, Kayce, and Jack give their winner.[27:30] How will Brandon “Guarantee” Walker handle Dave & Big Cat after Mississippi State didn't cover?[32:52] Most impressive teams of the week[46:10] Most disappointing teams[58:47] The debut of The Shit List[1:12:39] Fan Hot Takes[1:26:04] Best moment of the weekendFollow Unnecessary Roughness @UnnecRoughness on Twitter & Instagram!!!

1hr 27mins

2 Sep 2019

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Week 0 Review, Mississippi State Sanctions And Reacting To Audience's Hot Takes

The Unnecessary Roughness crew is back for their second episode of the season and debates were had after just 2 week 0 games. Are Florida & Miami trash? Is Feleipe Franks actually bad? How does Kayce Smith feel about Kevin Sumlin embarrassing himself and the Pac 12 in Hawaii?  Before reacting to hot takes from Unnecessary Roughness listeners, Kayce discusses her trip to Orlando, which may have resulted in her denouncing her southern roots. Brandon Walker tries to gloss over the Mississippi State sanctions from the NCAA until  Jack Mac and Kayce force the pride of Mississippi State to react to what looks on the surface to be bad news for the Bulldogs. Is Desmond Howard going to have to choke a b***h? Brandon Walker may also have to "choke a b***h" after receiving hate mail from Iowa fans this week.  [0:00] Intro, episode rundown [10:38] Week 0 review [20:58] Desmond Howard asking on College GameDay "is Desmond Howard going to have to choke a b***h?" [24:56] Mississippi State sanctions [32:00] Reaction to audience's hot takes [41:56] Another Jalen Hurts argument [50:40] Bradon Walker's love for Iowa State. Reads hate mail from Iowa fans.  [1:05:00] 5 under the radar Week 1 games  Download. Subscribe. Rate. Tell your grandma about us. Follow us on social media @UnnecRoughness! 

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26 Aug 2019

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Week 9 Review

[0:00] Intro [5:00] Kayce wins bet over Brandon after Mississippi State - A&M. [10:45] Episode rundown[15:45] Oklahoma - Kansas State. Did this game expose Oklahoma's Heisman system?[30:20] Auburn - LSU. Looking at their two losses, is Auburn still a top 10 team? [37:00] Michigan exposes Notre Dame[45:45] Brandon Walker's takepocolypse. Chase Young a Heisman contender? Will their be a conference with two teams in the CFP? [1:11:45] Hot Takes from you, our brilliant listener![1:26:30] Shit List!

1hr 30mins

28 Oct 2019

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Week 9 Preview

[0:00] Intro[5:05] Texas A&M - Mississippi State preview. Kayce and Brandon discuss their wager. [13:50] The Heisman playoff that is coming in the next month. [23:30] Jim Harbaugh eyeing an exit strategy? How would you feel as a Michigan fan if that were to happen?[29:00] Colorado HC Mel Tucker thinks there is no transfer portal in real life. That just isn't true. [33:10] Greg Sankey's bizarre letter defending SEC officials. [38:00] Sooner Schooner will be out of commission for the rest of the season. Will this result in a curse for Oklahoma?[44:00] Louisiana newspaper wants CBS to apologize for showing Joe Burrow's behind. Wait, what? [49:25] College Football Payoff with Marty Mush![58:18] Auburn - LSU preview[1:01:15] Ohio State - Wisconsin preview[1:04:00] Michigan - Notre Dame preview[1:07:15] Michigan State - Penn State preview[1:09:25] Washington State - Oregon preview[1:10:54] Other gamesFollow us on Twitter & Instagram @UnnecRoughness!

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24 Oct 2019

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National Championship Review

Straight off their live stream for the LSU - Clemson national championship, Brandon and Kayce sat down to discuss their immediate thoughts on what was an eventful night. Thank you to all the Roughnecks for the awesome 2019 season! We will be back on Thursday and will continue to drop an episode once a week during the offseason, so you aren't getting rid of us just yet. Follow us on Instagram & Twitter @UnnecRoughness!


14 Jan 2020

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Week 11 Reaction

[0:00] Intro[4:35] LSU - Alabama recap. The coaching glow-up of Coach O is almost complete. [23:30] Penn State - Minnesota. Who saw Minnesota coming? Do they deserve a top 4 ranking in this week's CFP rankings?[31:30] Brandon Walker's weekly TAKEPOCOLYPSE.[47:20] 5 coaches that are universally accepted as great coaches that are having bad seasons. Are they still great or is it time to reevaluate?[57:30] Chad Morris fired, who is the next SEC coach to be fired? [1:07:20] How would a Deion Sanders experiment go at FSU? [1:13:20] Under the radar teams after week 11. [1:15:10] Kayce and Brandon give their top 4. [1:22:00] HOT TAKES[1:37:00] Shit ListFollow us on Instagram and Twitter @UnnecRoughness!

1hr 45mins

11 Nov 2019

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College Football Playoff Reaction

[0:00] Intro[1:30] What a day of football! [3:45] Ohio State - Clemson recap.[7:50] The three calls that changed the game.[19:00] Other issues for Ohio State outside of questionable calls by the refs.[32:00] LSU - Oklahoma recap.[37:20] How should we determine the CFP moving forward?[42:15] This moment belongs to Joe Burrow.[49:08] ESPN's handling of the death of Carley McCord.[53:00] First thoughts on the outcome of LSU - Clemson?[55:00]: Five thoughts from the other bowl games that happened.[1:05:45] Hot takes from the beautiful Roughnecks!

1hr 26mins

30 Dec 2019

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Week 14 Review

[0:00] Intro[4:15] Kayce needs to start dressing like she knows the sport of football?[9:37] The best football game of the year: The Iron Bowl.[17:00] Ohio State - Michigan. Ohio State is no longer unbeatable. [25:00] Missouri fired Barry Odom. Who is next in the SEC? [32:30] TAKEAPALOOOOOZA via Brandon Walker's brain. [47:45] Brandon is still tingling from the ending of the Egg Bowl[1:10:45] The most insufferable fanbase of the upcoming 2020 offseason has emerged![1:17:15] Are there cracks starting to show in the Alabama dynasty?[1:23:45] Hot Takes from you, the attractive audience. [1:39:05] SHIT LIST!!!Follow us on Twitter & Social Media @UnnecRoughness

1hr 40mins

2 Dec 2019

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Week 10 Reaction

[0:00] Intro[3:00] Episode rundown. [4:15] Georgia - Florida. Mixed feelings about the Georgia Bulldogs. [10:30] SMU - Memphis. Pure college football entertainment. [13:45] A big weekend for the PAC 12. [22:25] Willie Taggart fired by FSU. Who should the Noles hire next?[30:15] Kayce reacts to Brandon's takes of the week. [48:00] Under the radar teams across the country. [58:20] College football playoff prediction. Which 6 teams will have their name called on Tuesday night?[1:04:30] Which team is more likely to land Urban Meyer: Notre Dame or USC?[1:12:30] Hot takes from you, the intelligent and always entertaining listener![1:28:15] Shit List

1hr 32mins

4 Nov 2019

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Week 2 Reaction

[0:00] Intro, recapping Brandon & Kayce's weekend at Clemson[9:00] Texas A&M @ Clemson reaction[13:40] LSU @ Texas reaction[22:40] Who impressed in week 2?[39:30] Who disappointed in week 2? [1:01:30] Would you rather be FSU or Tennessee?[1:03:38] The Shit List[1:13:40] Moments of the weekendFollow @UnnecRoughness on Twitter & Instagram!

1hr 21mins

9 Sep 2019

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Week 4 Reaction

[0:00] Intro & Brandon wonders why NBC didn't label him as hypersexualized and submissive[2:15] Notre Dame @ Georgia. Why isn't Kirby Smart utilizing the talent he has? Is he afraid to do so?[13:40] Michigan @ Wisconsin. Is this the start of the end for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan? [18:06] Auburn @ Texas A&M. A discussion on how the Aggies are Rosie O'Donnell at this point. [22:40] Oklahoma State @ Texas. Will Jack Mac apologize for his Spencer Sanders take? Plus an argument over how close this game really was. [27:42] ACC: Bye UCF! Mack Brown's magical carpet ride has come to an end. [31:36] Big 10: Is Nebraska a good football team?[32:52] Big 12: Really, TCU? [35:15] Brandon & Kayce recap their weekend in Madison[36:50] Pac 12: Are they out of the CFP hunt already?[44:16] SEC: Why is LSU giving up 38 points to Vanderbilt? Did Arkansas hire the wrong coach?[52:20] Audience Hot Takes: Does Tennessee want Butch Jones back? How many losses for Michigan? Should people from the Northeast not be allowed to have opinions on college football?[1:03:13] Shit List!

1hr 14mins

23 Sep 2019

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SZN1 Episode #25 - Chaos, Kingsbury, and A Special Shoutout

On this week's episode, Kayce, Johnny and EB look back at the wild weekend with the Michigan/Ohio State game, the LSU/A&M show and much more. They also break down Championship weekend and give their picks for the CFP. There's also a very special shout out to a fan battling cancer. Comeback SZN is presented by Barstool Sports!


29 Nov 2018

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Welcome To The Offseason...Let's Dive Into Kayce's DMs

[0:00] Intro[5:50] There's a new school that is enemy #1 with Brandon and Kayce.[18:30] D'Eriq King finds a new home.[25:23] Dave Aranda is heading to Baylor and he isn't the only important piece of LSU's 2019 team that has left Baton Rogue.[34:20] Deciding upon the BEST QB, RB, and WR in the 2019 season, NOT named Joe Burrow.[47:15] The reaction to the Kansas - Kansas State brawl in college basketball is yet another example of how dumb we are as sports fans.[54:02] Brandon Walker reads Kayce Smith's DMs.[1:09:00] 2 MINUTE DRILL!!!

1hr 24mins

23 Jan 2020

Rank #16

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SZN1 Episode #31 - Breaking Down The Kliff Kingsbury Saga With His Agent

We have a stacked episode today. Kayce, Johnny and EB start with breaking down the National Championship and Trevor Lawrence's performance. Then the crew gets right into news of the week : Kliff Kingsbury to Arizona. EB (his agent) breaks it all down and Johnny gives his insight as a former player. A heated debate breaks out about Kyler Murray and much more. ComebackSZN is presented by Barstool Sports!

1hr 4mins

10 Jan 2019

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Week 3 Reaction

[0:00] Intro & the week of disappointment[7:00] Teams that had a harsh wake-up call in week 3[13:30] Teams that impressed in week 3[27:40] Brandon Walker on Iowa beating him again[38:45] Teams that disappointed in week 3[50:45] Reacting to fans hot takes[1:11:02] The Shit List[1:27:57] Who won the weekend?Follow @UnnecRoughness on Twitter & Instagram!

1hr 30mins

16 Sep 2019

Rank #18

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Week 12 Review

[0:00] Intro[3:10]: OU - Baylor. Brandon basks in the glory of his epic comeback against Dave Portnoy.[16:20] Tua's injury. What's next for the Crimson Tide? Do they still have a shot at the Playoff?[26:45] Brandon Walker unleashes a litany of TAKES. [41:25] Can Auburn beat Alabama now that Tua is out for the season?[47:15] Georgia has every ability in the world to win the Natty, but there's one thing holding them back. [1:00:50] Under the radar teams. Both good and bad teams. [1:09:30] Hot Takes from the smartest audience in the entire world: you, the Unnecessary Roughness listener. [1:26:00] SHIT LIST!!!

1hr 32mins

18 Nov 2019

Rank #19

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Week 10 Preview

[0:00] Intro, Brandon's eventful day[2:15] Kayce discusses her blog about Brandon wearing a Texas A&M yell leader outfit. [3:10] November is when it's all going to happen![7:30] How the first college football playoff will work out[11:30] Ohio State's toughest game remaining is....Michigan?[15:00] Georgia - Florida preview[24:00] A story about Kayce being mistaken for a stripper in a restaurant in Tupelo, Mississippi [26:40] Minnesota & Baylor....who has more staying power?[38:15] Players being able to profit off of their name, image, and likeness means one thing: NCAA FOOTBALL BACK!![47:50] The glow up of Coach O & the cocky comment by one of his receivers. [57:45] Joey Gatewood transferring from Auburn[1:02:30] Memphis - SMU preview!

1hr 8mins

31 Oct 2019

Rank #20