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Welcome to the Demon City Slickers, a bimonthly Exalted 3rd Edition Actual Play Podcast. If you are looking for a blend of Horror, Comedy, and original music, all fueled by the high octane weirdness that is the world of Creation, give us a listen!

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Eyes of Stone, Fists of Jade: Episode 1

Three Solars, Kleefin, Kulak, and Mel, are hired to investigate the massacre of an entire Immaculate Dojo. Will they be able to dodge discovery and keep the Wyld Hunt away from Se'Arah Ayn? Find out in this episode of the Demon City Slickers! Music Credits Demon City Step - Jules Cunningham All Other Music - Dorian Cunningham Sound Effect Credits Thanks to klankbleed, RTB45, Robinhood76, servicedesign, and the Free Sound Archive for supplying the sound effects for this episode


20 Jun 2018

Rank #1