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Once upon a time two book nerds Tali & Toni tried to make a book podcast for #booklovers who procrastinate about reading.Our Links: https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

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Episode 43: 6 month reading update - The tail does get involved

Its time for a what we've been reading recently, and a 6 month recap. From cleaning tips, to fantasy smut, we cover it all in this episode!Our links: https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 14mins

14 Jul 2022

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Episode 42: New and upcoming Indie releases - What is this fantasy font? I love it!

Skip to 6:46 to avoid detailed pregnancy/birth discussionLets check out another fantastic batch of Indie authors and their new/upcoming releases! From large fantasy series, to authors who are doing the absolute most - we discuss all the books adding to our TBR list, and which ones we will be prioritising.Purchase the books mentioned on Amazon - https://amzn.to/3RkuQlZAll our other Links - https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/


7 Jul 2022

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Episode 41: Pride book recs - There's a lesbian couple... One of them is an alien

Let's round of Pride month with some fantastic LGBTQIA+ recommendations. From graphic novels to Sci-Fi to Contemporary, we have a recommendation for you!https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/


30 Jun 2022

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Episode 40: Waterstones would treat me right- Book Nerd Snog, Marry, Avoid

Let's celebrate episode 40 with a few bookish games, such as 'snog, marry, avoid', and 'would you rather?'. Join us for some laughs and pointless book chatter.https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 1min

23 Jun 2022

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Episode 39: Getting in a book series bubble

The Lazy Book Lovers are LONG overdue a book update, so please enjoy this rambling book update, mixed with a life update noone asked for!https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 39mins

17 Jun 2022

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Episode 38: Speaking of the dragon hoard - What makes a classic?

Toni puts her degree to good use and tells us what makes a classic, and whether she has read the ones 'you must read'.https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 9mins

9 Jun 2022

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Episode 37: It is my firm belief that you should be reading Asian authors all year round

May was Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, to help you read Asian authors all year round Tali has a collection of book recommendations from her never-ending TBR mountain!https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 1min

2 Jun 2022

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Episode 36: History of Mystery aka "It begins in an Elite boarding school..."

Have you ever wondered about the history of the Crime genre? Where it started, what made it popular, and what about future subgenres? Tali and Toni share their completely cohesive thoughts on it!Our Links: https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/


26 May 2022

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Episode 35: Books we loved as teens - The Twilight Renaissance

Toni and Tali decide to escape the scary world by revisiting some teenage nostalgia books.Our Links: https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 14mins

19 May 2022

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Episode 34: Just the notion of plot

It's time for a reading update. Tali and Toni discuss multiple books from plot heavy, to those with just the barest notion of plot (plus smut).Our Links: https://lazybooklovers.carrd.co/

1hr 7mins

12 May 2022

Rank #10