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The NerdSpice Podcast is a show where hosts Siah, Jay, and Oscar taste and discuss the different flavors of mainstream nerd culture between comics and books, TV shows, and movies. Released bi-weekly on Tuesdays.

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21: Let's Talk About AVENGERS: ENDGAME

Avengers: Endgame is here, and the epic 22-movie Infinity Saga that started with 2008's Iron Man comes to an end! Siah and Oscar break down their thoughts on the movie in a special double-length episode.

1hr 26mins

30 Apr 2019

Rank #1

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20: Game of Thrones S8 Premiere "Winterfell" Recap

Winter is finally here! We recap the final season premiere of Game Of Thrones and give our impressions on what's to come in the next handful of episodes. We also sprinkle in some new theories and ideas after the Sunday premiere.


16 Apr 2019

Rank #2

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19: SHAZAM! ... That's The Title.

What? Another DCEU movie so soon after Aquaman?! You heard it right, folks! SHAZAM! is the newest film in the DC franchise. As always, we break down the appearance, the ingredients, the taste and texture, and the aftertaste of Warner Bros.' latest dish!


9 Apr 2019

Rank #3

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18: Game Of Thrones - The Final Season + Predictions!

The final season of HBO's Game Of Thrones is right around the corner and we're just as excited to see it unfold as we are sad to see it come to an end. In this episode, we play rounds of "Alive, Dead, White Walker" with the remaining cast of characters, as well give our thoughts and theories interspersed throughout! Our watch is almost over. Winter has finally come.

1hr 2mins

27 Mar 2019

Rank #4

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17: CAPTAIN MARVEL! Skrulls, A Blockbuster Cameo, And An Alien Cat?

After twenty movies, Marvel has finally given us their first female-led tentpole blockbuster! But how does the latest entry fare with the NerdSpice guys? Have a listen to find out our likes and dislikes! At the start, we discuss the appearance of the film, from marketing and trailers, etc., as well as the ingredients of the film (cast, script, cinematography, etc.). Around the 23 minute mark, we discuss the overall story in the film, then around the 53 minute mark, we give our final grades.

1hr 5mins

12 Mar 2019

Rank #5

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16: A Very Nerdy Potluck

Hey all! In this episode, we discuss some of their favorite movies and TV shows in a NerdSpice potluck! We start things off with movies that have inspired us, then around the 23-minute mark, we get into movies that comfort us and make us feel good. Around the 39-minute mark, we get into movies that we didn't think we'd like as much as we do, and at 51 minutes, we discuss TV shows that we can always come back to, as well as give some recommendations here and there. We had a fun time going down memory lane, and hope you enjoy the episode!

1hr 17mins

19 Feb 2019

Rank #6

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15: What's On the Menu for 2019? & Oscars Talk

Happy New Year NerdSpicers! We're excited for a fresh start and all the awesome content being released. To start things off, we have our special "What's On the Menu" episode for 2019, covering TV shows, movies, games (and even anime) coming out. Then around the 46:36 mark, we get into some Oscars discussion since the nominations have been released. Who do we think will win the biggest awards? Well, you'll have to listen to find out!

1hr 3mins

5 Feb 2019

Rank #7

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14: AQUAMAN! James Wan's Seafood Medley (With A Side of Smoked Manta)

Finally! After a year of no DC movies, Aquaman has finally swam into the US! Thanks to an early select screening, the NerdSpice guys got to record a fun-filled discussion just in time for the regular release! How did DC's catch of the day fare? Around the four minute mark, we get into an overview of the movie and characters; around the thirty minute mark, we discuss some of our favorite scenes; and in the last ten minutes, we give our grades and rank the newest DCEU entry. This is the last episode of the year, so happy holidays and get ready for 2019!


21 Dec 2018

Rank #8

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13: TV Dinners! Marvel's Savory Daredevil-ed Eggs!

In today's episode, we discuss season 3 of Marvel's Daredevil, as well as the recent cancellation of the show and the inevitable end to the Marvel-Netflix relationship. Intro/Outro credit: "Persephone - Retro Funky (SUNDANCE Remix)" by SUNDANCE.


4 Dec 2018

Rank #9

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12: "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald" Movie Discussion!

We're heading back to the wizarding world in this episode as the second Fantastic Beasts movie hits theaters! We go in depth on our thoughts and commentary, and where we see the franchise going in the future. Also, we give a tribute to Stan Lee, an important figure in the nerd community, who recently passed away. Intro/Outro credit: "Persephone - Retro Funky (SUNDANCE Remix)" by SUNDANCE.

1hr 6mins

20 Nov 2018

Rank #10