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Join Adam and Judy as we create a community for all therapists to interact, share and support one another. Therapists often feel isolated, but we are here so that no one has to feel alone in this journey.

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#006 - Burnout and Self Care

Overwhelmed, isolated, insecure, and exhausted are frequent feelings felt by many marriage and family therapists. How do we manage these difficult emotions? Join us as we discuss signs of burnout and ways to alleviate this common occurrence in our field.


30 Oct 2018

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#003 - Child's Play

Though they be but small, they be fierce. Little ones can have big emotions. Here are a few of our favorite interventions for working with children. Each one can help individuals regulate, understand, and attune to a child's emotion.


17 Oct 2018

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031 - Stopping the Stigma

There are many misconceptions about the diagnosis and stigmatization of schizophrenia. Join Adam and Judy as they sit with Dr. Nicole Caceres and discuss the importance of humanizing schizophrenia. 


2 Oct 2019

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#005 - The Couple's Therapy Tool Box

Do you want to reach those #realtionshipgoals status? Here are a few interventions for helping individuals connect, support, and attune to their partners.


24 Oct 2018

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#007 - Men in Therapy

Listen in with Adam and Judy as they discuss this week what it is like to be a Male therapist and be a Male seeking therapy. Special Guests Jason Odegaard and Saul Salmeron of Odegaard Family Therapy out of Orange, CA tackle the conversation of societal pressures on males, the stigma that males face when seeking therapy, and how significant others of male partners can be supportive throughout the therapeutic process.

1hr 1min

7 Nov 2018

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#004 - Emotional Storage Units

Emotional Storage??? What is the emotional cost behind the emotions we stuff? Adam and Judy explore how emotional stuffing is not processing and how we all can suffer from hoarding emotions that are not ours to keep.


20 Oct 2018

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028 - Coloring Books: Art as Therapy and Mindfulness

Adult coloring books have increased in popularity lately. These books can include geometric shapes, abstract designs, mandalas, and even curse words. Judy and Adam go over a few of their favorite forms of coloring and how they utilize them with clients and with themselves. There are many mental, physical, and emotional health benefits to coloring books. If you are looking for a stress reliever, then this podcast is for you.


25 Aug 2019

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030 - Fears of Therapy

Do you wonder if therapy would even work for you? I mean what could a therapist possibly say that you do not know about your own life?  Many people have differing views about starting therapy. Some individuals are completely invested in the process and jump right in. But more often than not, many individuals are hesitant to seek help. Join Adam and Judy as they hash out some common fears of therapy and hopefully shed some light and dispel those concerns.


22 Sep 2019

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029 - How to Fuel Your Brain with Food

Do you care more about what kind of fuel you put in your car than what kind of food you put in your mouth? Food affects every individual differently. Some of us love to eat and some of us eat to live. Regardless of what food means to you, it does ultimately affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. Join Adam and Judy as they discuss some of their favorite food items and the benefits they bring to a healthier state of being.


9 Sep 2019

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027 - Summer Reading List

As therapists, we are constantly reading up on new interventions, tools, and simply increasing our knowledge on mental health. We enjoy practical books that can be easily integrated into our treatment with clients. Adam and Judy discuss their favorite books from this year’s summer reading list. 


5 Aug 2019

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026 - MFT Supervisors: Ask Me Anything

Special Guests: Jason Odegaard Dr. Susan Hastings Teressa Wilcox, MS Ask these supervisors anything!

1hr 6mins

12 May 2019

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025 - MFT Top Ten

In todays podcast we discuss the Top Ten things new MFT graduates should know


3 May 2019

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024 - The Invisible Man - Male Infertility

Today we have a very special guest George Garcia. We discuss male infertility and the lack of information available in therapy.


26 Apr 2019

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023 - Disconnect Between Church and Mental Health

I am really passionate about church and mental health being two separate groups. I believe part of the healing is the body soul and mind all together , and we do a poor job as therapist connecting to the spiritual and as churches connecting to the mind.  I believe we have become a culture that avoids pain therefore we avoid being vulnerable with one another and this disconnect in relational connection and empathy toward one another is creating a depressed and anxious community. I would love to discuss how techniques therapist use can help and be useful for non therapist and people in church (life groups Etc.) 


12 Apr 2019

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022 - Finding Home

Pollock and Van Reken define a Third Culture Kid (TCK) as a person who has spent a considerable amount of their formative developmental period outside their birth country or culture due to their parents’ working outside of the country of origin (Pollock & Van Reken, 2001; Choi & Luke, 2011; Melles & Frey, 2014). Adults who lived in these circumstances are referred to as Adult Third Culture Kids (ATCK’s) (Melles & Frey, 2014). As a result of their experiences, young ATCK’s have difficulty fully identifying with any one culture and may experience multiple challenges in forming adult relationships upon repatriating to their culture or country of origin (Choi & Luke, 2011). A review of the literature on TCK’s and ATCK’s shows little research has been done in the area of relationships after repatriation. I am interested in understanding the lived experience of TCKs so that we can better address the issues with repatriation.


5 Apr 2019

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