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Welcome to Making a living Unplugged - the podcast! Okay so it doesn't have all bells and whistles of my SiriusXM show but it doesn't come with a subscription fee either. I have heard from so many of you via my Facebook radio page that you appreciate the positive encouragement I deliver on air. Well here it is in purest and simplest form!

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Do Work You Love & The Money Will Follow

Making career choices based on money?  That has its benefits and its costs.  Listen in and learn how to have the career you love and the money too.  I interview Jean Chatzky, Host of Her Money podcast who took a paycut to follow her passion as did I. Hear Jean's advice on how to find money to start a business and the best ways to negotiate salary.  Also hear why love is the difference maker when it comes to career success.  I share ways to have great love for your career.  Its your turn to do work you love. We walked away from the money to do work we loved and success has followed.  Find out how you can too!


2 Feb 2017

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How to Stand Up For Yourself at Work (with Bonus content on How To Soul Search Into Your Ideal Career)

Do you feel you're getting pushed around at work?  Is too much being asked of you? Are you not feeling supported?  The universe conspires to help us and these challenges are an opportunity to stand up and assert yourself.  Included in this podcast are tips for being assertive and examples to inspire you to stand up for yourself at work in a way that is respectful and effective.  *Bonus content: Start you own Soul Search with my monthly tip.  In this episode, I offer practical steps to identify the skills you want to utilize in your ideal career (not just the skills you have.)  If you feel trapped by a resume that doesn't match the work you want to do, this tip will help you make note of your transferable skills and unique genius.   To finish this latest installment of Making a Living, I share details of a team success exercise from a recent motivational talk I delivered. If you work with others, you'll want to complete this exercise for yourself and with your team.  We all too often hear about what we’re doing wrong and I love this exercise because it presents you with a chance to acknowledge yourself and your team for what you’re doing right!    


31 Mar 2018

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The Power of Attitude to Make or Break Your Success

Want more success out of your career?  Listen in and hear highlights from my monthly Career Success Mastermind program aimed at changing your mindset to impact your performance for the better.  If you do, you'll not only hear specific tips for turning a negative attitude into a positive one but also 4 key statements to answer that will set you up for a success all year.  Referenced in the podcast is this video of Jason Lezak's Olympic victory against almost insurmountable odds simply because he changed his attitude from negative to positive.  Also referenced is my 50 minute career empowerment webinar to enable and support you changing your life and creating your ideal career.  Happy New Year!


30 Jan 2018

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Moving on From a Job That's Not a Good Fit

In a job or career that's not a great fit?  Feeling lost when looking for a new job?  Has your job been a means to a paycheck and joy has been lacking?  In this episode you'll hear the career change success story of a healthcare executive who found a career that fit her talents and interests, wound her way through a path of ups and downs and found joy in her work everyday.  The secret to her success?  A strong foundation in knowing herself, believing in herself and owning it.  You'll also learn the nine Soul Search elements to uncover your ideal career and hear about an exercise you can use to figure out what sparks joy.  Lastly, hear my monthly career tip on Research and how to complete a successful informational interview. This is a time of great opportunity.  It's easier to change careers and start out in the work world than in years past.  Read more in this WSJ article referenced in the podcast.   Always drive in the lane that makes you happy!


22 Sep 2018

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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Self-Doubt

If fears and doubts are holding you back from pursuing your dream job, listen in to the inspiring success story of Janet Nestor.  Co-author of the new book Revolutionize Your Health: How to Take Back Your Body's Power to Heal, Janet had major challenges starting at birth that threatened to derail a happy and fulfilling life and career.  But through support and belief in herself, Janet found her calling and has become one of the 200 most influential authors in the world according to Richtopia.  Listen in as she shares her inspiring story and the most important turning point in her adult life. Want to get away?  I'm excited to announce my upcoming Career exploration and Soul Search Retreat in Lisbon, Portugal this May.  Done in conjunction with Venture With Impact, stay tuned for my upcoming podcast with Ann Davis, co-founder about what you can expect on this epic adventure from a travel standpoint and I'll share the details on all the career aspects.  More on that in my next episode.  It is the new year and time for fresh thinking!  For those in the NYC-metro area, check out my seminar on overcoming limiting beliefs.  I'm also hosting a networking happy hour for a great cause.  Get your tickets to both events in the links below.  Move Beyond Limiting Beliefs Seminar Career Networking Happy Hour For a Great Cause Happy 2019 - Together, we can all make a great living!


31 Jan 2019

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Expand Your Network, Expand Your Opportunities

Who you know is as important as what you know. Listen and learn how to turn a cold call into a valued connection!  PR Expert Lauren Banyar Reich of LBRPR.com shares the tips and strategies she uses to network with new and important contacts.  You'll also get access to my latest tool to love your job -a guided visualization that will literally take you on a date your dream job.  Sure, your job could be worse; but it could also be BETTER.  Listen now and start crafting the network and the job of your dreams!  


11 Aug 2017

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How to Get the Most Job Security

If you're feeling your job isn't secure and that the career/job you want just isn't possible, listen in.  On this episode you'll learn about a quietly growing trend in the workplace that offers opportunity when you know how to take advantage of it.  You'll also get my latest Soul Search tip on how to manage a career if you have too many interests. Finally, you'll not want to miss my segment on overcoming limiting beliefs.  Hear how you can create your own unique turnaround statement and get passed what is holding you back from the career of your dreams!


28 Feb 2018

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How to Ignite Change as a Leader

I had the honor and pleasure recently of attending and being a presenter at the Villanova University Leadership Summit focused on the topic of Women Igniting Change.  I heard experts and accomplished men and women leaders discuss the role of men in gender equity for women and how to break the glass ceiling.  It was an amazing day of presentations, speeches, panel discussions and networking focused on an important and inclusive dialogue about the advancement of women in leadership.  In case you weren't able to attend here are the key messages and quotes of the day...


31 Oct 2017

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Join The Purpose Revolution To Gain Meaning & Competitive Advantage

Many of us want to focus on our life purpose and have more meaning in our careers but we just don't know where to start.  Listen to this episode and hear insights from Dr. John Izzo from his new book The Purpose Revolution.  Learn what the purpose revolution is and how companies are inspiring a better world and gaining competitive advantage in the process. You'll also hear three things you can do to bring more purpose to your work right now. Also I continue sharing Soul Search, Research and Job Search tips with this month focused on Defining Salary Requirements. Having the career you want also means having the salary/income you want.  And if you're interested in making a career transition, it's also helpful to understand your minimum salary requirements to cover your expenses.  Empower yourself with this episode on the important career elements of purpose and salary. Together we can all make a great living!


8 Jun 2018

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Make Listening One of Your Most Powerful and Effective Skills

Sure you've developed new skills in your life and career but have you ever focused on how to listen?  Listening can be one of most powerful ways to connect with others, build relationships and get great results.  That's why in this episode I feature Dr. Mark Goulston author of Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.  He shares specific strategies to listen more effectively and build relationships at work, at home, at school.  Learn methods you can use to change how you listen and how you empathize with others as well. Also included is my Soul Search tip on Understanding Your Purpose which expands upon my previous podcast episode on the Purpose Revolution. Links referenced by me in this episode: Employers Eager to Hire Try a New Policy: No Experience Required (WSJ article) Successful Career Changer Who Didn't have All the Right Experience (blog post) Links referenced by Dr. Goulston: Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self Defeating Behavior Why people kill themselves- Part 1: It’s not depression "A Dangerous Son": Why We Shared Our Story Highlights from Dr. Goulston’s 6 hour seminar in Russia sharing tools and tips to use immediately help you get through to people and get better results:  Get Your Distracted Hostile Teenager to Do Their Homework and Study Harder


31 Aug 2018

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Tips To Expand Your Mind & See Possibilities For Your Career

To make a successful career change, you first have to believe it's possible.  Tune into this episode and learn key ways to support yourself in developing a career success mindset.  These lessons are from the Lisbon Career Exploration Retreat I delivered recently and allow you to take and make your own mini-retreat.  Also featured is an interview with Sara Bliss, author of Take The Leap: Change Your Career, Change Your Life.  Sara and I discuss misconceptions about career change as well as how the successful career changers she profiled in the book made their new careers a reality.  Career change isn't something to be feared, it can bring you greater happiness and success than you ever imagined.  But you have to get started.  Tune in and get inspired to get on the path toward work you love. Also referenced in the episode: 9 Ways to Find Your Perfect Match, an article that Sara wrote based on the 9 ideal career elements I support my clients in Soul Searching through so they can define new, best-fit career possibilities.


31 May 2019

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Your Dreams Aren't As Crazy As You Think

Have a dream job or idea you've been wanting to go for but think it's crazy?  Lots of crazy ideas have become successful businesses or led people to successful careers.  In this episode, hear the real life example of Karen Mainenti who changed careers to follow her dreams and now feels as if her career has evolved in exciting and amazing ways.  She'll share specific steps you can take right now to give yourself permission to make your "crazy" career move.   Also in this episode, crazy ideas the became wildly successful and some of the biggest product failures by the biggest companies (because they weren't crazy enough). Listen in and you'll soon be reconsidering your "crazy" career idea as something innovative.  You might really be onto something!    Links to resources mentioned in the episode: Project Bold Life video with career advice tips Holiday Specials and Gift List Additional link for Karen: www.karenmainentidesign.com Mentorly Happy holidays and always follow your dreams!


29 Nov 2018

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Success tips for Landing A First Job Out of College

Are you or someone you know about to transition from being a student to being a working professional?  No need to "wing it" and hope things go smoothly.  In this episode, you'll hear tips and advice from a recent college graduate who's already made this transition successfully.  Hear effective methods for landing your first job including how to set yourself up for success with a well-written resume and cover letter as well what to expect with today's interview techniques.  For those at any stage of career, you'll hear a career tip with specific strategies for conveying experience and passion on your resume and the secret to getting noticed for work you love. For the full article referenced in the tip, click here: How to Write a Resume that Gets Noticed: Yes, It's Possible! Also in this episode I reference the importance of knowing how to be your own boss as you may be in a contract role at some point in your career.  Check out my podcast on the Future of Work to learn more about the trends towards greater numbers of contract positions. Lastly, tune in to hear sage advice from commencement speeches given by Jim Carey and Bono of U2.  Whether you'll soon be a college graduate or it's been a "few years" since you got your degree, it's not too late to make a great living!


30 Apr 2019

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Job Search Tips and Resources For The Modern Job Seeker

What does a job search look like today versus 20, 10 or even 5 yrs ago?  For some of the clients I work with, it's been a while since they  interviewed.  This episode offers a great refresher for anyone conducting a job search.  My guest is Mac Prichard  the founder and publisher of Mac’s List, an online platform that connects talented professionals with meaningful, local work opportunities. Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2001, Mac’s List serves job seekers and employers with a job board as well as courses, books, events, and other resources that bring people together to find better jobs and happier careers. Bring your job search into the 21st century. Mac and I discuss the "modern job search": what's changed, what's the same, new trends, the latest tools, and creative ways job seekers are getting noticed.   Resources mentioned in this episode: Don’t Take This Job (article) You Are Worth It (article) Mac's List Mac's Find Your Dream Job podcast How to Write a 21st Century Resume 
Invitation from Mac to free webinar about how to hack the hidden job market Article Mac mentioned about how to find anyone's email address Top Career Podcasts Guide for 2019


30 Mar 2019

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The Future of Work

The future can be scary or it can be exciting.  It's all about how you look at it and how you prepare for it.  In this episode you'll hear from Alexandra Levit, author of the recently released Humanity Works: Merging Technology and People for the Workforce of the Future.  We discuss important career topics such as: Will all jobs be done by machines? What uniquely human skills will be essential to productive human/machine collaboration? What is learning agility & why is it key to success in the future? What are the future trends for work structures and work arrangements? Why will it be important to develop our skills as free agents? Frank Tyger said it well, "The future depends on many things but mainly it depends on you".  Listen in and learn what you can do now to take action and manage your career successfully to be ready for machines or any other change that comes down the pike in the present or future of work. Bonus career tip included: Feel like a Jack or Jane of all trades? Learn how to manage your career effectively if you have too many interests to pick just one.


31 Oct 2018

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Change your Career Through Travel

"Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind."-Seneca In this episode I’m excited to have with me Ann Davis, Co-Founder of Venture with Impact. I met Ann when she reached out to me with the idea to do a career retreat. I’m excited to say we’re teaming up for a five-day Career Exploration and Soul Search Retreat in Lisbon this spring.  Hear from Ann and I about the personal and professional benefits of the retreat and how you can get a discount and sign up. If you’ve been yearning to shake things up, allow your heart and mind this opportunity to expand and gain new possibilities for your life and career.  At any age and stage, you can get to know who you really are through travel coupled with a formal process of Soul Search, Research and Job Search.


7 Feb 2019

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How to Do a Year-End Review and Rev-Up Your Career for the New Year

As we close out the year, I wanted to support you in ending on a high note because good endings make good beginnings. As a friend said, this is a great time re-center and focus on positive energy going into the new year.  So to do that, in this episode you'll learn: What to Give Up to Be a Success (from this CNBC article) An Easy and Fun Way to Do a Year-End Review The Benefits of Celebrating Yourself Monthly Career Tip to Help You Separate Fact From Feeling Information on my Winter Mastermind Program in January Learn more about my fabulous guest and friend of the show: Lauren Banyar Reich of LBRPR.com. Alls well that ends well. End 2018 and start 2019 well with this thought...its my take on a quote from Thomas Edison who held over 1000 patents and has been described as America’s greatest inventor: ““If [WHEN]we all did [DO] the things we are really capable of doing, we would [WILL] literally astound ourselves.” A toast to you and the new year ahead!


31 Dec 2018

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Working With Headhunters & Executive Recruiters

There are a lot of misconceptions about how to work with headhunters and executive recruiters.  Don't make mistakes and miss out on opportunities.  Rather listen into my interview with Caroline McClure of Scout Rock.  An expert in the recruiting industry, Caroline shares insights on the different types of organizations that place people into jobs and two important resources to help you get your resume in front of the right recruiters for the work you want to do.  I also share insights from an insightful recent article from Reviews.com on the Best Job Sites.  Make your next job search the most effective, listen in now!


1 Mar 2017

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How To Finish Strong in Work and Life (including Bonus Tip on Creating Your Work Life Balance)

You can start a job but can you finish it successfully?  To sustain a stable and fulfilling career, you need to be able to finish strong.  Learn the secrets to performing well consistently on the job by hearing lessons from successful sports teams including the 2017 NCAA Champion Villanova Wildcats, The Philadelphia 76ers and a small town highschool girls softball team that is staging a remarkable turnaround thanks to the help my interviewee Coach Lesa Bonee.  Listen in and learn the strategies to finish strong in your work or life. (Don't miss Bonus Content on finding your work life balance. My career tip this month is filled with ways to negotiate and create the work life balance that works for you!)


7 May 2018

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Trusting the Wise Guidance of Your Heart in Career Decisions

Are you listening, trusting your own desires and inspired impulses?  Do you have the courage to make career choices that lead you closer work you'd love?  Maybe you haven't yet made that transition.  Well, it's never too late.  In this episode I interview Danny Groner of Aaptiv.com.  Danny is someone I worked with 12 years ago at a pivotal time in his career.  He has since made career choices based on the wise guidance of his heart and it's lead him to a very rewarding career filled with exciting opportunities.  Danny shares how he took his career choices into his own hands and how you can too.  He also shares his 50 coffees strategy and how he approaches the interview process as a negotiation to find an employer and the job that are a fit. Listen in and learn this better approach to landing your next job.  


29 Dec 2017

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