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Kids Considered™ is a UC Davis Children’s Hospital podcast, featuring two pediatricians who discuss child health topics of interest to parents in plain, non-medical language. New subjects are considered in every episode, discussing issues that apply from healthy pregnancy to birth to teen years. We have different styles of practice and viewpoints, but our goals are the same: we want to optimize children’s health and development, and help parents understand current recommendations and why policies are the way they are. We aim to provide accurate and timely information in an entertaining manner to increase the confidence of parents as they address the sometimes confusing parenting issues of our day. Although our podcast is aimed mainly for parents, pediatricians and other health care providers might find our discussions of interest. And children might want to get a behind the scenes look at what their parents are listening to.

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Heads In The Clouds–The Epidemic Of Teen Vaping

Vaping and the use of electronic cigarettes has become an epidemic among teenagers. What factors have caused these devices to increase in popularity and how can we best educate our teenagers to avoid them? We are joined this episode by Dr. Tiffany Heckendorn who helps us dive into the world of e-cigarettes, the risks associated with early and frequent use, as well as how society can work to curb the recent increase in teen use.This episode written by Dr. Lena Rothstein, Dr. Tiffany Heckendorn and Dr. Dean Blumberg.We thank Dr. Tiffany Heckendorn from UC Davis Children’s Hospital for joining us for this episode.Supplemental material: Dr. Tiffany Heckendorn The dangers of JUULing FDA takes new steps to address epidemic of youth e-cigarette use press release Healthy Children Liquid Nicotine Used in E-Cigarettes Can Kill Children American Academy of Pediatrics E-Cigarettes and Vaping: What Parents Need to Know American Academy of Pediatrics JUULing: What Pediatricians and Families Need to Know American Academy of Pediatrics policy Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems The Simpsons vaping clip Photo from Science News For Students


29 Apr 2019

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