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This is a Podcast that explores text, from different authors and my own works. We discuss topics that are in currently and just have a good chat! Listen if you are ready to listen to some amazing stories, and

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Episode Four - I graduated! What the hell!

So, I have taken a little break, as you may have seen from the upload dates. No, I have not given up in my Podcasting career, I graduated! Three years of hard work and graft, culminate on one day, one handshake and a whole load of pride! Listen as I dish the tea on how it felt to graduate and what's coming next on the pod! I also give some pointers to those who are in, are going to go or are thinking about University, and what to expect! So, enjoy, and until next week lovelies!


12 Jul 2019

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Episode Three - Welcome to Typhoon!

Hey there! Episode Three of Writer Boy is our biggest and most advantageous yet! I am releasing EXCLUSIVE details about my next book, and exploring what it will be about and giving a first glimpse read of the introduction! I will also be going ahead and exploring a chapter by chapter breakdown and a small sample of songs that will be included within the book! Agh I just cannot wait to complete these journey with you guys! Its not over yet and not even halfway done, however I wanted to share this information with you now so you know what’s coming and to get as many people as I can to read it!


17 Jun 2019

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Episode Two - Reading the Short Story / The End of Love

Oh hieeeeee its episode two! This is the first official episode and we start off with some storytelling! I wrote this story a little while ago, so when I first saw the reception of it I was so happy! It was a combination of two of my favourite things in life, writing and music. One of my favourite songs of all time is from Florence and the Machine, called ‘The End of Love’, and this song was the basis of this short story.Look at it this way, I analysed the lyrics, and constructed a story from it! This is not what the lyrics mean, just my own interpretation of them. I put a lot of emotion and effort into this piece so I hope you like it! Comment and share and tell me what you would like to see in the next coming episodes!


14 Jun 2019

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Episode One - Welcome!

Hey! So I have been blogging on this very blog for over two years, and thought heck, I love to chat, so why do I not try Podcasting? Writer Boy was a nickname given to me, and something I thought was fun to use! This Podcast will feature a mixture of readings from my own work, to works that I admire and have found that week that I absolutely love! So I hope you love the Podcast, and see you on the next on for our first Official Episode!


9 Jun 2019

Rank #4

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