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A People First Approach To Business: BrightLocal Founder And CEO Myles Anderson

Growth Investor with GrowthCap‘s RJ Lumba

In this episode we chat with Myles Anderson, Founder and CEO of BrightLocal, a marketing technology company whose suite of local SEO tools are used by over 90,000 customers. Myles shares with us his keen insights on how he built this now 190 person company from scratch and with very limited capital. He’s been able to scale consistently and profitably each year and puts people first in his approach to business. We hope you enjoy the show.


3 Aug 2021

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Episode 65 - Myles Anderson - Baby Dropper

The Comedy Here Often Podcast

This week, our guest Myles Anderson tells us about how he evaded arrest twice, Kevvy tells us about the time his dog found a very *special* kind of toy, and Young Alexi got bullied for having a moustache. Check out "Myles Away", Myles' comedy album, produced by Kevvy! See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


5 Aug 2020

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Special: Myles Anderson


Don't miss out on this special podcast with Myles as he comes on and discusses his fantastic fundraising effort for the NHS, his time at HUFC and has some special words for the fans, playing staff and the NWC. Not to be missed! 


24 May 2020

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Episode 23: Myles Anderson v. A Clingy Craigslister

Blocked Party

Myles Anderson (comedian) tells us what happens when a random from Craigslist thinks the laptop you sell him comes with tech support. The Blocked Boys also keep it classy this week with long talks about hiking, art, neighbourly love, and the funniest names we’ve ever heard. If you love yourself and wanna treat yourself, $5 at https://patreon.com/blockedparty will get you access to TWO bonus episodes per month, including the one we just recorded with Oliver Leach (@BAKKOOONN) where we finally settle the debate about whether chocolate is candy and we do the first-ever BP Candy Draft!

1hr 17mins

29 Apr 2019

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Myles Anderson Reveals How BrightLocal Gets 100% of Their Leads via Inbound Marketing

Leveling Up with Eric Siu

Hi, everyone! In today's episode, I share the mic with Myles Anderson, the founder and CEO of BrightLocal, an all-in-one reporting platform for local SEO. Tune in to hear how BrightLocal went from being a CRM for SMBs to the B2B solution it is today. Click here for show notes and transcript Leave Some Feedback: What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, leave a short review here. Subscribe to Growth Everywhere on iTunes. Get the non-iTunes RSS feed Connect with Eric Siu: Growth Everywhere Single Grain Twitter @EricSiu


24 Jan 2019

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Episode 31: Trains (with Myles Anderson)

Obsessed with Sophie Buddle

Myles Anderson (comedian) joins Sophie and Mayce to talk about his obsession with trains.

1hr 9mins

29 Oct 2019

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EP 1239 Myles Anderson, Dan Szymborski

The Todd Shapiro Show

Should we be more free to joke about everything?Comedian Myles Anderson, ESPN and FanGraphs Dan Szymborski, Actor Britney Young, Yuk Yuk's CEO Mark Breslin and 604 Records President Jonathan Simkim.From the 3 Sixty Secure studios, keeping everything SAFE

13 Aug 2019

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Episode 5 - Myles Anderson & Steev Letts

The Comedy Here Often Podcast

Not Fat Enough To Be A Comedian...This week Kevvy chats with Steev Letts and Myles Anderson about learning their craft on Vancouver Island, Myles growing up as a classical musician, dentist horror stories and not being Fat enough to be a comedian...Follow us on social media:facebook.com/ComedyHereOfteninstagram.com/comedyhereoften | @comedyhereoftentwitter.com/comedyhereoften | @comedyhereoften See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


11 Apr 2019

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S18E03: Myles Anderson

Comedy Above the Pub Podcast (CATP)

Going quiet with Myles Anderson. Myles is a wonderful comedian from Victoria, BC whose album Myles From Home is hilarious and you should listen to it. Join Myles and TVA as they compose their thoughts on the following: – Society is great – Blue whales are actually great – Take THAT, classical rock! Thanks and enjoy!

27 Aug 2019

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What's So Funny? with guest Myles Anderson

What's So Funny?

Myles Anderson talks about his transition from musician to comedian. The Victoria-ish native took up the piano late in life (12) and still teaches to this day. But he's also put out a comedy album on 604 Records. We talk about it all in this episode.


13 Aug 2019