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The best podcast episodes on physical health. Episodes talk about your diet, sleep, exercise and all the things that people do to improve their physical health and live a healthier life. This topic is for everyone, with applications in all of our everyday lives. Add episodes you're interested into your queue below!

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The best podcast episodes on physical health. Episodes talk about your diet, sleep, exercise and all the things that people do to improve their physical health and live a healthier life. This topic is for everyone, with applications in all of our everyday lives. Add episodes you're interested into your queue below!

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Michael Greger, M.D. On How Not To Die

The Rich Roll Podcast

“I continue to be amazed by our bodies' ability for self-repair. Our bodies want to be healthy, if we would just let them. That's what these new research articles are showing: even after years of beating yourself up with a horrible diet, your body can reverse the damage, open back up the arteries and even reverse the progression of some cancers. So it's never too late to start exercising and never too late to start eating healthier.”Michael Greger, MDA graduate of Cornell and Tufts University School of Medicine, Dr. Greger has published in a litany of scientific journals, testified before Congress and lectured at countless symposiums and institutions, including the Conference on World Affairs and the National Institutes of Health. He was even an expert witness in the infamous Oprah Winfrey meat defamation lawsuit and has appeared all over television on shows like Dr. Oz and The Colbert Report.By day, Michael Greger, MD, FACLM can be found crafting high level policy initiatives as Director of Public Health and Animal Agriculture for the Humane Society of the U.S. But more often than not he's traipsing the globe, hopping from podium to podium to deliver one of the hundreds of lectures he serves up annually.By night, Dr. Greger scours thousands of medical journals in search of the world's best, most objective nutrition research to bring you free videos and articles every single day as chief wizard behind NutritionFacts.org– the world's most authoritative, non-profit online destination for all things nutrition, health and disease prevention.If you've never before visited this site, I highly suggest you check it out immediately. A comprehensive clearinghouse that inspects every imaginable facet of nutrition and health, NutritionFacts.org features hundreds of impeccably researched, easily understandable and straight to the point videos — always my first stop when I want to get to the bottom of any question I have about food, diet and disease.Apparently Dr. Greger doesn't sleep. Because amidst all of this, he still found time to write a new book that hits booksellers everywhere this week. But How Not To Die* isn't just any book — it's a straight up game changing must read. Clocking in at over 600 pages, it's an exhaustive, heavily researched, encyclopedic examination of how nutritional and lifestyle interventions can help prevent and even reverse the 15 top causes of premature death in America.Not only has Dr. Greger delivered a ground-breaking tome for the ages, 100% of fees and proceeds he receives from speaking and book sales are donated to charity.Quite a powerful testament to this man's level of selfless service to humanity.If you are a long-time listener, you know Dr. G and I go way back. He was one of my very first guests on the RRP. Now he’s back to talk more about his life, his research, and How Not To Die – a subject I think we can all get behind.Specifics covered include:* the core idea behind How Not To Die* the daily dozen foods to focus on* the fifteen leading causes of death* confirmation bias in nutritional research* conflicts of interest in scientific studies* independent studies & objective criticism* reconciling reductionism with holistic analysis* auto-immune disorders* organic vs. non-organic foods See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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7 Dec 2015

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Episode 66: Living to 156 Years

Exponential Wisdom

Peter and Dan discuss Dan’s new book, “My Plan for Living to 156,” and their shared belief that mindset is critical to longevity. You’ll hear about one of the book’s key themes — “everyone’s got a number” — and learn why a longevity goal is extremely important in enabling a long, healthy lifespan. In this episode: Dan gives his biggest takeaways from the book (pick up your copy here), starting with a special tool he calls “The Lifetime Extender” and an idea to eliminate retirement. Peter discusses why purpose is fundamental to longevity, and why humans are purpose-driven animals. Dan and Peter describe your mindset as a skill like a muscle; just as you’d go to the gym to build muscle, you must always train your mindset. Reinventing who you are in the present when new technology comes online is critical for a happy, long life.


5 Mar 2019

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Placebo power

All In The Mind

The placebo effect demonstrates that the mind-body interaction can be powerful. Placebos can turn on the body’s natural biological processes to relieve a range of conditions, and in the future deception may not even be necessary.


8 Apr 2018

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Episode 26: Living Long Enough to Live Forever

Exponential Wisdom

In Episode 6, Peter and Dan described how mindset plays a key role in living a long, healthy life, this time they share stories about how they each arrived at their ambitious longevity goals. In this episode: Peter talks about Ray Kurzweil’s belief that children born today will have the ability to have an indefinite lifespan. Dan describes his thoughts on attitude and why the future is something you must work toward. Peter puts into perspective the amazing times we are living in, citing how the human lifespan has doubled over the last century. Dan mentions his visit to Human Longevity Inc., for the full story, listen to Episode 21 here.


31 Jul 2016

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#17 Nick Littlehales - Improve your sleep

The Mindset Athlete Podcast

Nick is regarded as the leading elite sports sleep coach in world sport. A leading industry expert with over 30 years experience in the world of sleep, sleeping habits, and product design and over 15 years dedicated to elite athletes and professional sport. For more information about Nick visit sportsleepcoach.co.uk  For more information about Mind Set Game connect with us on Facebook @mindsetgamepodcast. For more information about James Roberts (the host of the podcast), visit fitamputee.co.uk

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9 Jun 2017

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#74 — What Should We Eat?

Making Sense with Sam Harris

Sam Harris speaks with Gary Taubes about his career as a science journalist, the difficulty of studying nutrition and public health scientifically, the growing epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the role of hormones in weight gain, the controversies surrounding his work, and other topics.  SUBSCRIBE to listen to the rest of this episode and gain access to all full-length episodes of the podcast at samharris.org/subscribe.


6 May 2017

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Ep. 116: How To Optimize Your Performance Like The World's Top Athletes w/ Expert Dr. Greg Wells

The SuperHuman Academy Podcast

Today, we are joined by Dr. Greg Wells, a physiologist, scientist, broadcaster, and author. Dr. Wells has dedicated his career to understanding human performance and how the human body responds to extreme conditions. Throughout his career, Dr. Wells has coached, trained and inspired dozens of elite athletes to win medals at World Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. He has studied athletic performance in some of the most severe conditions on the planet, like the Andes Mountains and the Sahara Desert. Dr. Wells is also the author of Superbodies: Peak Performance Secrets from the World’s Best Athletes, which explores how genetics and DNA, the brain, muscles, lungs, heart and blood work together in extreme conditions, and, he has a new book coming out soon called The Ripple Effect In this episode, we talk about a really wide range of fascinating topics, from sleep and nutrition to exercise and peak performance habits. We uncover some surprising things that you may not realize are influencing your overall physical and mental performance, and even go into some cool tools and strategies you can implement right away. I really, really enjoyed this conversation, and I think you will, too.


11 Apr 2017

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How to live to 100, Dr. Valter Longo

The Kevin Rose Show

Dr. Valter Longo is director of the Longevity Institute at USC and the Program on Longevity and Cancer at IFOM in Milan. In this podcast, we discuss Dr. Longo's new book, The Longevity Diet, which is the culmination of 25 years of research on aging, nutrition, and disease across the globe. Dr. Longo has put together a powerful combination of fasting and diet. The diet is that of centenarians (people living 100+ years) combined along with with the scientifically engineered 5-day fasting-mimicking diet (or FMD), done just 3-4 times a year. Dr. Longo designed the FMD after making a series of remarkable discoveries in mice, then in humans, indicating that specific micro-fasts can activate stem cells and promote regeneration and rejuvenation in multiple organs to significantly reduce the risk for diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. Full show notes here.

1hr 3mins

31 Dec 2017

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A new approach to wellness | Chris Kresser explains the keys to a healthy diet and why Western medicine is failing us

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity are plaguing the country. Nearly half of all adults in the United States have one such health condition, while 25% have two or more of these chronic illnesses. And as of now, we are spending close to 20% of our nation’s GDP on disease management. But here’s the thing - chronic diseases are also among the most preventable of all health problems. In this episode of the Tony Robbins Podcast, we sit down with Chris Kresser - a globally recognized leader in the fields of ancestral health, Paleo nutrition, and functional and integrative medicine. Chris has been studying, practicing, and teaching alternative medicine for more than fifteen years. He has trained with world-renowned healers and educators in a variety of disciplines throughout the U.S., Thailand, and Indonesia. His website, ChrisKresser.com is one of the top 25 natural health sites in the world, and his book, Your Personal Paleo Code, was a New York Times best seller.  Chris helps us explore the practice of functional medicine and how environment and behavior can have serious implications when it comes to some of the most chronic health issues. He delves into gut bacteria, diet myths, sugar, and carbs. And he discusses just why the current system of health care is focused on treating symptoms, when the focus should really be on addressing the underlying causes of the problem. There is a profound connection between diet and disease, and Chris helps shed light on what we can do to and the changes we can start making right now to achieve a better sense of health and well-being.


26 Jun 2017

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Matthew Walker Ph.D - Author of "Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams"

The Kevin Rose Show

A lack of sleep is associated with all types of diseases, including Alzheimer's and cancer. Professor Matthew Walker, Director of UC Berkeley’s Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab—reveals his groundbreaking exploration of sleep, explaining how we can harness its transformative power to fight disease and change our lives for the better.

1hr 29mins

29 Apr 2018