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108. Enhance Your Health through Food with Dr. Mark Hyman #WellnessWednesdays

Be Well By Kelly

Enough with the food wars! Dr. Mark Hyman, an internationally renowned leader in functional medicine, has found common ground between the vegan and paleo diets to create the “pegan diet”: a flexible set of food principles that help boost your body’s functionality. His program helps release us from the dogma surrounding biology, where we blindly follow extreme food trends without considering our personal chemistry. We discuss how constructing the food on your plate can boost immunity, reverse disease, and diminish the harsh effects of viruses. Plus, the practical ways you can address your food choices for yourself and your family, and how Dr. Mark Hyman puts his revolutionary food theory into everyday practice. You will learn about...The science of creating healthHow foods can fight viruses such as COVID-19Purging your kitchen and constructing your plate consciously The connection between food and mood Feeding your children the right way His daily routine, food, and (occasional) vices Protecting the planet with our food choicesResources:Website: drhyman.comInstagram: @drmarkhymanRead: “The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World” by Dr. Mark HymanThank you to Just Thrive for sponsoring this episode! Save 15% sitewide with code: bewellbykelly at justthrivehealth.com/pages/kellylevequeConnect with Kelly:kellyleveque.comInstagram: @bewellbykellyFacebook: www.facebook.com/bewellbykellyBe Well By Kelly is a production of Crate Media


9 Jun 2021

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172: End the Confusion! Separating Nutrition Fact From Fiction | Mark Hyman, MD

The Genius Life

Mark Hyman, MD is a board-certified physician, a leader in the field of functional medicine, host of The Doctor's Farmacy podcast, and author of several New York Times bestselling books. His latest offering is The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World. Full show notes: https://maxlugavere.com/podcast/172-mark-hyman

1hr 5mins

31 May 2021

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Earth Day Bonus: How to Fix the Global Food System and Save the Planet – Dr. Mark Hyman

Bulletproof Radio

In recognition of Earth Day, this incredible episode replay with Dr. Mark Hyman gets into the dark realities of the global food system and the policies that make it possible. He says his 2020 book, “Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet—One Bite at a Time” is the most important one he’s ever written."Our food system end to end is the No. 1 cause of climate change, which is a big shock for me when I started writing this book," Dr. Hyman says. "I was like, "Oh, yeah, greenhouse gases, cow farts, cow burps, methane," and all that. I got that 14%, whatever the estimate is, but when you add it all up, the deforestation, the soil erosion, the factory farming, the processing, distributing, transport, refrigeration, food waste. You add it all up, it's almost 50% of our climate change contribution, more than oil. We need to think about multiple types of solutions."A frequent – and popular – guest on Bulletproof Radio, Dr. Hyman always innovates and pushes boundaries of what’s possible for human wellness. He's a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, and educator in the field of Functional Medicine. He’s also a New York Times best-selling author more than a dozen times over.In "Food Fix," you'll learn why it's critical to become aware of the health and economic impact of our food system andtake action. Dr. Hyman offers ways to take on the many inequalities and injustices of our modern food industry and solutions to save our food environment. It's going to take everyone getting involved to make radical change happen – from small farms to food policies."I'm building a whole Food Fix campaign to drive policy change," Dr. Hyman says. "If we keep the status quo in policy, it's going to be very difficult."Enjoy! And get more resources at Dave.Asprey/podcasts. Got a comment, idea or question for the podcast? Submit via this form.WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Discover Kratom: Go to GetSuperLeaf.com/DAVE for 20% off your entire order.Nicotine Gum: https://lucy.co, use code DAVE20 to get 20% off all productsCooler Sleep: https://www.chilitechnology.com/ASPREY for special discountsVIRTUAL BIOHACKING CONFERENCE MAY 8, 2021Recharge Your Cells & Upgrade Your Life at this one-day event! Register at https://www.biohackingconference.comUPGRADE YOURSELF EVEN MORELearn directly from Dave Asprey in his new membership group https://ourupgradecollective.comDAVE ASPREY’S NEW BOOK“Fast This Way: Burn Fat, Heal Inflammation, and Become the High-Performing Human You Were Meant to Be”See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


22 Apr 2021

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Simple ways to biohack your biology and save the planet in the process | Dr. Mark Hyman on his new book, The Pegan Diet

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Dr. Mark Hyman joins us to discuss his new book, The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World. Dr. Mark Hyman is a practicing family physician, a thirteen-time New York Times best-selling author, Board President for Clinical Affairs for the Institute for Functional Medicine, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine. He noticed that Paleo and Vegan diets are both plant rich diets that focus on eating good fats and whole, unprocessed foods. The only difference is where they get their protein. In combining the best of both worlds, The Pegan Diet cuts through the noise so you can biohack your biology and save the planet in the process through regenerative agriculture, eating the rainbow, and the 75% rule.


7 Apr 2021

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65. Mark Hyman - The Pegan Diet | Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast

Mark Hyman comes on the podcast to talk about his new book The Pegan Diet. Mikhaila and Mark are able to cover the basic principles of the Pegan diet and additionally foods all people should avoid, dairy for adults, rebuilding gut health, chronic stress and viral immunity, raising kids on the right diet, the theory of the bored immune system, and much more. Mark Hyman is an American physician and New York Times best-selling author. He is a practitioner of functional medicine. His latest book, The Pegan diet, takes a look at combining many similar principles of the Paleo Diet and the Vegan diet. Find more Mark Hyman on his website, his books, on Twitter @drmarkhyman, on Instagram @drmarkhyman, and his podcast The Doctor’s Farmacy


18 Mar 2021

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#196: A Deep Dive on Food, Love, and Community with Dr. Mark Hyman

Dhru Purohit Podcast

We can eat really well, get great sleep, and workout several times a week in an effort to feel our best. These steps are all clearly important, but they don’t mean anything if we’re missing love and connection. On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, I talk to my good friend and business partner Dr. Mark Hyman, a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine. He is the founder and director of The UltraWellness Center, the Head of Strategy and Innovation of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, a thirteen-time New York Times best-selling author, and Board President for Clinical Affairs for The Institute for Functional Medicine. He is the host of one of the leading health podcasts, The Doctor’s Farmacy, and he is a regular medical contributor to several television shows and networks, including CBS This Morning, Today, Good Morning America, The View, and CNN. He is also an advisor and guest co-host on The Dr. Oz Show. In this episode, Dr. Hyman and I talk about the power of love, community and friendship as a key ingredient for overall health. Dr. Hyman’s new book, The Pegan Diet just hit shelves yesterday, and we talk about where the concept of Pegan came from and why this way of eating is sure to help everyone create a healthier body and planet. We discuss how to combat emotional eating, precision nutrition, and how to eat like a regenetarian. We also talk about COVID-19 and why food is such an essential piece of staying resilient. Dr. Hyman shares his thoughts on the vaccine, and some of the other most common questions and concerns around the virus. In this episode, we dive into: -The most potent form of medicine besides food (1:47) -The power of love, community, and friendship on overall health (3:59) -Techniques and tools to change your emotional state (9:16) -How to become resilient in terms of food and your biology (12:29) -The real truth about dairy (15:32) -Where the term Pegan diet came from (23:15) -How to leverage personalized nutrition for your health (28:05)-The power of polyphenols (41:04)-The importance of diversity in your diet (45:01)-How to eat like a regenetarian (48:14) -The COVID-19 dilemma America is facing (52:52)-How do we make America more immune resilient (1:04:59) For more on Dr. Hyman you can follow him on Instagram @DrMarkHyman, on Facebook @DrMarkHyman, on Twitter @DrMarkHyman, on YouTube @DrMarkHyman, and through his website https://drhyman.com. Get his book, The Pegan Diet: 21 Practical Principles for Reclaiming Your Health in a Nutritionally Confusing World at https://pegandiet.com/.Also mentioned in this episode:-Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat - https://bigboldhealth.com/htb-rejuvenate/-The Doctor’s Farmacy Episode 131: Why Most Everything We Were Told About Dairy Is Wrong with Dr. David Ludwig - https://drhyman.com/blog/2020/08/19/podcast-ep131/-Milk and Health by Dr. David Ludwig and Dr. Walter Willett - https://www.nejm.org/doi/10.1056/NEJMra1903547-Kiss The Ground Documentary - https://kisstheground.com/-A Functional Medicine  Approach to COVID-19 - https://drhyman.com/blog/2020/04/01/a-functional-medicine-approach-to-covid-19/ For more on Dhru Purohit, be sure to follow him on Instagram @dhrupurohit, on Facebook @dhruxpurohit, on Twitter @dhrupurohit, and on YouTube @dhrupurohit. You can also text Dhru at (302) 200-5643 or click here https://my.community.com/dhrupurohit.Interested in joining Dhru’s Broken Brain Podcast Facebook Community? Submit your request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2819627591487473/.This episode is brought to you by the BLUblox and Paleovalley. As someone who is on the computer a lot, I realized all that screen time was negatively affecting how well I slept. I started learning about blue light and how it disrupts the body’s natural melatonin production, so I decided to try blue-light blocking glasses throughout the day to see if they helped—and they totally did. I love the blue-light blocking glasses made by BLUblox. BLUblox glasses reduced my digital eye strain and dramatically improved my sleep, and I have more energy throughout the day. Right now BLUblox is offering my listeners 20% off, just go to blublox.com/brokenbrain and use code brokenbrain at checkout.If you’ve ever felt like healthy eating can’t coincide with a busy schedule, you should definitely check out Paleovalley. Right now they’re offering my listeners 15% off their entire first order. Just go to paleovalley.com/brokenbrain to check out all their clean Paleo products and take advantage of this deal.  See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

1hr 15mins

25 Feb 2021

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1075 How Food Heals or Harms Your Body, Aging & Mental Health w/Dr. Mark Hyman

The School of Greatness

“Meaning and purpose are predictive of longevity.”Today's guest is Dr. Mark Hyman, who has been on the podcast a few times and every episode has been extremely powerful. Mark is a practicing family physician and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in the field of Functional Medicine. In today's episode Mark and Lewis discuss the foods you should avoid to better your mental health, what the Pegan Diet is and what it consists of, how foods can actually acts as medicine, and so much more!For more go to: www.lewishowes.com/1075Read Dr. Hyman’s new book: The Pegan DietCheck out his website: https://www.drhyman.com/Listen to previous episodes with Dr. Mark Hyman:www.lewishowes.com/916 www.lewishowes.com/714 www.lewishowes.com/616 www.lewishowes.com/293 See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

1hr 6mins

22 Feb 2021

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283: The truth about blood sugar & longevity | Mark Hyman, M.D.

The mindbodygreen Podcast

Mark Hyman, M.D.: "Food is medicine. It's not just calories—it's information.”Hyman, a functional medicine doctor and New York Times bestselling author, joins mbg co-CEO, Jason Wachob, to discuss the food rules you need to know, plus:*Why you can have “normal” blood sugar & still have an insulin issue**What healthcare will look like one year from now**The most underrated phytochemicals & where to find them**Why you should treat sugar "like a recreational drug"**How vegans and carnivores alike can get adequate omega-3's*Enjoy this episode! Whether it's an article or podcast, we want to know what we can do to help here at mindbodygreen. Let us know at: podcast@mindbodygreen.com. Also be sure to check out our Functional Nutrition Coaching Program, where you'll learn everything you need to know about nutrition from Hyman and other top experts. Visit mindbodygreen.com/coaching to learn more, and use the code HYMAN for a $300 discount.Referenced in the episode:-Hyman's book, The Pegan Diet.-Hyman's mbg articles explaining the pegan diet and exactly what to eat.-Hyman's interview at mbg's revitalize in 2014.-Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D.'s mbg article on the connection between tartary buckwheat & immunity. -Hyman's blog post about approaching COVID-19 with a functional medicine lens.-Geisinger study showing how offering free food to people with diabetes lowered financial costs overall.-Hyman's article in the Boston Globe.-Network Medicine textbook.-Hyman's TED Talk.-mbg Podcast episode #193, with Hyman.-mbg Podcast episode #45, with Hyman.-mbg Podcast episode #22, with Hyman.-mbg Podcast episode #222, with Bland. 


12 Feb 2021

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Dr. Mark Hyman ON: How The Healthiest People Make Smart Choices About Their Food, Wellbeing And Medicine

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

If On Purpose inspires you, Jay’s exclusive Genius workshops and meditations will take your life to the next level. Go to https://shetty.cc/OnPurposeGenius to learn more. The status quo of the American food system is fraught with inequity and misinformation. But understanding how the machine of food production fuels us is imperative for building a healthy life with our choices. On this episode of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, Jay talks with Dr. Mark Hyman about the larger systems that control our food sources and how you can make informed decisions about your health by starting with the food we eat. Pick up a copy of Dr. Mark Hyman’s newest book, Food Fix: How to Save Our Health, Our Economy, Our Communities, and Our Planet--One Bite at a Time .


4 Jan 2021

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111. Changing the World Through Food with Dr. Mark Hyman- Physician, Author and UltraWellness Center Founder

Health Gig

We are delighted to share another presentation from our Co-Mindfulness 2020 Virtual Summit on this episode of Health Gig! We are joined by Dr. Mark Hyman to help us navigate the huge impact food has on our health and the planet’s health. Dr. Hyman is a physician, and a New York Times bestselling author, including his recent book, "Food Fix”. He is also the Head of Strategy and Innovation of Cleveland Clinic's Center for Functional Medicine and the founder of the UltraWellness Center, which brings innovative and collaborative solutions for optimal health to all communities. He also has his own podcast and web series, The Doctor’s Farmacy, to bring wellness and activism to the forefront of policy.


30 Dec 2020