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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Gimmel Tammuz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Gimmel Tammuz, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Gimmel Tammuz. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Gimmel Tammuz, often where they are interviewed.

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Thursday Parshas Korach - Gimmel Tammuz

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Yom Hagadol Vehakadosh Gimmel Tammuz (18:21)

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Jun 24 2020 Ā· 18mins
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Ep: 266: Gimmel Tammuz ā€“ 25 years: What Does it Mean?

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  • Gimmel Tammuz ā€“ 25 years: What does it mean?
  • How do we turn Gimmel Tammuz day into an ongoing change in our daily lives?Ā 
  • Why isnā€™t calling theĀ RebbeĀ NosiĀ Haā€™DorĀ self-serving?Ā 
  • How can we describe theĀ RebbeĀ with TorahĀ versesĀ referring to G-d?Ā 
  • Why is the note we write to theĀ RebbeĀ at theĀ OhelĀ called aĀ pidyonĀ nefesh?Ā 
  • How can we understand our personal expressions regarding theĀ RebbeĀ inĀ MaanehĀ Loshon?Ā 
  • ChassidusĀ Applied toĀ ChofĀ ChesĀ Sivan andĀ KorachĀ 
  • Follow up:Ā MashpiaĀ 
  • ChassidusĀ question:Ā Is there a connection between the different events in history that happened on Gimmel Tammuz?Ā 
  • My Life 2019 essays:
    • Navigating the Many Waters of MillennialĀ Life,Ā YitziĀ Tuvel, 31, Bondi, Australia
    • Battling the Butterflies, Gavriel Eagle, 18, Baltimore, MD
    • ā€™×”ודĀ ×”חוכמהĀ ×”עליונהĀ ā€“Ā ×›×—Ā ×žā€×”:Ā ×”כוחĀ ×œ×©××•×œĀ ā€˜×ž×”,Ā HadasĀ YehudisĀ Tsuri, 42,Ā Ma'aganĀ Michael, IsraelĀ 
Jul 01 2019 Ā· 1hr 10mins

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If We Couldn't Bring Moshiach Before Gimmel Tammuz, What Makes Us Think We Can Do It Now?

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Stump the Rabbi - Rabbi Shloma Majeski

If we couldn't bring Moshiach before Gimmel Tammuz, what makes us think we can do it now

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Apr 02 2019 Ā· 4mins
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Ep. 216: Special Gimmel Tammuz Edition; Why Donā€™t We Appoint a New Rebbe? And More

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Addressing the Personal and Emotional Needs of Our Community and Answering the Most Pressing Questions of Our Lives ā€” from the Perspective of Chassidic Thought
MP3 recording of this class are availableĀ free of charge toĀ members andĀ $0.99 Ā forĀ non-members. Sign upĀ HEREĀ for your free membership.


Chassidus Applied to Gimmel Tammuz and Korach
Lessons from Chof Ches Sivan
Why donā€™t we speak about the details of Gimmel Tammuz as we do about Yud Shevat, Beis Nissan, Chof Dalet Teves etc.?
Why donā€™t we appoint a new Rebbe?
Did the Rebbe take responsibility for shluchim?
How does the Rebbe answer us today? What is the meaning of going to the Ohel or writing into the Igros?
Follow-up (episodes 213-215):
What is the difference between a sicha and a maamar?
What can we do to improve our yeshiva system to work for all our students?
Chassidus question: How do we understand the different statements the Rebbe made about Moshiach, the dor h
Jun 11 2018 Ā· 1hr 15mins

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Parshas Korach-Gimmel Tammuz

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Korach wanted Kohen Gadol, What is a Rebbe? How do we continue the Rebbe's Life
Jun 21 2012 Ā· 1hr 2mins