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33. Nixing Toxic Thoughts and Cultivating a Home You Love, Rachel Van Kluyve, Crate & Cottage

The 5 to 8 Shift with Susannah McMonagle, a podcast for parents

Rachel Van Kluyve, our guest on ep. 33, wears a lot of hats. She is mostly known for her great DIY tips on a budget, but she is also a podcaster, an author, a homeschool teacher - and a mother of three. She has carved out this beautiful little space on the internet, Crate & Cottage, that has attracted thousands of loyal fans and offers her community ways to be more intentional about creating a home they love. Rachel brings a good dose of encouragement to open up Season 2. (Who doesn't need a little encouragement?!) We discuss everything from how toxic thoughts can steal your dreams to the slippery slope of comparison to ways you can make your home a more inviting and functional space. She encourages women to let go of fear and chase their dreams - and she does this all with grace and humility. Rachel's words are just the encouragement you didn't know you needed.  Connect with Rachel Instagram: Crate & Cottage // Podcast // Website Connect with Susannah  Instagram: Susannah // Facebook // Website // Instagram: The 5 to 8 Shift--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/susannah-mcmonagle/message


17 Sep 2021

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Intention and Purpose: Keys to Creating Your BEST Life with Rachel Van Kluyve

The Homeschool CEO

Are you living life on purpose or just going through the motions? As Homeschool CEOs,  we juggle many roles from boss to homeschool mom to wife, daughter, sister, and friend. How can we be intentional about being in the present moment when we have so much going on in our lives?  In today's episode, I talk to Rachel Van Kluyve, homeschooling mama to 2 little ones, wife to her teenage heartthrob, and a creative pursuing her purpose, one dream at a time. We chat about how Rachel manages homeschooling and running multiple business pursuits and how she makes it all work by consciously being present and doing things with intention.  Rachel also shares how knowing your purpose and following your passions can help you discover and create an intentional life for your family, homeschool, and business. If you need inspiration on how to create intention in your own life, you need to listen to this episode. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: how losing herself as a new mother led Rachel to do DIY projects as a creative outlet how her DIY projects led her to sharing it online, eventually turning it into an actual business how Rachel fell into trying homeschooling for a year and realizing it was the right lifestyle for their family her biggest struggle in homeschooling while running successful businesses and what she does to make it all work the importance of being intentional and how she practices intentionally being present while doing work or being with her kids how the idea for her book, She Made Herself a Home, came into fruition and what it's all about the value of creating your space with intention and how she applies it to their homeschool room her tips on how and where Homeschool CEOs can start with intentionally planning their homeschool space whether they have a room or not her advice for entrepreneurs who are thinking about homeschooling their kids Rachel is such an inspiration! Not only is she an expert at turning spaces into places that people will love, she also shows us that it's possible to create a life we love by knowing our purpose and following our passions.  Where to Find Rachel: www.crateandcottage.com She Made Herself a Home Podcast Find Rachel on Instagram Find Rachel on Facebook Additional Resources: Subscribe to the Podcast Follow Homeschool CEO on Instagram Follow Homeschool CEO on Facebook Be Part of the Homeschool CEO community on Facebook Follow Homeschool CEO on Pinterest


29 Sep 2020

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Managing a Full Plate - with Rachel Van Kluyve

Talk with a K

I know you’re going to love today’s episode! Especially if you are constantly feeling like you have so much going on and sometimes you don’t know how to manage it all.  I sat down with Rachel Van Kluyve, who is literally all the things. She’s a wife, she’s a mom of two, she’s an author, she’s the founder Crate & Cottage, she released her first book in March. It’s called, She Made Herself a Home. Oh, and she’s also a homeschooling mom, an online interior design influencer, and she owns a successful real estate business with her husband.  ALL. OF. THE. THINGS. 👏🏼 We had such a great conversation about how to manage a full plate. How to go about doing life when you have all these different roles, you wear all these different hats.  Rachel leaves us with practical tips and advice on what that looks like and how to make it work.  *Please make sure to subscribe & leave a 5 star written review - your girl needs it!* Follow Talk with a K on Instagram HERE 


28 Jul 2020

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133: Rachel Van Kluyve

Thriving Beyond Belief with Cheryl Scruggs

Today on the Thriving Belief Podcast, we have Rachel Van Kluyve! Rachel is a Nashvillian stay at home mom turned momtrepreneur. Most days you can find her in a messy bun and yoga pants wrangling two boys while running a real estate business, homeschooling, DIYing, and keeping up with her passions. She's mostly known for her thrifty finds and the ability to make the dollar count. Amazon is her go-to and she tends to say she has eloquent taste on a Target budget. She's most passionate in life about her faith, her three men, writing, and serving silently behind the scenes. Rachel is an introvert gone socialmediavert and when she's not busy you can find her... well never not busy.


24 Jun 2020

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Why Home Design Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank: Rachel Van Kluyve: 190

Mom Inspired Show with Amber Sandberg

Has quarantine made you think about your design choices in your home?Today, we have Rachel from Crate and Cottage on the show to talk all about house design without breaking the bank. She shares with us that after having her first son she had postpartum, experienced a lot of depression and anxiety. So she was looking for a creative outlet that was just for herself other than being a mom and it came in the form of decorating.  I feel like for most of us being stuck at home for COVID-19 it has either made you really appreciate how you have designed your home or its made you think twice about how your home is currently set up.  Rachel shares with us her journey of building her dream farmhouse and how she is already changing the aesthetic after 3 years of living in it.  I also picked her brain about buying things online especially rugs and how to easily return them. She talks about her favorite shopping places with us from where to buy rugs, lighting and decorations for the house. Lastly, I asked her how to make an outdoor space special even if it's small and you don't have a lot of money and her answer will probably surprise you!  One tip that I thought was really interesting is when she mentioned that removing things from one room and putting it in another and how that can make a big difference without even spending money!  Hear what she says about this topic and more on the podcast.If you loved this episode make sure to check out this fun episode with Jennifer Allwood: Designing the home you love"My Favorite Things" Segment:Click on the link (with a $10 discount make sure to use referral code MOM)*Sign up for LEAN programIf you want to hear more details on the program make sure to check out this episode I did with Amanda where she shares all the details: The program I used to kick off my weight loss journey Check out Rachel's book, perfect for a gift!Resources mentioned in the show:RugsIkeaWayfairAmazonBoutique RugsRugs USARuggable Rugs washable rugsLight FixturesLamps PlusAntique farmhouse for unique thingsAmazonGuest Info:Rachel Van KluyveWebsite: http://crateandcottage.com/Click here to find out more information on Amber's Favorite Things, Planning Your Next Vacation, Podcast episodes and subscribing to our email list:Mom Inspired Show


2 Jun 2020

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Ep 88 | Rachel Van Kluyve on Creating a Home Your Family Will Love

Build Your Best Family

Being cooped up the last couple of months has really shown me what works in my home and what doesn’t. What areas of our house that support the way we want to live and which ones don’t. Today we are talking with Rachel Van Kluyve about how to create, design, organize, and decorate our home in a way that not only brings us joy but allows us to cultivate our family’s culture.Everything we talked about in this episode can be found here: https://www.buildyourbestfamily.com/podcast/episode-88Subscribe to the show in iTunes and leave a review. Reviews help podcasters get their show noticed.Join our Facebook GroupGet the Family Discussion Sheet


25 May 2020

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Creating A Beautiful Home With Rachel Van Kluyve Of Crate & Cottage

The Dr. Jennifer Blossom Show

Hey sweet friend, welcome back! You all know I have a massive passion and heart for helping others create a safe, healthy, and life-giving environment in our homes, and today’s episode is ALL about that! I am totally honored to be joined by the LOVELY Rachel Van Kluyve, and she is bringing us so much life and wisdom today surrounding this topic. Rachel is a mom-preneuer, a homeschooling mom, and SO passionate about sharing her gift of home décor and organization with families all over the world via her online platform! Her passion for home décor was instilled by her mother as a young girl and has grown to become such a healthy, fun, and lucrative outlet for her throughout her motherhood journey. I hope you enjoy this episode and walk away feeling inspired to bring more life, practicality, simplicity, and LOVE into your home, momma! Connect with Rachel for more inspiration!   Today's Sponsors:  Moms Mental Health Web Class This month we have a FREE live web class on all thing’s motherhood and mental health! So, if you’re feeling like you are in the “pits” right now - mentally and/or emotionally - or maybe you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed, whether it’s anxiety, depression, anger, or you’re just feeling OUT OF WHACK! This class is completely for YOU! We are going to cover four main topic areas, such as: how to understand your mental health + motherhood, how to create simple and effective strategies for mental health struggles, how to create a mental health support routine, and how to help your kids have strong mental and emotional strategies. Mommas, when you’re feeling off mentally or emotionally, it impacts every other area of your life and your children, which is why it’s so important that you learn to manage and cope and process the challenges that come with motherhood and the season of life we are in! Grab your FREE seat to the Momma’s Mental Health Web Class HERE!   Show References: Blossoming Mommy and Baby Programs + Services: www.blossomingmommyandbaby.com/services Connect with Rachel Van Kluyve of Crate and Cottage! Connect With Us On Social! @blossomingmommyandbaby  Did you enjoy today’s episode? Let us know by leaving us a rating and review on iTunes! This is also a great way to help other mamas, just like YOU, find and enjoy the Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show. You can also spread the love by sharing this episode with a girlfriend, family member, or coworker! Have a question you’d like to hear answered? Send us an email at info@blossomingmommyandbaby.com or connect with us over on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter @Blossomingmommyandbaby. Don’t forget to subscribe to The Blossoming Mommy and Baby Show on your podcast app to make sure you never miss out on the latest, gorgeous episodes! You can also be the first to know when a new episode airs and receive a special gift from us when you subscribe to our email list HERE! Happy Listening!


11 May 2020

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Rachel Van Kluyve, @CrateandCottage, Home Design Expert & Author

Hustle & Grace with Hilary Sutton

Rachel Van Kluyve, best known for her home design Instagram account @CrateandCottage, stops by to chat about her new book, She Made Herself a Home. This episode is perfect for quarantine listening as Rachel unpacks how to make any dwelling more homey, her philosophy on hospitality, and her best hacks for updating on a budget. Rachel also shares her take on how to connect with and grow a community online.  This episode is brought to you by HilarySutton.com. Instagram: www.instagram.com/hilary.sutton Twitter: www.twitter.com/hilarysutton Facebook: www.facebook.com/hilarysutton 


16 Apr 2020

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Episode 300: Creating a Home of Purpose with Rachel Van Kluyve

Extraordinary Moms Podcast

Today my guest is Rachel Van Kluyve. Whether you’re decorating your first house, looking for an affordable refresh for one room, or planning an entirely new concept as part of a renovation, one question provides the adequate jump start for any project. Where do I begin? It can be a challenge to know where to start in each scenario to make the various rooms in a home truly work—and work together—to fulfill one’s needs. Thankfully, popular blogger and designer Rachel Van Kluyve gets to the heart of how to create intention in any room in She Made Herself a Home: A Practical Guide to Design, Organize, and Give Purpose to Your Space.  Especially during this time when we’re all at home, I had fun discussing things I could do around my house to make things more functional and beautiful. Maybe this will give you some new ideas too to really love where you live! Show Notes: She Made Herself a Home: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/she-made-herself-a-home-rachel-van-kluyve/1132213741?ean=9781400214686 Crate & Cottage: https://www.instagram.com/crateandcottage/ This Show is Sponsored by… Ooak is constantly innovating a new category of toothbrushes and flossers. They have created (with the help of dental hygienists) a toothbrush with V-Shape tapered bristles to conform to the shape of your teeth which allows the outer bristles to stimulate the gumline. They want to prevent a generation of people with really white, straight teeth that fall out of their mouths because they don’t take care of their gums. I especially love their flosser. It’s like a Swiss Army Knife of flossers! Their products are amazing and I’d love for you to check them out on Amazon. And… Built Bar is the best tasting and fastest growing protein bar on the market. With their wide range of flavors and delicious consistency, this is the perfect option for families wondering what to add to their quarantine food stock up. Built Bar is offering my listeners 20% off your first purchase by going to www.builtbar.com and enter Promo Code: EEP at Checkout. And… Kosmatology is a kids skincare line, made with kids with sensitive skin in mind. Their lotion bar, made without all the icky preservatives, is a fantastic alternative to messy lotions, and it was truly a game changer for the founder’s child with eczema. I also love their hand soap. Get 15% your first order by going to www.kosmatology.com and use code: EEP at checkout.

15 Apr 2020

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When We Can’t See God’s Plan, Trust His Heart: Dave Pittman & Rachel Van Kluyve

Jesus Calling: Stories of Faith

“Why me, God?” Sound familiar? We’ve all questioned why God has allowed bad things to happen in our lives, but this week’s guests, musician Dave Pittman and home designer Rachel Van Kluyve, have faced serious trials that caused them to question their purpose and how to move forward. Growing up, Dave faced bullies because of his Tourette’s Syndrome. After a deep, dark battle, Dave learned to embrace what made him different. As he’s built his music career post-American Idol, today Dave uses his music and experiences to help others find their reason to live. After Rachel had her first child, she grappled with postpartum depression that isolated her. As she began to post online about her decorating hobby, she began to build a supportive, close-knit online community that now helps women and girls around the world. Today Rachel shares her book She Built Herself a Home and how people can easily create spaces to build closer connections to God and to each other. Links, Products and Resources Mentioned: Sarah Young Jesus Calling Podcast Jesus Calling books Jesus Calling book Jesus Calling for Easter Jesus Calling ‘What’s Good’ YouTube series featuring Dave Pittman Jesus Calling podcast episode with Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Jeremy Cowart Davd Pittman “Crazy Brave’ song “Different Kind of Love” album Tourette Syndrome ABC’s American Idol Neil Patrick Harris Bible Gateway Rachel Van Kluyve CrateandCottage.com She Made Herself a Home: A Practical Guide to Design, Organize, and Give Purpose to Your Space book Facebook Marketplace Lauren Alaina Interview Quotes: “I was more afraid of living through that again than I was of dying.” - Dave Pittman, on being bullied as a child with Tourette Syndrome ”My mom—both my parents—just drilled into my head and my heart the importance of accepting yourself for who you are, and not just who you are, but who you are in Christ, your identity, who you've become in your walk with Christ.” - Dave Pittman “I think it's okay to ask why, even now, because Job did. We look at Job in the Bible, he asked God, ‘Why? Why is this happening to me?’” - Dave Pittman “Anyone can accept something they have to do, but when you can embrace something that you get to do, it’s different. It changes things.” - Dave Pittman ”After I had my first baby, it just kind of all fell apart. I got postpartum [depression]. I lost myself. You know, I was a smart magna cum laude graduate, and I just didn't know what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be, and it spiraled quickly out of control.” - Rachel Van Kluyve “When I started my Instagram journey, I felt the Lord specifically saying, ‘Everyone knocks social media for not being a good thing for this generation. But I want to use it for good.’” - Rachel Van Kluyve “We have the power to do so much as moms, as women. [We can] sit at home with a touch of a button and some ingenuity, and we can put together this great thing for people around the world.” - Rachel Van Kluyve “When we built this house, I prayed specifically that we'd always be hospitable. And it's really the home that's never closed. So because of that, our why has become hospitality, and letting people see Christ at all times, and that they're welcome here.” - Rachel Van Kluyve “It's all about creating that space that gives security and peace so that you can give it to others.” - Rachel Van Kluyve ___ Enjoy these videos on Jesus Calling YouTube channel: Audio podcast: https://bit.ly/2uCnNM0 Original Series video podcast: https://bit.ly/2WzFY0O ___ Connect with Jesus Calling Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest YouTube Jesus Calling Website


27 Feb 2020