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Treating Text and Art as a Sacred Practice for Growth with Vanessa Zoltan

Art Class Curator

Guess who I have on as my guest today! Long-time listeners know that I love the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast. One of the co-hosts, Vanessa Zoltan, has similar views about connecting with literature as I do with artwork. In this episode, she and I discuss her book Praying with Jane Eyre and how to use sacred text (or sacred art) as a tool to help you deal with some of life’s problems, do good in the world, and become a better person in the process. 2:24​ - Vanessa briefs us on her background in education and chaplaincy 4:46 - Vanessa explains why she loves Jane Eyre so much 8:15 - What it means for something to be sacred, according to Vanessa 10:22 - Exploring the idea of how treating text as sacred leads to treating your neighbor as sacred 16:35 - The gift Vanessa recently received while reading Jane Eyre that we can all heed 19:25 - A brief description of Vanessa’s book and why her chapter on destiny shook me so much 21:27 - How a recent controversy involving JK Rowling tested people’s capacity to separate art from the artist 26:05 - How problematic elements in Bronte’s Jane Eyre reflect a dark side of the U.S. 30:42 - How to find your own sacred text or art and work with it 36:02 - Why re-reading the same exact text can still produce a different experience every time 40:20 - The artwork that has changed Vanessa’s life for 20 years running Transcript at https://artclasscurator.com/81


4 Oct 2021

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Ep. 67 - Vanessa Zoltan on What Makes a Secular Text Sacred?

Book Dreams

Vanessa Zoltan, author of the recently published Praying with Jane Eyre: Reflections on Reading as a Sacred Practice, is not your usual chaplain. She is an atheist who produces podcasts about treating Harry Potter, Twilight, and romance novels as sacred texts, and she runs pilgrimages and walking tours that explore sacred reading and writing. In this episode, Vanessa talks with Eve and Julie about what on earth (or in heaven or hell) drew her to attend Harvard Divinity School despite being a devout atheist. She explains how her spiritual education led her to find sacred engagement in her favorite secular books and how, particularly in the case of Jane Eyre, textual examination helped her navigate (but not forgive) problematic, contradictory, and racist narratives. Vanessa also shares advice for how we can read any book as a sacred text.Perhaps best known for her podcast Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, which has more than 16 million downloads, Vanessa Zoltan also hosts the podcastsTwilight in Quarantine, which was named one of The New York Times’ “Podcasts for the Pandemic Era”; and Hot & Bothered, which explores reading and writing romance novels as a sacred practice. Find us on Twitter (@bookdreamspod) and Instagram (@bookdreamspodcast), or email us at contact@bookdreamspodcast.com.We encourage you to visit our website and sign up for our newsletter for information about our episodes, guests, and more.Book Dreams is a part of Lit Hub Radio and the Podglomerate network, a company that produces, distributes, and monetizes podcasts. For more information on how The Podglomerate treats data, please see our Privacy Policy.Since you’re listening to Book Dreams, we’d like to suggest you also try other Podglomerate shows about literature, writing, and storytelling like Storybound and The History of Literature. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Aug 2021

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Sacred Reading w. Vanessa Zoltan: Praying With Jane Eyre

Mystics & Mulder

Sarah and Maeve chat with Vanessa Zoltan, chaplain, author of the new book "Praying With Jane Eyre," and host of the podcasts "Harry Potter and the Sacred Text," "Hot & Bothered," and "The Real Question!" We discuss sacred reading, literature, and our favorite novel, "Jane Eyre." Digressions include Lisa Kleypas' Russian romance novels, the "Veronica Mars" divide, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and whether or not Mr. Fairfax Rochester would accept Paul Hollywood's handshake. For more info on this episode, check out our show notes at mysticsmulder.com .


20 Jul 2021

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Ep. 185 - Popular Harry Potter Fan Theories w/ Vanessa Zoltan


Harry Potter and the Sacred Text co-host Vanessa Zoltan returns to talk about the most famous/infamous Harry Potter fan theories! Topics include: Disney villain prequels, Beowulf, the terrible Dursleys, Dumbledore’s affair, The Bottlecap Game, Pet Watch 2021, The TJ Maxx of souls, Macklemore, SpongeBob, true & mean, 11/22/63, "everyone is Ron," and more!POTTERLESS LIVE SHOWS: http://www.potterlesspodcast.com/liveThanks to our sponsors:FUNCTION OF BEAUTY: Get 20% off your first order!LOOTCRATE: Get 15% off your first order at lootcrate.com with code "POTTERLESS"!BETTERHELP: Get 10% off your first month!—Thanks for listening to this episode of Potterless! Don’t want the journey to stop? Check out the links below and as always, Wizard On!WEBSITE: PotterlessPodcast.com (LEARN ABOUT THE SHOW!)PATREON: patreon.com/potterless (SUPPORT THE SHOW!)TWITTER: twitter.com/potterlesspod (TWEET THE SHOW!)INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/potterlesspodcast (PICTURES OF THE SHOW!)FACEBOOK: facebook.com/potterless (HOME OF THE FANCY PRIVATE GROUP!)MERCH: potterlesspodcast.com/merch (REP THE SHOW!)DISCORD: (For $2+ patrons!)Created/Hosted/Edited/Produced by Mike Schubert, Music by Bettina Campomanes, Web Design/Art by Kelly Schubert, Production Assistance from Sherry GuoLearn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


19 Jul 2021

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Praying with Jane Eyre: An Interview with Vanessa Zoltan

Feminist Book Club: The Podcast

Renee chats with fellow book media entrepreneur Vanessa Zoltan about running a bookish business, what it means to be an atheist minister, and how to read secular texts as sacred. Vanessa Zoltan is an atheist chaplain and CEO of Not Sorry Productions. She is the co-host of the podcasts Harry Potter & the Sacred Text, Hot & Bothered and The Real Question. She is also the author of the upcoming book: Praying with Jane Eyre: Reflections on Reading as a Sacred Practice.  Follow and support our host! Renee: Instagram Follow and support our guest: Vanessa Zoltan: Twitter // Instagram Sign up for the Feminist Book Club Readathon here! Join Feminist Book Club for July! Beyond the Box: Our weekly round-up of blog and podcast content delivered directly to your inbox every Friday This episode was edited by Phalin Oliver and produced by Renee Powers on the ancestral land of the Dakota people. Original music by @iam.onyxrose Learn more about Feminist Book Club on our website, sign up for our emails, shop our Bookshop.org recommendations, and follow us on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Pinterest.


24 Jun 2021

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Episode #4: Vanessa Zoltan

The Deal with Nissim Black

The co-host of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and humanist chaplain joins Nissim to discuss reading texts as a religious practice, engaging with family trauma around the Holocaust, and what it means to engage the world with empathy.The Deal with Nissim Black is produced by The Joshua Network.


7 Jun 2021

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080 - Rules of Scoundrels 1 - A Rogue by Any Other Name with Vanessa Zoltan!

Tea & Strumpets: A Regency Romance Review

Thank you so much to Vanessa Zoltan for joining us today! Be sure to preorder her book, Praying with Jane Eyre here!Listen to Harry Potter and the Sacred Text and Hot and Bothered on your Podcatcher of choice!Check out her website here!Follow her on Twitter here! Support the show and grab your copy of this week's book, A Rogue by any Other Name, here! Want to listen to a certain segment? Here is our outline this week:0:00 - 04:23: Intro/History Facts04:23 - 10:46: Synopsis10:46 - 15:08: Parlour15:08 - 01:11:27: General Discussion with Vanessa Zoltan01:11:27 - 01:21:24: OutroIf you'd like to pick up a copy of An Earl, The Girl, and a Toddler by Vanessa Riley, you can do so here! Have a question you'd like us to answer in an upcoming show? Submit your queries at bit.ly/askastrumpet!Subscribe to our email list to learn what we're reading next month, for fun extras, and more!Follow us on Instagram @tnstrumpetsFollow us on Twitter @tnstrumpetsFind us on Facebook facebook.com/tnstrumpetsAnd subscribe to us on YouTube!And grab your copy of next episode's book, The Legend of Lyon Redmond, here! Tea & Strumpets is part of the Frolic Podcast Network. You can find more outstanding podcasts to subscribe to at frolic.media/podcasts!

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13 May 2021

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The Crimes of the Al Capone of Florida w/ Dr. Hannah McGregor & Vanessa Zoltan

Meddling Adults

Dr. Hannah K. McGregor, playing for the Downtown Eastside Women’s Center, and Vanessa Zoltan, playing for the Okra Project, talk LOADS of trash as they compete to solve mysteries from the pride of Idaville (the Pridaville?), Encyclopedia Brown! Come for the mysteries, stay for the stories about Mike’s grandpa. Cases: The Case of the Hypnotism Lesson, The Case of the Parking Meters, The Case of the Broken Window Clues & Evidence: Hannah School, how to play the game, birds are spies, chivalry, The Pop Pop Mantle, Ginny Weasley, Lorenna Bobbitt, making muscles, cosplay, bread is softer than meat, GEICO Cavemen — Thanks for listening to Meddling Adults! If you want to help the prize pool grow, become a member of our Patreon. If you want to learn more about the show or interact with us online, check out the links below: WEBSITE: meddlingadults.com TWITTER: twitter.com/meddlingadults INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/meddlingadults FACEBOOK: facebook.com/meddlingadults — CREDITS Creator/Host/Producer: Mike Schubert Editor:Brandon Grugle Music: Bettina Campomanes, Brandon Grugle Art: Maayan Atias, Kelly Schubert Web Design: Mike & Kelly Schubert


14 Oct 2020

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Under the Stairs with Vanessa Zoltan

Literary Ink Podcast



23 Sep 2020

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47. Dementors in the Boardroom: POA Chapter 10 Featuring Vanessa Zoltan of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

The Gayly Prophet | A Harry Potter Podcast

We were joined this week by none other than Vanessa Zoltan, co-host of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, to discuss Chapter 10 of Prisoner of Azkaban, The Marauder’s Map!In this episode: Is attendance the one thing Hogwarts is actually concerned about? Are dementors an allegory for capitalism? Should Vanessa and Jessie have a double wedding with Fred and George Weasley? Plus, Grims, Werewolves, and Hinkypunks! Find Harry Potter and the Sacred Text @HPsacredtext on twitter and instagramFind Vanessa @VanessaMZoltan on Twitter and InstagramFind us on facebook, instagram, and twitter @thegaylyprophet and on tumblr at thegaylyprophetpodcastFind everything you could possibly want to find about us at thegaylyprophet.comSupport us and get so much in return at patreon.com/thegaylyprophetArt by Theo Julien Forrester, find him on instagram @theojulienforresterMusic from https://filmmusic.io"The Builder" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)Music from https://filmmusic.io"Industrial Music Box" by Kevin MacLeod (https://incompetech.com)License: CC BY (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

1hr 34mins

10 Mar 2020