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38. Align With Your Purpose to Confidently Create Wealth, Freedom & Impact with Lisa Conto

Courtney Barrett Radio | Spiritual Social Media + Sales

In today's episode, we're talking about: - Recognizing when the life you're living isn't true to you and how to gain clarity on what you really want - Mindset shifts to overcome comparison, jealousy, and feeling unconfident in your business - Creating a wealthy and free life that feels like a vacation - The power and impact of meditation and Lisa's experience at a Dr. Joe Dispenza retreat - Lisa's work with animal spirit readings and how they can help you Connect with Lisa: Follow her on Instagram here! Check out her website here! After 10 years of nursing Lisa felt, trapped, burntout and unhappy. Searching for her purpose she hired a life coach to help. After reprogramming her mind and having a spiritual awakening she knew it was her job to help other women who struggling as well. Download my NEW FREE workbook here, “5 Secrets for the Spiritual Coach to Grow, Engage, and Make Sales in Your Facebook Group” to learn how to attract aligned clients through your very own Facebook group! Book a 1:1 breathwork session for $149 here! Book a 1:1 coaching session for $297 here! Book a FREE discovery call to learn about 1:1 coaching here! Follow me on Instagram here! Join the free Facebook group here! Music: Siren Screen by Ooyy


14 Feb 2021

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'How good can it get' with Lisa Conto

True To You

Lisa helps women confidently create freedom, wealth, and fulfillment. Lisa spent ten years in a nursing career that led her to burn out and being consumed with negative emotions. After much exploration and self-discovery, she found herself deep into the personal development world. Lisa began helping other women who were also feeling stuck and it quickly became a passion and her calling. Lisa loves teaching about manifestation, all things mindset, and spirituality. It is her mission to empower and help women become the creators of their own destiny. Connect with Lisa: www.lisaconto.com/animal-spirit www.instagram.com/lisa.conto www.facebook.com/lisa.conto Want to learn more about the True To You Lifestyle? Check out our website at https://truetoyoulifestyle.com/ or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/ and Instagram https://www.instagram.com/jessicaderksenhealthcoach/


11 Jan 2021

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How to link your mindset and your feelings together so you can manifest with Lisa Conto

Divine Strength

Hello Gorgeous Souls!!Welcome back to the Divine Strength Podcast! Girls, I'm so pumped because on today's episode I chatted with my girl Lisa Conto! Lisa was a nurse for 10 years and along the way she felt unfulfilled and unhappy in her career. She knew she was made for more in this world. A series of perfectly aligned events led her to becoming a coach. It is her mission to transform the world, one mindset shift at time! Her passion is helping women find their purpose so they can make an impact in this world AND create wealth on their own terms.  In this powerful episode, Lisa will be sharing with us how to match your feeling and your mindset so you can manifest more into your life. Lisa will also be going over the importance of feeling your feelings. She shares with us how just listening to your feeling and emotions for 90 seconds can help shift your mindset and release that tension! If you wish to connect with Lisa her links are below :) www.instagram.com/lisa.conto www.lisaconto.com www.facebook.com/lisa.contoLADIES DON'T FORGET!Add yourself to my Divine Goddesses Community! A free facebook group to help empower women and spread kindness. In this  group, I will be going live sharing with you loves how to unchain yourself from negative beliefs and begin the process of raising your vibration! If you are interested in joining...click here ...I  WANT TO JOIN!ALSO... If you are ready to step more into your power, feel more confident and bring positive energy into your life and or business and think you would be a fantastic fit for my 90 day accelerated exclusive 1:1 coaching program then click the link below and apply....CLICK HERE.....-------> I want you as my coach!OH and remember sister... YOU were made for more!I love you!xoxo, Lindsay


12 Nov 2020

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Episode 6 : Transforming your life ft Lisa Conto

Unforgettable Travel Stories

This is a very exciting episode as it's my first internation guest from across the pond. Living in California Lisa's love for travel transformed her outlook on life in order to do more of what she loves. Lisa talks about her travel adventures and how she now coaches woment to unlock their power & purpose with ease.With most listeners now in tier 3 lockdown (UK) now is the perfect time to catch up on the podcast and hear Lisa's incredible story.Have a listen, enjoy and subscribe.Follow the below socials for updates on the offical launch date and to take part.Instagram: @unforgettable.travel.storiesTwitter: @unforgettravels - Unforgettable Travel StoriesFacebook page: Unforgettable Travel Stories


30 Oct 2020

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Visualize Your Future with Lisa Conto

Pencil Leadership with Chris Anderson

Lisa Conto is a Registered Nurse turned Transformational Mindset Coach. Lisa helps purpose-driven women, who are stuck in their 9-5, gain confidence and take the leap into entrepreneurship, creating wealth while manifesting a life that feels like a forever vacation.Lisa is committed to helping you dream big and get you what your heart really wants out of this life. Whether that's figuring out your life's purpose, taking your passionate side-hustle to a full-fledged business, or just spending more time staring into your dogs eyes. In today's episode, Lisa and I discuss how important our mindset is and how we can change the way we see our lives. So, if you’re ready, take out your pencils and let’s begin!Connect with Lisa here.If you enjoyed this episode, check out more or connect with Chris here.Support the show (https://paypal.me/pencilleadership)


24 Aug 2020

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Ep 68: Mastering Your Mindset with Lisa Conto

Girl Means Business

Change your mindset, change your mind!  Our minds are a powerful thing, and can have a huge impact on the success of our business.  In this episode I am chatting with Lisa Conto - a Lifestyle & Mindset coach who is helping women let go of their limiting beliefs and live their best life. Follow Lisa for more information on how she can help you: Website - https://lisaconto.com/ Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/lisacontocoaching/ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/lisa.conto/   AND....   Don't forget to join the Business Builders community for monthly business and marketing content designed to help you grow your business. - https://www.girlmeansbusiness.com/businessbuilders


15 Jul 2020

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Ep. #28: Gain Confidence Get Clarity And Break Free From Your 9-5 With Lisa Conto

Hello C.S. Dorsey

After 20 years of growing up in farm country, Lisa left Upstate New York for the bustling city of Los Angeles. What a change! After nearly 10 years of hospital nursing, she knew that there was something more for her. Lisa was being called differently, but she had no idea what that was. This quarter-life crisis leads her to hire her first life coach in 2018 and that is when the transformation started.Lisa has gained knowledge and skills through coaching programs, nursing, and working with several well-respected coaches. She has developed a new mindset and now positively sees the world.Lisa knew that because she had such a massive transformation in her life, that she could also help other women achieve a life of their dreams.Her hobbies include worldwide traveling, yoga, anything outdoors, and being a beach bum!LISA’S COACHING PROGRAM: RESTYLE YOUR LIFESTYLEThis program is for you if:*Women who are committed to making real & lasting changes.*Women who are willing to question their fears and take action. *Women who believe life has more to offer.*Women who want want to live a life of passion & purpose.WHERE TO FIND LISAWebsite | Instagram | EmailPROMOTION/GIVEAWAYMENTION THIS PODCAST FOR SOMETHING SPECIAL!Want to start a podcast? Grab a copy of my Jump Start Your Podcast Guide. Start podcasting with little to no money TODAY! hellocsdorsey.com/jsp WANT TO START A PODCAST?Grab a copy of my Jump Start Your Podcast Guide. 👉 https://hellocsdorsey.com/jspSupport the show (https://www.paypal.com/donate?hosted_button_id=DCCUKGKZ5WWU2)


25 May 2020

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Lisa Conto - From Small Town to Big City

Journey to Entrepreneurship

Lisa helps women that are struggling with feeling stuck gain clarity & take action so that they can feel fulfilled and live a life of their dreams. https://lisaconto.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/journeytoentrepreneurship/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/journeytoentrepreneurship/support


21 May 2020

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Shut your limiting beliefs down with Lisa Conto

Divine Strength

Limiting Beliefs?Yeah, everyone has them! On today's episode I chat with Life Coach Lisa Conto. Lisa has been a nurse for 10 years. She loved taking care of her patients but was quickly realizing.... she was burning the candle at both ends. Lisa shares with us her amazing life transformation and how she was able to shut down her limiting beliefs and step into the powerful women she has always dreamed of. Connect with Lisa below!http://www.instagram.com/lisa.conto www.facebook.com/lisa.conto


30 Apr 2020

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Let's Talk Career Pivot with Guest Lisa Conto

Building Your Best Career

Is it time for a career change? Is it time to try something new? In this episode, I’m so excited to introduce my very first guest, Lisa Conto. Lisa is going to be sharing how she recently made the decision to repackage her professional experience and change careers. We’ll be talking about how she went about it and her biggest regret then if you listen to the end Lisa is sharing a special treat just for my listeners.


20 Apr 2020