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139 | Female Nutrition and Training from Puberty to Menopause with Dr. Stacy Sims

The Optimal Body

#womenarenotsmallmen Wondering how to optimize your nutrition & training as a female? Lost a period? Struggling to figure out nutrition and exercise around menopause? Dr. Stacy Sims dives deep into hormones, nutritional, and training considerations during the menstruating phase of life, perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Dr. Stacy explains Amenorrhea, nutritional considerations during and post-exercise, and how eating times affect hormones and recovery. Dr. Stacy deciphers nutrition and training considerations throughout the different phases of the menstrual cycle and her top recommendations to getting your period back. Finally, Dr. Stacy discusses the world of menopause and how hormonal changes affect physiological metrics like heart rate, sleep, lean muscle mass, bone density, and mood. In spite of these physiological metrics, Dr. Stacy addresses optimizing recovery before, during, and after menopause. Finally, she provides a brief scope into the current research she is undergoing with WHOOP.  Learn about nutrition and training from puberty to menopause. Our foundations are everything. Our feet are everything. Our feet are our base of support and affect everything up the chain! A study revealed a 60% increase in foot strength from 6 months of wearing VivoBarefoot shoes. Strengthen your feet to build more resilience and move more with Vivo Barefoot! Click the button below and use the code 'TOB15' to get 15% off! What You Will Learn In This Interview with Dr. Stacy Sims 5:10 – Dr. Stacy's Passion 6:46 – Why may your menstrual period stop? 8:39 – Why eating at the right time matters 10:44 – What women should eat post-training? 14:39 – Nutritional & training changes during the menstrual cycle 18:40 – Recommendations to get your period back? 26:30 – Why research from a clinical population is not transferable 28:53 – Popular trends women should stay away from 37:02 – Premenopause, perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause 34:59 – Changed during Menopause 35;55 – Perimenopause Training 37:09 – Peri-menopause Nutrition 38:28 – Your doctor’s guideline for post-menopause may not be correct 40:33 – Training post-menopause 43:45 – Dr. Stacy’s study on recovery with contraceptive pills 49:04 – Learn more with Dr. Stacy About Dr. Stacy Sims Stacy T. Sims, Ph.D., is an applied researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur in human performance, specifically sex differences in training, nutrition, and environmental conditions. Prior to being launched into the industry, she served as an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University. Her contributions to the international research environment and the sports nutrition industry have established a new niche in sports nutrition; and established her reputation as the expert in sex differences in training, nutrition, and health. She is a regularly featured speaker at professional and academic conferences and is a senior researcher. To learn more about Dr. Stacy and view full show notes, please visit the full website here: https://www.docjenfit.com/podcast/episode139/ Thank you so much for checking out this episode of The Optimal Body Podcast. If you haven’t done so already, please take a minute to subscribe and leave a quick rating and review of the show!--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tobpodcast/message


22 Sep 2021

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926: TBT - Dr. Stacy Sims on Why Women Are Not Small Men

The Mind Muscle Project

The boys are extremely excited to bring you this episode with Stacy Sims. They have been mentioning it for the past 4 weeks on the show and can't stop raving about this information.On todays show you will get a unique and rarely spoken about insight into strength training and nutrition for women. This podcast addresses all the myths and short comings of current research and why women NEED to change the way they approach their health.An incredible show we hope you enjoy.Stacy's TED talk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5LYGzKUPlEStacy's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drstacysims/?hl=enPartners supporting this show:True Protein- https://themindmuscleproject.com/trueproteinBLACKROLL- https://themindmuscleproject.com/blackrollCheck out our training programs:https://themindmuscleproject.com/programsGet your question answered on the show:https://www.instagram.com/themindmuscleproject/?hl=enSubscribe for email Updateshttps://themindmuscleproject.com/newsletterYoutube Channel- https://youtu.be/4tHG3mSSM5ENew Fitness Business Podcast, In The Black: https://spoti.fi/3AlTx8nSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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25 Aug 2021

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Fueling for Performance: Dr. Stacy Sims on Nutritional Differences Between Men and Women

WHOOP Podcast

Dr. Stacy Sims – a leading researcher and author who specializes in female physiology – joins the WHOOP Podcast to discuss the role food has in performance and how women should think about nutrition differently than men.  Dr. Sims sits down with WHOOP VP of Performance Kristen Holmes and VP of Data Science Emily Capodilupo to discuss why women are not small men (4:32), fueling for the stress (7:25), the underfueled female athlete (9:17), signs your missing the mark with your nutrition (10:41), intermittent fasting and meal timing (12:20), why men and women need to eat differently (16:54), managing sugar (20:33), sports drinks and gels (25:12), gaining a better understanding of female performance (28:11). Support the show (http://whoop.com)


21 Jul 2021

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#338: Dr. Stacy Sims on Why Women Are Not Small Men, The Role Hormones Play and Nutrition/Training Sex Differences!

The Brian Keane Podcast

Dr. Stacy is an applied researcher, innovator, and entrepreneur in human performance, specifically sex differences in training, nutrition, and environmental conditions. Prior to being launched into industry, she served as an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University from 2007 to 2012, where she specialized in sex differences with environmental and nutritional considerations for recovery and performance, specializing in women's health and performance. With the unique opportunities, Silicon Valley has to offer, during her tenure at Stanford, she had the opportunity to translate earlier research into a science-based layperson's book (ROAR) written to explain sex differences in training and nutrition across the lifespan.  Her contributions to the international research environment has led to her being named:     One of the top 50 visionaries of the running industry (2015) by DMSE Sports.     One of the top 40 women changing the paradigm of her field (2017) by Outside Magazine.      One of the top four individuals changing the landscape in triathlon nutrition (2017) by Triathlete Magazine And all her research publication history can be found in Google Scholar. This was a fascinating conversation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.  Here are some of the things we talked about in today’s podcast.      The major training and nutrition sex differences between men and women     Intermittent fasting for females (how to minimise the downsides) and why it's completely different for men.      The biggest fitness industry misconceptions you need to watch out for     What a natural/normal menstrual cycle should look like      The contraceptive conundrum: is the pill blunting your training gains?     Sleep and its importance on mood and recovery     The benefits of cold-water immersion for females and how it differs for males.       And much more  Shownotes:  Dr Sims Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drstacysims/?hl=en Dr Sims Website: https://www.drstacysims.com/


19 Jul 2021

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S3E54: Women Are Not Small Men with Dr. Stacy Sims

Run Lift Mom

Full show notes available at runliftmompod.com/epi183 Connect with Dr Sims: drstacysims.cominstagram.com/drstacysimsWild AI app to track menstrual cycles & performance: https://wild.ai Online courses by Dr. Sims: drstacysims.com/coursesConnect with me: instagram.com/runwithsuzy or email me to sponsor the show's first virtual fitness event suzy@runliftmompod.com Support the show: aloette.com/runliftmom (save 15% with code RLM)   runliftmompod.com/factor  Save $40 off first week (was $30) with FIRSTFACTOR90 runliftmompod.com/instacartrunliftmompod.com/fabletics (new! Get the Motion365 blend for performance!)--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/runliftmom/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/runliftmom/support


14 Jun 2021

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Interview with Dr. Stacy Sims

Marathon Training Academy

In this episode we speak with Dr. Stacy Sims, Ph.D., an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist specializing in sex differences in endurance training.  She's also author of the book, “ROAR -How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for Life.   Enjoy!


23 May 2021

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192. Dr. Stacy Sims On Female Physiology and Training Differences Between the Sexes

The Strength Running Podcast

Everything from training to fueling has predominantly been researched on men and written about by men. Women’s hormonal variations tend to skew research data so those results are often thrown out. As a professional triathlete, Dr. Stacy Sims recognized that she was poorly served by the same recommendations that male athletes were getting. So she set out to change that through her work.  She has written a book called ROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body For Life where she breaks down her message that “women are not small men”. Women can learn to cater their training, nutrition, and hydration when they understand the changes they go though in their cycles. You can get an introduction to her work to the now famous TED Talk titled "Women are Not Small Men". In our conversation today, we talk about: Nutrition recommendations throughout a menstrual cycle and different phases of life RED-S syndrome with strategies for prevention and treatment Changes that women undergo during peri and post menopause Common differences between men and women in training and nutrition The future of exercise physiology research Links & Resources from the Show: Learn about courses and coaching resources from Dr. Stacy Sims Follow her on Instagram and Facebook WILD.AI coaching platform High Performance Sport New Zealand organization Kathryn Ackerman at Boston Children's Hospital Thank you to XOSKIN for sponsoring this episode, who’s offering 20% off with code ‘SR’ at checkout! I was introduced to this company a few months ago and have been impressed with the quality of the shorts, socks, and shirt that I’ve been wearing. They’re soon launching a men’s base liner and women’s lightweight shorts. To be the first to know when the new items are launched, follow them on social media at @xoskinusa. XOSKIN is the only seamless athletic apparel brand in the United States, using 3-dimensional knit structures and their patented materials (PTFE and Copper) to create apparel with superior wicking and drying capabilities that work in all kinds of environments and conditions. Their apparel has been used in some of the most challenging races in the world, from Death Valley in the middle of summer, to the sub-zero temperatures of the Arctic.  XOSKIN’s material feels great against the skin and the fit is so comfortable you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.  Their patented materials are your best defense against chafing, blisters, hot spots and odor.  Unlike most technology in athletic apparel which is gone after a few washes, XOSKIN’s RapiDriCopper™ technology is molecularly boned to the fiber and won’t wash out. Be sure to check out XOSKIN to see all of their shirts, tights, socks, compression sleeves, and more. Their clothes are made for both men and women so you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. Use code SR (not case sensitive) to get 20% off your order!


22 Apr 2021

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Women Are Not Small Men with Dr. Stacy Sims

Well-Fed Women

Here are the notes for episode #317 of Well-Fed Women. Be sure to check back every Tuesday for a new episode, and head over to Apple Podcasts or Stitcher to subscribe!To leave a review for the podcast (HORRAY!), go to: https://coconutsandkettlebells.com/reviewIn this episode, Noelle and Dr. Stacy Sims discuss How Women Are Not Small Men.Got a question you’d like us to answer? Email us at wellfedwomen@gmail.com.10% of the funds we receive from our sponsors is donated directly to our partner charity, Thistle Farms, a place where women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution receive help and support through residential programs, therapy, education, and employment opportunities. Because we get paid per download, you are actively supporting Thistle Farms by downloading our podcast each week.Topics![09:18] Women Are Not Small Men with Dr. Stacy SimsLinks!Noelle’s website: https://coconutsandkettlebells.comBuy our book Coconuts and KettlebellsWell-Fed Women Holistic Health Facebook Groupfeals.com/wellfedLow hormone phase: follicular phase (first half)High hormone phase: luteal phase (second half)The Beginner’s Guide to Cycle Syncing#282: Cycle Syncing and Solving Period Problems with Berrion Berry#294: How to Track Your Cycle To Improve Your Health and Balance Your Hormones with Lisa Hendrickson-JackDrStacySims.comDr. Stacy Sims on InstagramROAR: How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology for Optimum Performance, Great Health, and a Strong, Lean Body for LifeCoursesFealsFeals CBD oil is organic, natural, and is entirely produced in the USA. Their products are formulated with only the purest ingredients and without the use of fillers, flavors, or unnecessary fluff.  To become a member and get 50% automatically taken off your first order and free shipping go to Feals.com/wellfed.  BiOptimizersIf you are struggling with digestive problems you need to check out BiOptimizers P3-Om proteolytic probiotic!  Go to bioptimizers.com/wellfed and use coupon code WELLFED10 for 10% off your order.

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30 Mar 2021

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WRRS Special: Women’s Training with Dr Stacy Sims and More

Zwift PowerUp Cycling Podcast

From training as a woman, to motivation, to getting the most out of Zwift, and everything in between, tune into the WRRS live panel featuring exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist Dr. Stacy Sims, 3x Gold Medalist Kirstin Armstrong, Sports Nutritionist Gemma Sampson, and Olympic Runner Gwen Jorgensen. This live panel was originally posted on Facebook and YouTube, if you'd prefer to view it in video form


22 Mar 2021

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Stacy Sims: Training and Exercise in Pregnancy

The Curious Climber Podcast: Chatting with Hazel and Mina

In this episode Mina (18 weeks pregnant at time of recording) chats to Stacy Sims about all things about training and exercise in pregnancy. Pregnancy can be a confusing time in one’s body and experiences of pregnancy also vary hugely. Stacy specialises in exercise physiology and human performance with a particular interest in female athletes through all life stages - one of which for many women will be pregnancy - so it's great to get her take on this tricky area. It's worth mentioning that neither of us are medically doctors and we are discussing medically uncomplicated pregnancies in this context - if you are unsure of anything, please seek advice from your doctor or healthcare provider. At the time of recording I (Mina) was 18 weeks pregnant....I’m now (at the time of publishing) 32 weeks pregnant and it’s interesting for me to notice what has changed and not changed since Stacy and I had this chat. I stopped doing pull ups of any sort (even assisted) around 20 weeks due to the doming of my abdominals and stopped finger boarding soon after for the same reason. But, I’m still climbing with no issues, lifting some weights, doing finger holds by my side, and plenty of walking! Oh and endless pelvic floor exercises.... That won’t be the same for everyone of course and could change again rapidly for me too - each week now it feels like my body is different and has different likes/dislikes and needs. Constantly adapting and modifying. To be honest, I think mental flexibility has got to be a core theme of pregnancy in athletes.

1hr 3mins

19 Mar 2021