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TRE S1-78 Caroline Ingraham Part 2

The Raw Entrepawneur

Contact details: info@carolineingraham.comwww.carolineingraham.comwww.workshops.carolineingraham.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/zoopharmacognosyInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/caroline_ingraham The Raw Entrepawneur:https://www.facebook.com/TheRawEntrepawneur  https://www.instagram.com/raw_entrepawneur

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19 Aug 2021

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TRE S1-76 Caroline Ingraham Part 1

The Raw Entrepawneur

Contact details: info@carolineingraham.comwww.carolineingraham.comwww.workshops.carolineingraham.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/zoopharmacognosyInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/caroline_ingraham The Raw Entrepawneur:https://www.facebook.com/TheRawEntrepawneurhttps://www.instagram.com/raw_entrepawneur

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12 Aug 2021

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Facing and Embracing Death with Caroline Ingraham Lee

Born Again Again

Letting go of the promise of heaven is a really hard part of leaving the faith and leaves many of us with a fear of death. In this episode, we discuss this typically heavy topic with death doula Caroline Ingraham Lee. We talk about her story and how she became a death doula, and discuss what that means on a practical level.We end by talking about how facing her own mortality head-on has helped her to live a richer, more engaged and more fulfilling life, and she shares her thoughts about overcoming a lingering fear of hell and the unknown. I really, really enjoyed this conversation and hope you do too...Show links: Caroline's Insta (instagram.com/teamwoodnote) Death Meditation (https://www.goingwithgracecourses.com/courses/grace-in-dying) Our links: Instagram (https://instagram.com/born.again.again) Facebook Group (https://facebook.com/groups/bornagainagain) Patreon (https://patreon.com/bornagainagain) Your Stories (https://bornagainagain.co/stories) Blog + Resources (https://bornagainagain.co) Merch (https://teespring.com/stores/born-again-again-podcast)


25 Jan 2021

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Caroline Ingraham Zoopharmacognosy

Come Along for the Ride

Hi everyone, it’s so great to be back in your ears again. I have to tell you that I have been going through, and still am going through, one of the most difficult times of my life right now. I can’t say too much publicly but I will put a video up under the paywall of Patreon so those who are subscribers can know what is going on. So if I’m a bit all over the place with getting a podcast up, please hang in there with me. It’s not deliberate, just know I’m doing the best that I can right now.I’d love to tell you about one of our wonderful patrons Peter Papp, Peter is a small business patron who gets his business promoted on every podcast and on my social media pages. Peter’s business is Peter and the Herd. He works with equine behaviour and trauma recovery. Equine communication. Human and horse relationship building. Peter was kind enough to do a reading or communication session with my mare Gypsy, it was fantastic, he told me things that only I could understand and how Gypsy would like more fun in her life but she understands, so even when Peter had no idea what I was going through, he as able to give me a beautiful message from my girl that she does know what I’m going through and at the other side can we have some fun please? Peter was also able to speak to me about her pain and where it was happening, a few weeks later I had an osteo look over Gypsy and she confirmed what Peter said. So I can personally highly recommend Peter and his work. You can find Peter through his Facebook page Peter and the herd or his Instagram by the same name.Our other small business patron is Belinda Daws from Journey Equine. Belinda is based on the Gold Coast and can travel to surrounding areas. Belinda is a Connection Training Coach who is calm, gentle and a very knowledgeable trainer, so much so that she is my trainer for me and my girls. To connect with Belinda get in touch with Belinda, I did and she is now mine and my horses coach. Belinda’s website is journeyequine.com and you can find her on all the usual social Facebook, Instagram and twitter.If you would like to become a patron of this podcast and help bring it back to weekly episodes then please head on over to patreon.com/comealongfortheridepodcast this is where you can subscribe, for as little as $5 a month and help me get production costs covered to be able to bring you more content, more regularly. $5 a month isn’t much to you, but it means the world to me. I’d love for you to consider it it’s at patreon.com/comealongfortheridepodcastIn this episode I speak with Caroline Ingraham who does something completely amazing it’s called zoopharmacognosy, so what is that? Caroline will explain it much more eloquently than me but for now let me just say that it is something that is in the dna of all animals, domestic or otherwise and it is the ability for them to heal themselves through offering them plant extracts that would contain the same or similar constituents to those found in an animals natural environment.This kind of work amazes me as this is how I believe we can make a huge difference in the lives of our horses, we just need to know how. This is a conversation not only about horses but also about a baby elephant Caroline was flown from the UK to help, and the way she helped was beautiful and the elephant made a full recovery. So grab a cuppa enjoy the drive to your horses or wherever you are going or whatever you are doing and enjoy the amazing Caroline IngrahamTo connect with Caroline please follow the links belowwebsite https://www.carolineingraham.com/courses www.carolineinraham.com/coursesshop remedies www.carolineingraham.com/botanicsbooks www.carolineingraham.com/booksFacebook www.facebook.com/zoopharmacognosyemail info@carolineingraham.com

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8 Dec 2019

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016 Caroline Ingraham- The Art of Animal Self Healing

The LabAroma Podcast by Colleen Quinn

Caroline Ingraham founded Applied Zoopharmacognosy and is the leading expert in this field of animal self-medication. She has always had an enormous concern for the ethical treatment of animals and has spent the last three decades researching and observing how animals self-medicate. Caroline has featured in many scientific journals and articles and has written numerous books on the subject. She has appeared on the BBC, ITV, BBC Radio4, National Geographic TV and at the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts. Her work encompasses an understanding of pharmacokinetics and pharmacology combined with animal self-medication. Caroline is in demand globally as a consultant and teacher, speaking regularly at International Symposiums. She lectures to vets, college and university students all over the world and holds a London clinic in a Notting Hill veterinary practice.Today, Caroline has helped thousands of animals all over the world, regain behavioral and physical health, including domestic, captive and farm animals. She has had great success with orphaned elephant calves at the Sheldrick Trust in Kenya, working with the French government and bio-dynamic farmers, as well as in conservation with endangered species, and rescued animals at the RSPCA in the UK. Caroline writes widely on the subject of animal self-medication, her two most recent publications are 'Help Your Dog Heal Itself' 3rd edition released in 2018 and 'Animal Self-Medication (released January 2019). Find and Learn from at the following linkshttps://www.carolineingraham.com/homeFacebook: www.facebook.com/zoopharmacognosyWorkshops: Caroline is running a series of workshops in Sedona, USA in October 2019 details can be found at www.carolineingraham.com/coursesShop for natural remedies: www.carolineingraham.com/botanicsBooks: www.carolineingraham.com/booksTo learn more about plants & your health from Colleen at LabAroma check out this informative PDF: https://mailchi.mp/2fe0e426b244/osw1lg2dkh


16 Jul 2019

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Caroline Ingraham

Four Thought

In the second of four editions recorded at the Hay Festival, Caroline Ingraham explains why we should give animals choices. She is the founder of a new approach to animal welfare which gives domestic and captive animals the chance to "self-medicate" as, she says, research shows they would in the wild."Maybe it's time to re-evaluate our relationship with animals, and start perceiving them as active, rather than passive, beings."Producer: Lucy Proctor.


10 Jun 2015