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Show 104: Rodolfo Novak - Coldcard, Seed XOR, & Bitcoin Treasuries

Crypto Voices

Show support appreciated: https://donations.cryptovoices.comShow Sponsor:https://hodlhodl.com/join/cryptovoicesMatthew, Michel, and Alec team up with Rodolfo Novak from Coinkite for a great ep on privacy and hardware wallets.Topics discussed:- ISP/ micro-ISP availability for retail- Starlink- Phoning home via web apps (don't)- Ubiquiti / Unifi- Coldcard- Seed XOR- Bitcoin Treasuries latest / futureListen on to learn more.Links for more info:https://twitter.com/nvk https://coinkite.com/ https://coldcardwallet.com/ https://seedxor.com/ https://bitcointreasuries.net/Show Sponsor:https://hodlhodl.com/join/cryptovoicesHosts: Matthew Mežinskis, Michel, Alec HarrisMusic: New Friend Music newfriendmusic.com/Site: cryptovoices.com/Podcast & informationBitcoin, privacy, cryptoeconomics & libertyThanks for listening!Show content is not investment advice in any way.

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8 Jun 2021

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Rodolfo Novak: Keeping Bitcoin Time - E120

Citizen Bitcoin

Rodolfo Novak, is founder of Coinkite, of the longest running Bitcoin-only companies in the world and makers of beloved products ColdCard, OpenDime and BLOCKCLOCK. We get into Rodolfo's background, the early days of Coinkite and the lastest on Coinkite, entrepreneurship, economics and bitcoin's relationship to time. Citizen Bitcoin on TwitterCitizen Bitcoin PodcastSwan Signal PodcastCitizen Bitcoin Layer One merch collectionSwan Bitcoin - Buy bitcoin with your bank accountLet's Talk Bitcoin NetworkParty Alchemy - Charcuterie and CocktailsMusic: Moon in the Sky by HobotekNVK on Twitter

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10 Apr 2021

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Bitcoin Rapid-Fire

Rodolfo Novak is the Co-Founder and CEO of Coinkite, the company behind such uber-popular bitcoin hardware products like the Coldcard, OpenDime, BlockClock and several other bad-ass pieces of hardware that allow users to engage in bitcoin safely and conveniently.   I've been a big fan of Rodolfo's for a while now, so I thought it was time we hooked up for a chat.   Enjoy!   --   More from Rodolfo and Coinkite:  TWITTER: https://twitter.com/nvk TWITTER (Coinkite): https://twitter.com/Coinkite WEBSITE: https://coinkite.com/ More from me:  TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2P7PUjA YOUTUBE: https://bit.ly/3aBbZxg MEDIUM: http://bit.ly/2Zk0Dex INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/30r7IqY

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20 Aug 2020

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EP39  Bitcoin podcast with Rodolfo Novak.


In todays episode Rodolfo and I discus Coldcard, Opendime and some of the other great hardware Coinkite are making. We talk about the early days of bitcoin, why red vs blue is stupid and why Rodolfo is on team orange. I had a great time recording this and I hope you enjoy listening.  Twitter - @nvk Website -  https://coinkite.com As always please feel free to reach out and ask me any questions. Website -https://www.bit-buy-bit.com Twitter -https://twitter.com/Maxbuybit Email -bit-buy-bitpodcast@protonmail.com Today you can exchange $1 for 8417  sats!     (Sale ends soon.) Thank you Coinfloor for sponsoring the show. If you haven’t signed up already then click the link below for the best way to buy Bitcoin.  coinfloor.co.uk/BITBUYBIT

1hr 16mins

16 Aug 2020

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Bitcoin Purity with Rodolfo Novak

What Bitcoin Did

Location: ZoomDate: Wednesday 22nd AprilProject: CoinkiteRole: CEO & Co-FounderBitcoin attracts a broad range of enthusiasts with different backgrounds, experience and political beliefs. The spectrum is broad, from those who treat it purely as a speculative asset, happy to buy and hold, to those who head deep down the anti-state and hard money rabbit hole.Those who are attracted to Bitcoin's hard money properties may often align with Libertarian ideas, free markets and the separation of money and state. These Bitcoiners will often push hard important topics such as holding your own private keys, validating transactions with a node, enhancing privacy with CoinJoin and generally hating on any altcoin or token project. The most hardcore of Bitcoiners may even avoid exchanges due to KYC/AML legislation and find other ways to accumulate Bitcoin.Almost all Bitcoiners will fit somewhere between these two extremes, and the beauty of Bitcoin is that it doesn't care about your personal beliefs. As Bitcoin continues to grow, it will attract people who may not align with some of the more anarcho-capitalist opinions but still wish to use Bitcoin.So, is it the job of more radical Bitcoiners to push everyone towards holding their keys, running a node and improving their privacy and OPSEC? While these are good practices, what about those who do not align with libertarianism or Austrian Economics, should Bitcoin welcome all or be toxic to those who don't follow certain ideologies.In this interview, I talk to Rodolfo Novak, the CEO & Co-Founder of Coinkite and Bitcoin OG. We get into Bitcoin purity and discuss self custody & personal responsibility, hardware wallets and Bitcoin narratives.This episode’s sponsors:Kraken - The best place to buy, sell & trade BitcoinBlockFi - The future of Bitcoin financial servicesCointracker - Bitcoin taxes and portfolio managerSportsbet.io - Online sportsbook & casino that accepts Bitcoin-----WBD218 Show Notes: https://www.whatbitcoindid.com/podcast/bitcoin-purity-with-rodolfo-novak-----If you enjoy The What Bitcoin Did Podcast you can help support the show my doing the following:Become a Patron and get access to shows early or help contributeMake a tip:Bitcoin: 3FiC6w7eb3dkcaNHMAnj39ANTAkv8Ufi2SQR Codes: Bitcoin | Ethereum | Litecoin | Monero | ZCash | RipplecoinIf you do send a tip then please email me so that I can say thank youSubscribe on iTunes | Spotify | Stitcher | SoundCloud | YouTube | Deezer | TuneIn | RSS FeedLeave a review on iTunesShare the show and episodes with your friends and familySubscribe to the newsletter on my websiteFollow me on Twitter Personal | Twitter Podcast | Instagram | Medium | YouTubeIf you are interested in sponsoring the show, you can read more about that here or please feel free to drop me an email to discuss options.

28 Apr 2020

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#146: Rodolfo Novak

Tales from the Crypt: A Bitcoin Podcast

Join Marty and Matt as they sit down with Rodolfo Novak to have a meandering discussion about: - COVID19 - Droplets v. Vapor - Why you should wear a mask - Why people are so willing to cede civil liberties during crises - Hardware on the horizon from CoinKite - much more Shoutout to this week's sponsors. Cash App. Start #stackingsats today. Use the promo code: "stackingsats" to receive $10 and contribute $10 to OWLS Lacrosse you download the app.

2hr 17mins

1 Apr 2020

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KDC #75: Rodolfo Novak - Attack-Minimized Bitcoin-Only Coldcard Wallet.

The Keyvan Davani Connection

In this episode, Rodolfo Novak (CEO Coinkite) joins me in this episode for the first time and talks with me about:  -Trade-off, Convenience, ease of use, and features of various hardware wallets. -Attack-minimized Bitcoin-only Coldcard Hardware Wallet -Security & Privacy -Covid19-Virus, QE, Negative Interest Rate, Governments, and global macro-economical events. -Liquidity & Market, Absolute Scarcity, and Future of Bitcoin and much more.  Links of Rodolfo Novak & Coinkite:  twitter: @nvk / @coinkite Coinkite Website: coinkite.com  Telegram-Chat: t.me/coldcard  Let me know your thoughts, suggestions, questions, and ideas in the future.  If you like listening to my content, you can support me by liking, sharing, following, and subscribing to my Podcast-Show on many platforms&YouTube-Channel (youtube.com/c/keyvandavani). I would appreciate a positive rating & review on anchor.fm/keyvandavani or any of these platforms: Subscribe to my Podcast-Show on:  Apple Podcast: https://apple.co/2IA2dhV Google Podcast: https://bit.ly/31rSymq Spotify: https://spoti.fi/2wOfq1k Breaker: https://bit.ly/2IzhiQO Overcast: https://bit.ly/2R4nnbJ Castbox: https://bit.ly/34DbM97 Pocket-Casts: https://bit.ly/2XElbKv Radio Public: https://bit.ly/2I86iuH twitter: @keyvandavani   Website: keyvandavani.com Ethical (Bitcoin-) sponsors are welcome! Thank you for listening and your support! Keyvan --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/keyvandavani/message

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17 Mar 2020

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S4 E10: Rodolfo Novak (nvk) on the Coldcard Wallet

Bitcoin Takeover Podcast

Coinkite CEO Rodolfo Novak talks about the security problems that the Coldcard Wallet solves and why the product has an edge on the competition.

1hr 6mins

27 Feb 2020

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Bitcoin OP_UXUI #1 - Rodolfo Novak from Coinkite

Bitcoin OP_UXUI

In the first episode of the podcast, we talked with Rodolfo Novak from Coinkite and discuss their design process, from branding to actual hardware design, supply chain, and the tools used in the creation of ColdCard and Opendime. Some interesting points: Constrains of designing hardware. Ethos behind the brands. Production process of devices like the Coldcard. Coldcard Easter Eggs. Open-source impacts on design. Participation of visual designers in open systems.


18 Feb 2020

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Does Use Equal Value? Rodolfo Novak (NVK), CEO of Coinkite on the Potential Energy of Bitcoin and Why the Majority of People Will Never Actually Own Bitcoin Themselves

Untold Stories

Rodolfo Novak, CEO and Cofounder of Coinkite, joins Charlie Shrem on this week’s episode of Untold Stories. Charlie and Rodolfo begin with a discussion on value, comparing the value of domain names and squatting with the value of Bitcoin and the expansion of the altcoin markets. Rodolfo expounds on a 'winner takes most' concept and relates it all back to Bitcoin and its network effects. A discussion ensues as to why use does not equal value which brings up the ICO frenzy and projects that are parasitic to Bitcoin. Rodolfo shares his business philosophy of making products he wants to use himself without compromising on privacy and security, rather than for the mass market. He also makes some confessions, explaining how they got the timing wrong. Rodolfo explains his products with a critical discussion of security risks. Charlie and Rodolfo discuss Bitcoin use and value in terms of potential energy. Lastly, they discuss whether there is still urgency in the Bitcoin community or whether something has changed or been lost since the early days.---CryptoTaxAuditThis episode is sponsored by CryptoTaxAudit. Clinton Donnelly from Donnelly Tax Law will talk about how to prepare a great crypto tax return that defends you from the IRS. Author of five books on crypto tax preparation for Americans, he has tremendous insight into how to defend oneself from the IRS. He is an expert in anti-money laundering reporting for individuals. His firm has done hundreds of crypto returns and over 900 tax amnesty returns with a 100% success rate.  Donnelly Tax Law specializes in complex crypto tax return preparation. No situation is too complex. The firm also offers CryptoTaxAudit which is a IRS defense offering design for the needs of crypto traders. Schedule a consultation now at DonnellyTaxLaw.com.---If you enjoyed this conversation, share it with your colleagues & friends, rate, review, and subscribe.This podcast is presented by BlockWorks Group. For exclusive content and events that provide insights into the crypto and blockchain space, visit them at: https://www.blockworksgroup.io


11 Feb 2020