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Story 20 | Dr. Ken Druck | Helping Families Find Purpose And Higher Ground From The Depths Of The Pile At Ground Zero


In this final episode, nationally renowned expert at finding purpose through grief, Dr. Ken Druck talks about the life changing events of his life that led to his ability to help 9/11 families seek higher ground and write new chapters. Listen to how a phone call from a NY area Mayor took him from Del Mar to working the pit at Ground Zero, shoulder to shoulder with the families and how he has continued to serve them for 20 years. His advice for all: listen well and build bridges of understandingNever Forget. God Bless America.


12 Sep 2021

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Transforming Adversity into Opportunity With Ken Druck

Spotlight on the Community

Ken Druck, CEO of Druck Enterprises, speaks about his mission to help people transform adversity in their lives into opportunities for growth and courageous living. Druck discusses the "new not normal" we will face in the wake of COVID-19 and how individuals will need to recalibrate moving forward.


2 Apr 2021

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357: Raising an Aging Parent with Dr. Ken Druck

The One You Feed

Dr. Ken Druck is a leading mental health expert in the areas of civility, relationships, and aging. Ken writes regularly for the national press and he is the author of several books including the one discussed in this episode, Raising an Aging Parent: Guidelines for Families in the Second Half of Life.In this episode, Eric and Dr. Ken Druck talk about caring for an aging parent, finding meaning after great loss, helping ourselves receive the love that’s offered to us, and how to live through the difficult nature of the difficult situations we will face in our lives. But wait – there’s more! The episode is not quite over!! We continue the conversation and you can access this exclusive content right in your podcast player feed. Head over to our Patreon page and pledge to donate just $10 a month. It’s that simple and we’ll give you good stuff as a thank you!In This Interview, Dr. Ken Druck and I Discuss Raising an Aging Parent, and…His book, Raising an Aging Parent: Guidelines for Families in the Second Half of LifeStanding in the ashes of your “Plan A” in lifeThe tragedy of the death of his daughterThe choice to make your pain the central organizing principle of your life or choosing a life where purpose and meaning are the central organizing principlesOur wholeness coming out of brokenessHow aging is grieving the loss of our younger self and accepting yourself as you are todayLiving in a “both-and” rather than an “either-or” worldThat when we care for an aging parent, we’re giving life back to the parents that gave life to usGiving our parents the good things we have in our hearts to give as they face some of the biggest challenges of their livesThe importance of being a healthy caregiver and not becoming a “slave caregiver”Figuring out what is “enough” as a caregiverAllowing ourselves to receive the love as our parents offer it, rather than waiting for the way we want itFiguring out what stands in the way of us receiving other people’s love, gratitude, and generosityShowing ourselves compassion in moments of difficult decisionsThe work and legacy of an aging parentPutting our house in orderDr. Ken Druck Links:kendruck.comTwitterFacebookInstagramIndeed: Helps you find high impact hires, faster, without any long term contracts and you pay only for what you need. Get started with a free $75 credit to boost your job post and get in front of more quality candidates by going to www.indeed.com/wolfBest Fiends: Engage your brain and play a game of puzzles with Best Fiends. Download for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play.  SimpliSafe: Get comprehensive protection for your entire home with security cameras, alarms, sensors as well as fire, water, and carbon monoxide alerts. Visit simplisafe.com/wolf for a free HD camera.If you enjoyed this conversation with Dr. Ken Druck on Raising an Aging Parent, you might also enjoy these other episodes:Alan CastelKamla KapurJohn ZeratskySee Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.


13 Oct 2020

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The Grief Sessions #5: Honoring Our Losses and the Life Force Within with Dr. Ken Druck

In the Balance

“Sometimes in the beginning of grief we feel like ‘How dare I continue? How dare I go on with life when someone I love is not able to? How dare I ever experience joy again?’ And yet writing new chapters of life is what they would wish for us. It’s a way of taking them with us.”  In this last episode of the Grief Sessions, Susan talks with Dr Ken Druck, an author and pioneer of helping people become more resilient and courageous, particularly after the loss of a loved one. Ken talks with us about his own journey of embracing life after the loss of his beloved daughter, his own work and what he calls the “six honorings,” and how to become more compassionate and resilient while facing the challenges of today’s world.


19 Jul 2020

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Dr. Ken Druck: How We Go On

Open to Hope

The International Day of Hope and Healing After Loss, this is a first-of-a-kind, virtual experience bringing together major organizations and leaders in the field devoted to supporting the bereaved. Our […] The post Dr. Ken Druck: How We Go On appeared first on Open to Hope.


2 Jul 2020

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Raising an Aging Parent - Dr Ken Druck


Dr. Ken Druck, author of the new book “Raising an Aging Parent.” Welcome, Dr. Druck. How did your work helping victims of violent loss, such as 9/11 and the Columbine and Sandy Hook school shootings, lead you to understand how we grapple with the losses we incur as we get older and why self-care is essential to effective caregiving?


27 Apr 2020

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Ken Druck: Caregivers Dealing With The Coronavirus

Open to Hope

What happens when those who give psychological support are part of the pandemic? Dr. Ken Druck has been called on to help individuals and families during 911, Columbine and Sandy […] The post Ken Druck: Caregivers Dealing With The Coronavirus appeared first on Open to Hope.


3 Apr 2020

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FR Ep #143 Getting to Know Gina with Dr. Ken Druck

Feminine Roadmap

Today on Feminine Roadmap, Gina turns her host mic over to friend and guest host Dr. Ken Druck so you can get to know her better. Dr. Ken asked to interview Gina so her tribe could get to know her better and so for this episode Gina sits in the guest seat and shares her life story: what shaped her into the woman she is today and what has motivated her to build the Feminine Roadmap platform. Dr. Ken asks Gina to tell him what words she would use to describe herself and how events in her life shaped her. Gina shares candidly about challenges growing up that inspired her to become intentional about how she showed up in relationships and more importantly what kind of family and home dynamic she wanted to create someday. Through some laughter and tears, Gina opens up to reveal the mess behind her message so that her audience can understand her a little better and the motivation behind her why. IF you have not had the chance to listen to Feminine Roadmap, this is a great starting point for you. Grab a cuppa something wonderful and join the conversation so you can get to know Gina a little better. www.feminineroadmap.com/episode143/


16 Mar 2020

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FR Ep #132 Raising an Aging Parent with Dr Ken Druck

Feminine Roadmap

Today on Feminine Roadmap we are discussing raising an aging parent with Dr. Ken Druck. We are now experiencing what they call the sandwich generation, the generation sandwiched between providing care and support for their children as well as their aging parents. Dr. Ken navigates the discussion of how to raise an aging parent with compassion, clarity and honesty while skillfully looking at it from every perspective. Raising an aging parent isn’t for slouches, it’s complex, challenging and sometimes confusing journey where roles begin to reverse and family dynamics kick into gear. In order to clarify what raising an aging parent is, Dr. Ken explains that it isn’t dismissing them, taking control or disempowering them but that it is truly loving and supporting your parents, raising them up so that they can meet the challenges that they are facing. It’s truly a 2 way street with both sides facing their own fears and obstacles as things begin to change so grab a cuppa something wonderful to be encouraged! You don’t have to raise your aging parent alone, Dr. Ken has the insights you need! Www.feminineroadmap.com/episode132/


6 Feb 2020

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Raising an Aging Parent w/ Mental Health Expert Dr. Ken Druck & Sister Jenna

America Meditating Radio Show w/ Sister Jenna

Tens of millions of Americans are faced with the changes and challenges, as well as the opportunities, of having aging parents. Many of them are in the “sandwich generation,” caring for children and aging parents at the same time.Dr. Ken Druck is an authority on courageous living and author of the new book "Raising an Aging Parent: Guidelines for Families in the Second Half of Life." A best-selling author and mental health expert, Dr. Druck has spent four decades helping people grow more courageous, compassionate, and resilient through even the most severe adversity, tragedy, and loss.He is featured regularly in the media including, CNN, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and he was awarded the "Distinguished Contribution to Psychology" and "Visionary Leadership" awards for his community service and lifetime achievements. Dr. Druck is also a member of the prestigious Transformational Leadership Council.  Visit www.kendruck.com.Get the new Your Inner World – Guided Meditations by Sister Jenna. Visit www.americameditating.org. Download our free Pause for Peace App for Apple or Android.

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29 Jan 2020