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The Path to $1B in AUM, with Dan Handford

Real Estate Risk Report

Dan Handford is the Carolinas-based managing partner of PassiveInvesting.com, a private equity real estate firm focusing on both multifamily and self-storage facilities. Dan wears lots of hats, from asset management, to acquisitions, broker relationships, and investor recruitment. Throw in his role as host of Multifamily Investor Nation, and Dan has lots of insight to share on the passive investing landscape. He and Lance dig into his audacious goals and methods—the nuances within the Class A and Class B asset classes, his portfolio model of buying self-storage assets, why he’s bullish on Boise, the up and downsides of blind pool funds, how he uses social media to grow his business, and the importance of the SWAN (Sleep Well at Night) Principle.


26 Apr 2021

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The Passive Income Attorney Podcast

On this episode of The Passive Income Attorney Podcast, Seth is joined by Dan Handford, a titan in the multifamily investing industry. Dan shares his journey which includes starting multiple 7-figure businesses from scratch through delegation, automation and scale. Like many of us, Dan was searching for a way to reduce his tax liability and discovered multifamily real estate investing as the perfect vehicle. Dan is now one of the most successful real estate entrepreneurs in the game, and in this episode, he walks us through the 7 red flags you need to look out for when looking into your next passive investment. Enjoy! “Be a master delegator…That's how I've had the success that I have had…I have been successful at finding and identifying great, solid team members and hiring them in a way to give them the freedom that they need to be able to do things and then delegate a lot of tasks to them.” Check out www.passiveincomeattorney.com for the full show notes, more content and free passive income guide!


8 Apr 2021

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Insider Secrets 44 with Dan Handford

Insider Secrets by My Core Intentions

Standout Quotes: "People ask me all the time, how come you like Real Estate so much? why are you so excited about it? That's why, because there's so much to learn" - [Mike] "Our goal with our company is not just to do one or two deals and go away, our goal is to have you invest in multiple investments with us and over multiple decades so we can continue to grow your wealth alongside our wealth" - [Dan] "The people who know how to pivot and move faster are the ones that actually survive, and the ones that curl up in a fetal position and do nothing are the ones that are actually going to get caught with their pants down later on" - [Dan] "One thing I've always learned is that no matter where the Cap rates are, I've been able to make money...   if you know how to work the market...you're going to make money" - [Mike] "If you can't measure something, then there's no way you will be able to manage it" - [Dan] Key Takeaways: - In one word, Dan describes himself personally and professionally as a Delegator. - The tax benefit was what brought Dan into Real Estate, realizing that investing cash flow into Real Estate creates an opportunity to keep more income and grow family wealth. - Dan shares that the goal of his company is to grow the wealth of investors over multiple decades alongside his wealth. - Dan's process for making tough decisions: Assess the situation, figure out what the parameters are, and then have a discussion with the other partners in the group. - Major factors to consider in investment include the 'Stabilization periods' during renovations which now needs to be extended especially in this period of Covid19, and also ensuring that the property management company fits the asset. - Dan's insider secret: What drives Cap rates higher or lower is the demand and the competition in that market; the lower the Cap rate, the higher the demand, and the higher the Cap rate, the lower the demand. It is critical to consider these parameters when buying and selling an asset. - Final advice from Dan: Learn and master the art of Delegation; you need to learn how to measure various KPIs to make sure that you can manage them. Episode Timeline: [02:42] Meet Dan Handford, today's guest from Multifamily Investor Nation(MFIN), as he analyses the art of Delegation, as well as other key factors for business success. 05:19] Tell us in one word what best describes you personally and professionally. [05:51] How things got started for Dan leading up to the Real Estate space. [08:20] What about Real Estate inspires you? [09:41] What are some of your buying criteria or standards that you look for in an investment? [13:40] Understanding the difference between physical and economic occupancy. 15:28] When you're faced with a tough decision, what's the process that you go through as an entrepreneur to make the decision? [17:04] Dan sheds light on his Meetup groups. [18:56] What are the best types of technology that you use in your business today that are most effective for you? [20:28] Tell us a couple of important lessons that you've learned over the years. [23:20] What are some of the pitfalls that you're seeing today in the market? [27:25] Where do you see the market going over the next 12months? [30:52] How do you build a strong brand? [33:00] Dan's Insider Secret [36:51] What is the best book you have ever read? The 10X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone [38:40] How to contact Dan Website - passiveinvesting.com To learn more about multi-family investing Join the free MFIN webinar - multifamilyinvestornation.com [39:22]Any last piece of advice you'd give anybody today?


9 Mar 2021

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Apartment Syndications with Dan Handford

How to Scale Commercial Real Estate

Dan Handford is one of the Managing Partners of PassiveInvesting.com, a real estate private equity group with a portfolio value of $380M and 2800+ units. He leads the multifamily investor nation, where he educated 30k+ investors on how to invest in apartment syndication.[00:01 – 03:00] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know Dan HandfordDan talks to us about his background[03:01 – 16:01] Apartment SyndicationsLessons Dan learned from his rapid growthLooking for a mentor who is active and has already achieved success in the spaceDan’s plan to get out of the drivers’ seat of his businessFirst hire/team member they brought onHow Dan selected and formed the right partnershipsIdentifying the roles for each member of the teamDan’s philosophy on building a brand and marketing[16:02 – 18:24] Closing SegmentDan’s advice to aspiring investorsHire a mentor as soon as you canHow Dan stays on top of his gameHis way to make the world a better placeHow to reach out to Dan – links belowFinal wordsTweetable Quotes:“You have to find somebody who doesn’t do or like what you like to do. You need to partner with somebody that has a complementary skill set.” - Dan Handford“I believe in what’s called a multi-motor approach to marketing. Because there has never been one thing that has brought in a ton of leads for me. It’s always been a multi-motor approach.” - Dan Handford “Hire a mentor and don’t wait to do it. Hire them as soon as you can.” - Dan Handford“As you get into any type of real estate space, make sure you’re subscribed to various National, Regional and also State-level specific reports as it relates to the demographics and trends that are happening in the market.” - Dan HandfordResources Mentioned: Multifamily Investor NationPassive Investing------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Dan, follow him on LinkedIn or visit https://www.passiveinvesting.com/ Connect with me:I love helping others place money outside of traditional investments that both diversify strategy and provide solid predictable returns.Call: 901-500-6191FacebookLinkedInLike, subscribe, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or whatever platform you listen on. Thank you for tuning in! Email me --> sam@brickeninvestmentgroup.com


26 Feb 2021

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How to Nurture Your Investor Relationships with Dan Handford

Prosperity Through Multifamily Real Estate Investing

When it comes to investor relations, credibility, trustworthiness, and likability are all essential to establishing a cemented relationship with your investors. It is these variables that are the foundation for capital raising. The ability to move potential investors from a cold relationship to committed investor is a science. So how do we become likable, credible, and trustworthy in the eyes of our investors?Our guest on today’s episode is Dan Handford, Managing Partner at PassiveInvesting.com, a national private equity real estate investing firm. Dan has led his apartment syndication company to acquire 2680+ units with a portfolio valued over $357 Million. He is also a passive apartment investor himself in 5700+ units in 28 different syndication investments located across the Southeast US and Texas. Dan has designed his systems for investor nurturing centered around the Investor Triad-Know, Like, and Trust. It is these systems that have allowed him to raise tens of millions of dollars and keep his investors on repeat. Dan is a serial entrepreneur having started multiple seven figure businesses in the medical industry. He is the founder of the Multifamily Investor Nation(#MFIN) where he provides free multifamily education to a nationwide group of over 31,000 members. He is  the host of one of the most popular apartment investing podcasts on iTunes called “Multifamily Investor Nation” where he only interviews active multifamily investors that have closed a deal in the last 12 months.  In this episode, we cover: What was his Dan’s incentive for investing in commercial real estate?How did he first define his investing thesis and how did that evolve?Flight to quality assets.What impacts has Dan seen in the operations of his business due to covid-19?How to develop credibility with investors.The Investor Triad-Know, Like, and Trust.How to nurture investors through from “knowing” you all the way to trusting you. Dan addresses each of these valuable topics and so much more in this information-packed episode! Tune in to learn how you can develop and improve your investor relations from one of the industry’s best. The Final Four:1.   What do you like to do for your continued education to further your investing?Dan: “A lot of my continued education comes from my podcast, by interviewing active and innovative investors that have closed deals within the last 12 months. I pick everyone’s brain on how they close deals, how they structure deals, and things like that. I am also an avid reader!” 2.   What have been some lasting lessons that you’ve learned on your journey?Dan:  "If I would have done something differently at the beginning, I would have found a lot more investors to raise more capital as I was getting started. That would’ve given me more confidence to get more deals.”  3.   What advice would you give to the listeners to help them grow their businesses?Dan: “Learn to delegate. Hire people that are really good at doing things that you don’t need to be doing so you can focus on the growth and the vision of the business.”  4.   How can the listeners learn more about and get connected with you?Dan: Website: Visit PassiveInvesting.com. If you want to join us on one of our future properties, become a passive investor, or just follow along with us, join us on our platform or let’s set up a 1 on 1 phone call to discuss your investment goals and make sure you’re a right fit for us. You can also find me on MultifamilyInvestorNation.com and on LinkedIn. LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/dan-handfordResources mentioned:PassiveInvesting.comHunter Thompson – 5 million in 30 daysMultifamily Investor Nation SummitMFINPodcast.com


20 Jan 2021

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Creative Capital Podcast 32: The Art Of Outsourcing With Dan Handford

Creative Capital

Have you ever experienced doing almost anything and everything by yourself, and felt overloaded that you just want to pass on the workload to others? If so, then you are not alone! Others feel that way too! Whatever job that you are consistently procrastinating, is no longer good for you, for the business, and won’t help anyone in the long run. Thus, if you are looking at scaling and growing your business to the optimum level, outsourcing certain tasks to others who are best at it is one of the utmost human resource strategies you want to consider. Our guest for today, Dan Handford, is the Managing Partner of PassiveInvesting.com and the co-host of Tough Decisions for Entrepreneurs Podcast. He has an extensive successful background in starting multiple seven-figure businesses from scratch including a large group of non-surgical orthopedic and sports medicine clinics located in South Carolina with a team of 50 employees running for him. Prior to real estate, he owns an online company that sells educational plastic models as well. Tune in to this episode as Dan brings us his golden wisdom on how outsourcing and delegation can save you time, energy, and money and how it can make your business life, and personal life, easier. We discuss topics like: What got you interested in investing in real estate? What is “Outsourcing”? How do you know when you need to outsource something? What does it take to outsource tasks/hire people the right way? What did you find as a common thread for that infamous glass ceiling when it came to scalability in your companies? How do you go about hiring? Once you properly outsourced those tasks, what happened? How do you know who to outsource the task to? When it comes to finding the right person to do the task, how do you rate culture fit, skillset, & experience? What are some key factors to look for in a potential partner/new hire when attempting to outsource something? Pod Decks Segment. “Core Four” Segment. Favorite Real Estate Related Book. Unique skill that helped you become successful. Tell me something that’s true about real estate that almost nobody agrees with you on. One piece of advice you would give to our listeners wanting to succeed in real estate investing Resources: https://www.passiveinvesting.com https://www.multifamilyinvestornation.com https://toughdecisions.net/ For more information about Ferrari Capital, visit us on our website @ https://www.ferraricapital.com


1 Jan 2021

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Dan Handford - 4,800+ Units in Syndication Deals and $275M Portfolio Value Maximizing Systems and Platforms

5 Talents Podcast - Passive Investing, Cashflow, & Wealth Creation in Commercial Real Estate

We all know the Investor Triad, but it doesn’t just stop at Trust. We’ll talk about that with today’s guest Dan Handford, Managing Partner with PassiveInvesting.com, a national private equity real estate investment firm acquiring large $20mil+ apartment complexes across the southeast using private, accredited investor funds. Dan is also the Founder of the Multifamily Investor Nation with over 26,000+ multifamily investors and apartment syndicators. His secret sauce is that he is an expert in creating platforms and systems.Let’s listen in to the episode and learn from Dan how maximizing the platforms you use can push awareness in the market and get you on a networking cycle. [00:01 - 06:22] Opening SegmentLet’s get to know DanDan gives us a bit of background [06:23 - 16:05] Maximizing Systems and Platforms How Dan went about creating his systems and platformsCreating and managing virtual syndication [16:06 - 22:59] Starting Your Platform; Know, Like Trust, Then Know Dan give advice on how to start building your out of the box platform Dan gives insight into the Investor Triad[23:00 - 33:44] Success in Different Types of Investments Dan talks about his current deals, capital, and investmentsDan’s strategy for establishing B Investments Dan’s advice to passive investors [33:44 - 44:51] Closing SegmentDan gives his next five-year planDan’s current team vs. when he first startedHow to connect with Dan - links belowFinal words from Dan and Me Tweetable Quotes:“It doesn’t just stop at Trust. It’s not just Know, Like, Trust - it’s actually Know, Like, Trust, and then Know. They like you and they trust you enough that they refer more people to so you get to know more people. So it’s actually a cyclical pattern that happens…”  - Dan Handford“You have to start to put yourself in a position to think about things that are outside of what you’re currently doing, where you can actually bring people into that space instead of always trying to go to a market that’s already saturated.” - Dan Hanford“That’s the key, being consistent with whatever you start with, then… that content will generate more content.” - Dan HandfordResources:Multifamily Investor Nation WebsiteKingdom CapitalistsMultifamily Investor Nation PodcastMFIN SummitMFIN YouTube------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Connect with Dan on LinkedIn and Facebook. Visit https://www.passiveinvesting.com/ to learn more.Guest Email:  Connect with me:https://www.5tcre.com/FacebookLinkedInInstagramWatch 5T CRE on YouTubeLeave us a review and receive your free ebookEmail us --> abel@5tcre.comSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/5Talents)


9 Oct 2020

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Episode 35 | Key Things That Passive Investors Need To Know with Dan Handford

The Level Up REI Podcast

A lot of people want to be passive investors but lack the knowledge to be one. Dan Handford, a Managing Partner at PassiveInvesting.com shares the story of his journey on becoming a passive investor including the mistakes made and lessons learned along the way. He talks about what he thinks multifamily housing is one of the most resilient asset classes in the market and explains why. Dan also gives away the strategies he learned in order to defer your taxes while growing your portfolio. In this episode, learn the importance of being aligned with the interests of investors in order to grow your wealth and the factors you need to consider when vetting operators. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share! Here’s How » Join The Level Up REI Podcast Community today: lisahylton.com Twitter Instagram Facebook LinkedIn YouTube


25 Aug 2020

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How To Invest And Increase Your Income The Smart Way With Dan Handford

Capital Gains Tax Solutions Podcast

There are times when simply working hard doesn’t cut it. You need to start working smart as well. Invest in smart ways by thinking outside the box and leveraging your finances carefully. Dan Handford, a Managing Partner at PassiveInvesting.com, joins this episode to share their methods and strategies in investing and making sure their investors are happy. He talks about the technicalities you need to look out for when doing a 1031 exchange, and points out the people you need to be approaching to help you through the process. Learn how to get correct and effective knowledge in the industry to ensure you make the decisions that will give you success, and cement your future. Love the show? Subscribe, rate, review, and share!Here’s How »Join the Capital Gains Tax Solutions Community today:capitalgainstaxsolutions.comCapital Gains Tax Solutions FacebookCapital Gains Tax Solutions Twitter


20 Jul 2020

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E120: Multifamily and Passive Investing as a Business with Dan Handford

Capital Hacking

Dan Handford is a serial entrepreneur, a multifamily real estate syndicator, and a podcaster. He is also the creator of PassiveInvesting.com and the Multifamily Investor Network, which runs training events. In this episode, Dan talks about becoming a multifamily real estate syndicator and moving into larger investments. He also discusses the tax benefits of multifamily and how to reduce expenses and risk with larger-unit properties. We then learn the importance of education and what inspired him to run virtual summits to teach others. Reference Links PassiveInvesting.com https://www.passiveinvesting.com/ Multifamily Investor Nation https://www.multifamilyinvestornation.com/ Multifamily Investor Nation Summit https://www.multifamilyinvestornation.com/presell-page


12 Jun 2020