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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jonathan Keeble. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jonathan Keeble, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Jonathan Keeble. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Jonathan Keeble, often where they are interviewed.

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THE SHRINE OF JEFFREY DAHMER by Brian Masters, read by Jonathan Keeble - Audiobook extract

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An extraordinary analysis into the mind of a notorious killer which set the standard in true crime writing.


When he was arrested in July 1991, Jeffrey Dahmer had a severed head in the refrigerator, two more in the freezer, two skulls and a skeleton in a filing cabinet.


But if anything could be more disturbing than the brute horror of this scene, it was the evidence that Dahmer had been using these human remains not only for sexual gratification, but as part of a dark ritual of his own devising -- to furnish a shrine to himself.


The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer offers a chilling insight into the mind of a serial killer and reveals the horrors within.

Perfect for fans of Making a Murderer, Mindhunter and The Ted Bundy Tapes, this is a gripping and gruesome read that delves into the mind of a murder and what possesses someone to kill.

Jul 30 2020 · 4mins
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Raft by Stephen Baxter, read by Jonathan Keeble

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Stephen Baxter's highly acclaimed first novel and the beginning of his stunning Xeelee Sequence finally enters the SF Masterwork series!

A spaceship from Earth accidentally crossed through a hole in space-time to a universe where the force of gravity is one billion times as strong as the gravity we know. Somehow the crew survived, aided by the fact that they emerged into a cloud of gas surrounding a black hole, which provided a breathable atmosphere.

Five hundred years later, their descendants still struggle for existence, divided into two main groups. The Miners live on the Belt, a ramshackle ring of dwellings orbiting the core of a dead star, which they excavate for raw materials. These can be traded for food from the Raft, a structure built from the wreckage of the ship, on which a small group of scientists preserve the ancient knowledge which makes survival possible.

Rees is a Miner whose curiosity about his world makes him stow away on a flying tree - just one of the many strange local lifeforms - carrying trade between the Belt and the Raft. And what he finds will change his world...
Jun 17 2020 · 5mins

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TRAITORS OF ROME, by Simon Scarrow, read by Jonathan Keeble - Audiobook extract

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An action-packed novel of warfare, courage and camaraderie in the Roman Empire,from the Sunday Times-bestselling author

The gripping new Cato and Macro adventure in Simon Scarrow's bestselling Eagles of the Empire series. Not to be missed by readers of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell.

Tribune Cato and Centurion Macro are based on the eastern border of the Empire, facing Rome's deadly enemy Parthia. The signs are that Parthia is preparing for war. And the two battle-hardened veterans are ready for their greatest ever military challenge.
Nov 14 2019 · 4mins
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GUESTS OF THE THIRD REICH by Anthony Richards, read by Jonathan Keeble

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More than 170,000 British prisoners of war (POWs) were taken by German and Italian forces during the Second World War. Conditions were tough. Rations were meagre.

The days dragged and there was a constant battle against boredom. The men, but not officers, had to work, often at heavy labour.

Guests of the Third Reich will provide an overview of what daily life was like for prisoners, from staging theatre productions to keep morale up to working allotments and planning audacious escape attempts.
Oct 16 2019 · 5mins

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THE RESURRECTION KEY, by Andy McDermott, read by Jonathan Keeble - Audiobook extract

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In the most explosive book of the thrilling Wilde and Chase series, the intrepid pair must race against time before an ancient force is unleashed on the world...

Their days of death-defying adventure seemingly behind them, acclaimed archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, ex-SAS soldier Eddie Chase, live like any normal family. However, when a mythical civilisation is unearthed deep in the Antarctic ice, they are drawn into a battle for control of its astonishing power.

Dashing from New York to New Zealand, from futuristic Chinese cities to the outback of Australia, they soon confront the gravest threat they've ever faced. Pursued by ruthless mercenaries and a secret special forces unit, Nina and Eddie discover the clock is counting down to the extermination of all humanity...
Sep 19 2019 · 4mins