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Shane Carter of USA Today's Longhorn and Dem Boyz Podcast joins to talk about the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans

Zo's Podcast

How did Nick Caserio do with free agent signees for the Texans, including the new Cowboy acquisitions? -What type of season will the Texans and Cowboys have? And, how could they fix their mistakes from last year? -Deshaun Watson's civil suits -NFL draft talk. As we discuss some of the top QB's in the draft and will the Texans trade up to grab Justin Fields or Zach Wilson? 


6 Apr 2021

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Dallas Cowboys Preview with Shane Carter

All Eyez on Cleveland podcast

Shane Carter of Inside The Star and DemBoyz Podcast, joins the show to talk about the Browns match-up with Dallas on Sunday, How to slow down their pass game, How to attack the defense...Plus Brad talks about the NFL's poor handling of the Titans situation, Browns laundry list of injuries, T-shirt contest winners announced and much more...

1hr 21mins

2 Oct 2020

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S4E8 - Talkin' Cowboys with Shane Carter

The Dawgland Podcast

Anthony Joki is joined by Inside The Star writer and the host of the Dem Boyz Podcast Shane Carter to talk about the Browns' trip down to Dallas to face the Cowboys this Sunday.


1 Oct 2020

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All Eyez on Cleveland with Shane Carter of Inside the Star

All Eyez on Cleveland podcast

We talk the curious case of Dak Prescott, Why Zeke is mad, Cowboys expectations, Njoku trade market, How far behind are the Browns due to this off-season, Andrew Berry doing a great job and people noticing around NFL, React to PFT Preseason Power Rankings, Plus...Brad highlights the progress made between NFL & NFLPA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 59mins

21 Jul 2020

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Healthcare Series: Intentionally Building Relationships | Shane Carter

Gut + Science

Shane Carter is the Chief Nursing Officer at Advocate Aurora Health, the 10th largest not-for-profit integrated health system in the United States. Listen in as he and Nikki reveal the ways building relationships will impact your culture. Truth You Can Act On 1. Know your individual employees beyond their job title and responsibilities: What are they excited about in life right now? What hobbies are they into? [00:12:47] I asked those questions, not because I feel obligated to, I ask those questions because I honestly care.[00:12:52] 2. Make live personal connections as often as possible.  [00:19:33] What I try to practice as much as I preach is really get out and make that connection. Have those conversations. My team knows, do not send me an email that goes past two sentences. I just won't read it. Um, and maybe that's a negative thing, but they know that you're better served by coming and finding me walking through the concern, the situation following up that way.[00:19:55] 3. Don’t assume how people are doing, rather, ASK then just listen [00:28:02] One thing that I will never do again is just assume that leaders are in a good spot. You need to check up on them and you need to get in their environment and really talk to them. [00:28:13] 4. Lead by example to help others see the value of relationship building. [00:16:24] I always put a picture of either my family or one of my hobbies up there, let them know that I live in Amarillo, a small town just West of here, and really try to connect with them. [00:16:33] Sponsor: Wambi.org: https://wambi.org/ – Wambi is about human connections. We view feedback as the fuel for interpersonal growth and are always striving to achieve the highest versions of ourselves and to lift others up along the way. Book Recommendation: The 4 Disciplines of Execution: Achieving Your Wildly Important Goals by Chris McChesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling


7 Jul 2020

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Shane Carter on Unique Ways Of Making Millions In Sub-Division. Land Development and Multi-Family

The A Game Podcast: Real Estate Investing For Entrepreneurs

Nick Lamagna host of The A Game Podcast and real estate investor talks with Shane Carter. Shane is a Real Estate Developer, Investor, Syndicator & Construction Professional. Listen as they talk about his start in contracting to now president of Community Investment Properties, based in New Hampshire.  CIP buys, develops, renovates, repositions and holds apartment buildings, commercial assets and land in ME, NH, MA and FL.  Shane has over 20 years of active real estate experience under his belt. Since 2000, Shane has acquired, renovated, managed, and sold more than 175 units, valued at over $22MM and has developed and built over $52MM in real estate through his construction firm. Community Investment Properties core focus is to buy, renovate and hold income producing assets in the mid to large size multifamily class. They also have successfully bought and sold multiple parcels of raw land, condominiums, commercial office, residential and industrial properties. They produce above average returns for their investors while creating beautiful homes for their tenants, thereby improving the communities they invest in. Shane is also the owner of Ridgeview Construction. Ridgeview Construction is a full-service Design/Build firm focusing on high-quality and sustainable buildings and spaces. They offer complete construction and renovation services including Project Management and pre-construction Design and Engineering. COMMUNITY INVESTMENT PROPERTIES: CIPGLOBAL.NET RIDGEVIEW CONSTRUCTION: GREENBUILDERNH.COM EMAIL: expert@ridgeview-construction.com Links and Resources from this Episode Connect with Nick Lamagna nick@nicknicknick.com Phone: 630.384.9443 Find all social media connections at www.nicknicknick.com/links for Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Review, & Subscribe to The A Game Podcast on Apple, Spotify and all platforms at: www.nicknicknick.com/links


22 Jun 2020

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#4: Generating Leads and Making Tons of Offers on 200+ Unit Properties with Shane Carter

The Multifamily Wealth Podcast

Are you looking to learn how you can quickly underwrite deals and make more offers? In this show, I episode Shane Carter, who has built a successful construction business and is now buying large multifamily assets throughout the southeast. Even new investors can pull great value from this show as the concepts relate to all investors, whether you’re buying 200+ unit properties or 2-4 unit properties!Shane Carter is president of Community Investment Properties, LLC based in NH.  CIP, LLC buys, develops, renovates, repositions, and holds apartment buildings, commercial assets, and land in ME, NH, MA, and FL.  Shane has over 20 years of active real estate experience under his belt. Since 2000, Shane has acquired, renovated, managed, and sold more than 175 units, valued at over $22MM, and has developed and built over $52MM in real estate through his construction firm. Time Stamps:02:43 – Shane shares how he got into real estate and how his strategies changed as he progressed through his career05:16 – We discuss Shane’s first large multifamily deal - how he found it, the numbers, how he structured the partnership and the raise, and the end result11:15 – The markets Shane is interested in, his deal criteria, and how he’s balancing all of his businesses 18:16 – Shane discusses the insane growth he has seen over the last couple of months and the importance of “pushing the rock to the top of the hill”23:16 – How Shane is generating a lead funnel that allows him to write 5-10 LOIs/week, he also shares a pretty unique lead generation tip (as it relates to large multifamily properties)27:24 – How Shane quickly analyzes deals and makes offers29:30 – The unique deal structure that Shane uses and how it could be used for both small deals (2-4 units) and large multifamily properties33:45 – The importance of stress testing your models, how Shane ensures his investors receive the projected returns, and how he finds lenders for the highly distressed assets he is purchasing39:30 - Shane discusses a unique deal structure that eases the required equity raise and can oftentimes solve a seller’s problem (this applies to assets of all size)!43:00 – How Shane is seeing the market react to COVID-19 and the importance of seeking advice/information from those who are using the same strategy, in the same markets as you52:08 – If Shane were starting his career over, knowing what he knows now, what he would do now CONNECT WITH SHANE CARTERhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/shanecarternh/RESOURCESDownload my investor toolkit (cash flow calculator, pitch deck, scope of work template, and renovation checklist).Follow Axel on Instagram!


2 Jun 2020

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All Eyez on Cleveland with guest Shane Carter

All Eyez on Cleveland podcast

Special guest Shane Carter of Insidethestar.com joins the show to talk about the Browns off-season, The virtual NFL Draft, Draft day logistics, Baker Mayfield's 'prove it' season, WR depth, Clowney or Vernon, Dak's contract dispute, Dez Bryant return, uniform reveals and much more... Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

1hr 6mins

10 Apr 2020