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Marc Brillouet vertelt... over de hit HELLO MARY LOU van RICK NELSON

Marc Brillouet vertelt...

Marc Brillouet vertelt... over de hit HELLO MARY LOU van RICK NELSON © 2022 Daisy Lane & Marc Brillouet


10 May 2022

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Rick Nelson interview, 1976

Red Robinson's Legends

Rock'n'roll pioneer Rick Nelson would have celebrated his 82nd birthday today - May 8.This photo of Rick and me was taken in his car when I worked at KGW in Portland, OR in 1959. Notice the tape recorder. It was called a Mohawk, and like the haircut of the same name, it cut out the interview. When I got back to the station there was nothing on the tape. The same thing happened in 1958 backstage at the PNE Forum, no sound. It wasn’t until 1976 when he returned to Vancouver for a concert at the PNE Star Spectacular that I was able to get an interview. I showed Rick the picture and we had a laugh about my bad luck.Rick was the first teenage idol, and there is no doubt about that, but in those early days in the 50’s he had no stage presence. He would sing a song and then take a drink of Coca-Cola. Having seen the dynamic Elvis on stage at Empire Stadium, the audience booed him. He didn’t deserve to be booed. He was a great guy and one of the early rockers who really could rock and roll. He was a very quiet man. Many people said if James Dean could sing, he would have sounded like Rick Nelson. I had booked Rick for the Legends Of Rock'n'Roll show at Expo 86, but sadly he was killed in a plane crash near Dallas on December 31, 1985. Rick Nelson was just 45.


8 May 2022

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From Sales Player to Coach | Tech Salescraft with Rick Nelson, CEO at ClearDox LLC

Tech Salescraft

James is delighted to welcome Rick Nelson, CEO at ClearDox LLC to the latest episode of Tech Salescraft!From sales player to coach, Rick reveals what his impressive sales leadership journey looks like, engaging with the different opportunities and challenges he faced along the way. We also gain an insight into the importance of hiring great talent, enabling and giving them the right tools to be top performers. Rick also shares what he learnt from leading an organisation, refining that wisdom to better his impact as a CEO today.Thank you Rick for joining us on the show, it was an incredible conversation that offers transformative advice to any sales professional.Follow us for more Tech Sales content and insights.Twitter: @NorthStarrRec Instagram: @Northstarrrec


1 Mar 2022

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Rick Nelson: Restaurants We Love, Careers We've Built

Niver Niver Land

Rick Nelson is a renowned journalist in the Twin Cities region of Minnesota. He made a name for himself across a 20+ year stint as food critic for the Minneapolis Star Tribune.He has since moved on from that position to pursue and write about other things, but he still has a deep love for food and restaurants.In our longest episode yet, Tim sits down with Rick to talk about a host of different topics: childhood food memories, the history of Twin Cities dining, notable restaurants, badass vegans, avoiding comment sections, and much more!-Follow Tim on Twitter and Instagram.Follow Rick on Twitter and Instagram.-Be sure to support Mucci's and Saint Dinette. How about making a reservation soon?You can find Niver Niver Land across all of social media here:Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Facebook | TikTok-Welcome to Niver Niver Land: A podcast that addresses massive change in the restaurant industry (sometimes).The show is hosted by award-winning restaurateur Tim Niver – a local legend of Minnesotas' Twin Cities – known for his involvement with fabled spots like Aquavit, Town Talk Diner, and Strip Club Meat & Fish. These days, he runs Saint Dinette and Mucci's Italian in St. Paul and Minneapolis.Anyways, back to the whole "massive change in the hospitality industry" thing.We see a major problem here: no one is having realistic conversations about what's going on. Many of those who work in the industry are still trying to wrap their heads around what’s happening – and so is Tim.Today, he’s ready to talk about these things – through his trademark wit and foolishness – so that we can better appreciate and preserve the cultural importance of restaurants.

1hr 29mins

7 Feb 2022

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Rick Nelson On People Still Thinking of Him as a Kid

Breaking Walls

On March 8th, 1974 Rick Nelson was a guest of Johnny Carson's on the Tonight Show. During the interview the (then) thirty-three year-old Nelson briefly spoke with Johnny about people still thinking of him as the child star he was during the 1940s-1950s.

7 Jan 2022

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Rick Nelson booed 50 years ago in NYC .. and 70 years of "I Love Lucy"

Steve and Ted in the Morning

Entertainment news in "The Blur" on KNSSSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


15 Oct 2021

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Executive Director, Western Region, The Actor's Fund Keith McNutt and Documentarian Producer Rick Nelson

The Actor's Choice

Please join us Right Now, October 11 at 11:00AM PST as Executive Director, Western Region, The Actor's Fund Keith McNutt and Documentarian Producer Rick Nelson joins host Ron Brewington on "The Actor's Choice."


11 Oct 2021

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Going Mobile & Process Improvement with Rick Nelson

Davood for Thought

Air Force Veteran and longtime business leader Rick Nelson joins this special supplementary episode of Davood for Thought. Rick has over 20 years of experience in process improvement, workflow methodology, and organizational management. He's spent the last 15 years of his career in the tech arena, leading the growth of two privately held firms to sustainable profitability. Rick's energetic and passionate leadership are the hallmarks of his professional career - this is an episode you won't want to miss!


30 Aug 2021

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Coffee Break #16 with Rick Nelson | S3E35 bonus

Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis

Welcome to Living Well with MS Coffee Break #16, where we are pleased to welcome Rick Nelson as our guest! Our Coffee Break series is your chance to get to know members of our diverse OMS community. In each episode, you’ll join Geoff Allix for an intimate chat with a different member of our global community. Our guests will share their personal stories and talk about their challenges and victories, large and small. We hope you find common cause and a source of inspiration from the stories of these very special people. As always, your comments and suggestions are always welcome by emailing podcast@overcomingms.org. We hope you enjoy this episode’s conversation with Rick, beaming to you straight from the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA. Rick’s Story (in his own words) I am Rick Nelson. I live in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in the United States. I’m married to Solange and am a father of three adult children – Anthony, Alice and Richard – and I’m very proud of all of them. My Aunt Mary Jean had MS. As a family we experienced her advancing disability through my teenage and early adult years, culminating in her death at an early age from MS-related causes. Mary Jean took everything that the medical establishment had to offer in those days, yet she missed out on many of life’s joys, and never met her grandchildren. A couple of decades later, in late 2004, I was diagnosed with MS. I dove into the research found and embraced the Swank Diet. I was persuaded by long-range study, conducted by Dr. Roy Swank commencing in 1948, which found that people with MS who consumed less than 20 grams of saturated fat per day essentially didn’t progress to disability over the more than three-decade course of the study.   I was all in. Later, I came upon Dr. George Jelinek’s book, Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis. With a family history similar to mine plus his background as a physician and medical journal editor, I felt Dr. Jelinek incorporated extensive research to take Dr. Swank’s work to the next level.   After devouring Dr. Jelinek’s book, I embraced the OMS Recovery Program.  Leading a busy life with a demanding corporate job and family duties, I struggled with stress control. I was less than successful in embracing meditation, so a few years later I traveled to Melbourne, Australia and participated in the OMS retreat at Gawler Centre. At the retreat I came away deeply moved by the knowledge, care and selfless humanness demonstrated by Dr. Jelinek, Zig and other members of staff. It was my first time in a community of people with MS, and I came away impressed with the strength and the passion of the other participants. These were people who challenged the status quo. I have been an advocate for OMS ever since.  OMS has been life-changing for me, it has provided hope, and allowed me to regain control of my health. The result has been many years of vitality and contribution to my family and community. Questions: Rick, our audience wants to know a little bit about you and your life. Can you share some background on where you’re from, what you do, any snippets of your family or personal life or anything about you that would give our listeners a sense of who Rick Nelson is? How about your experience with MS? Can you provide some context on that? When were you diagnosed and how did you initially cope with it? At which point did you come across the OMS program? How was that experience for you? Why did you decide to start following it? What are some of the challenges you’ve faced at first in adopting the OMS program? How did you overcome them? When did you first start to see any kind of positive indicators in following OMS guidelines? What were these? You’ve been a valuable contributor to the OMS community. For example, you established the OMS Circle in Philadelphia and serve as its ambassador. What’s that experience like? On a personal note, do you have any unusual interests or wacky hobbies you can tell us about? What kind of stuff will we find you doing on a weekend? You’re also a successful entrepreneur and management consultant. If you tap into that expertise for a nugget of wisdom that would help people ease into and better adopt the OMS program, what would that advice be? Rick’s Links: Check out Rick’s LinkedIn profile Check out the work Rick does to help entrepreneurs Coming up on our next episode: Tune in on May 12, 2021 for the second installment of Ask Jack, our special 5-part series where certified OMS foodie and professional chef Jack McNulty answers cooking- and food-related questions from you, our OMS community. This is a tasty morsel you won’t want to miss. And remember, you can submit your questions for future Ask Jack episodes by emailing them to podcast@overcomingms.org. Don’t miss out: Subscribe to this podcast and never miss an episode. You can catch any episode of Living Well with MS here or on your favorite podcast listening app. Don’t be shy – if you like the program, leave a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you tune into the show. And feel free to share your comments and suggestions by emailing podcast@overcomingms.org.


4 May 2021

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De Wilde Mannen Afl 14 - De Wilde Mannen en de Bierzwervers - Met Rick Nelson

De Wilde Mannen van de Media

De Wilde Mannen en de Bierzwervers - Met Rick Nelson over creativiteit, muzikanten en bierkunstenaars en hoe bier het antwoord is op alles. Enne... het was dus aflevering 14.

1hr 7mins

24 Feb 2021