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Richard Villegas Jr: How to Publish Your Stuff

The Process Podcast

Richard Villegas Jr. is a self-published poet and author. He also wrote the original treatment for the Starz series VIDA. Paul talked to Richard about his belief in self-publishing and you'll leave with ideas for how you can get your own work into the world.


2 Sep 2020

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Ep 80: Back to the Mess ft. Richard Villegas of SONGMESS

The Shade Parade

#80Back to the MessFeat. Richard Villegas of SongmessIg: RixinycSongmessCheck out Songmess on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/songmessWelcome back to another episode of The Shade Parade! This week we are joined by Richard Villegas of Songmess once again. Dj recounts his birthday shennanigans. Richard arrives as we discuss our week and he fills us in on his yr living in Mexico and his future outside the US and with his podcast Songmess. Viki tries out Restaurant Week downtown, Swings by TrappyHour's Saturday party, and then we somehow go down a very shady memory lane moment. Ari barely survives yet another week, sees the return of a ghost, some drama, Casa de las flores viewings and we take over Lucky Chengs Brunch with our guest from the last episode, Svetlana Stoli. 🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥*Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes break up after 6 yrs, who knew this was a thing?!?!?*Queens, Queens & more Drag Queens are otw*Lil Nas X is bumped of the top...*Ready to dive back into the Matrix universe?*Witchcraft at hand, as a Practical Magic prequel tv series is greenlit🤔🤔Q&A of the Week🤔🤔With the impending return of Dragula & RPDR, What would you want to see on a new show with drag queens?Have any questions, shoot us an email, maybe we'll read it on the air!Email : TheOfficialShadeParade@Gmail.comTo start a convo with us & To find us & other podcasts of color & to let other people know you're listening to The Shade Parade use the hashtags#ShadeParadePod #PodinFollow Us:www.shadeparadepod.comInstagram: @ShadeParadePodTwitter: @ShadeParadePodFacebook:www.facebook.com/TheOfficialShadeParadePatreon: www.patreon.com/TheShadeParadeGet your Shade Parade Merch at:https://teespring.com/shadeparadepodCheck out Viki/Ronie's Rebellion NYC Etsy shop at:https://etsy.me/2YPmw5eLike, comment, subscribe, share, rate us on all streaming platforms!!! *Gigs/EventsCatch Ari Kiki -Fridays (Karaoke) at Gym Sportsbar-Every 1st, 3rd & 4th Saturday at Phoenix (Rampage)-Every 2nd Saturday at Stonewall Inn (Riot!)Listen to Back to the Mess ft. Richard Villegas of SONGMESS by The Shade Parade on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/theshadeparade/back-to-the-mess-ft-richard-villegas-of-songmess--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shadeparadepod/support

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23 Aug 2019

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Richard Villegas

Grizzly Kiki | Pop Culture & Interviews With Queer Artists

"Ve y perfumate el sobaco con tu Axe de chocolate" ~ Sailor FagOn this episode, we interview Richard Villegas, co-host of the Songmess podcast. Richard and his co-host, Beverly Bryan, started Songmess three years ago in order to explore their mutual passion for Latin Alternative music. Since then, they have served as one of the primary sources for discussions about and interviews with both emerging and established artists.Richard left New York in March of 2018 and has since relocated to Mexico City. As the epicenter of the Latin Alternative music scene, Mexico City has provided Richard with an endless array of artists to interview for Songmess and write about for the Latin media outlet, Remezcla.We kiki with Richard about Songmess, why he left New York, life in Mexico City, and who we should be listening to!Check Out Songmess At The Links Below:Sound CloudFacebookTwitterInstagram

9 Nov 2018

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ep 41 Shade Mess Ft Richard Villegas of SongMess

The Shade Parade

Ep 41Shade MessThis week we are rejoined by special guest: Bryan of Inked Creates along with extra special guest: Richard Villegas of Song Mess fresh off the plane from Mexico. Bryan tells us about the PhillyCon known as Nerdtino which leads to talks of when Viki used to work the Geeks Out parties. Ari Kiki goes to an LGBTQ speed dating event and Richard tells us about that 1 time he went speed dating at The Center. Ari also tells about her crazy night co-hosting at Boxers Washington Heights with Zarria Van Wales for Halloween weekend. Ronie goes into his adventure to see Dj Snake in Brooklyn that weekend. Richard tells us about his past week in Mexico before he came to NYC again.🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥Megyn Kelly gets chopped & fired after poorly discussing blackface on tv. Fox announces the cast of their live version of Rent that will air in a few months, thoughts?Then, we jump into the petty battle between Ja Rule & 50 Cent, which leads to the scalping heard around the world by Cardi B of Nicki Minaj on social media.Please listen and subscribe to Richard's Podcast: Song Mess, which features various indie Latinx music performers and their music.Email him at: songmessmusic@gmail.comFind him on all social media: Song MessDAS IT!!!!Have any questions, shoot us an email, maybe we'll read it on the air!Email : TheOfficialShadeParade@Gmail.comFollow Us:"NOTE NEW HANDLES ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER"Instagram: @ShadeParadePodTwitter: @ShadeParadePodFacebook: The Shade Parade https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialShadeParadeLike, comment, subscribe, share, rate on iTunes!!! Leave a comment on iTunes 😎🌴☂Find Richard on his podcast, SongMess:https://soundcloud.com/songmess Shout OutsGreen Lantern (Gay Bar in Washington DC)Project Achieve Dj NestoWicked the Musical Sister Act 2AladdinToddrick HallGlozellCatch us on Songmess here:https://soundcloud.com/songmess/ep-99-the-shade-paradeListen to Shade Mess by The Shade Parade #np on #SoundCloudhttps://soundcloud.com/theshadeparade/shade-messWelcome to The Shade Parade!!! You can Find us on:RRS Feed:http://feeds.soundcloud.com/users/soundcloud:users:208475590/sounds.rssSoundcloud:https://soundcloud.com/theshadeparadeiTunes:https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-shade-parade/id1333418881Google Play:https://play.google.com/music/m/Ijeljk6hv5wndemvdeiknvrq3ia?t=The_Shade_ParadeContact Us:Email : TheOfficialShadeParade@Gmail.comFollow Us:Instagram: @TheOfficialShadeParadeTwitter: @The_ShadeParade Facebook: The Shade Parade https://www.facebook.com/TheOfficialShadeParade/Stitcher:https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/soundcloud-86/the-shade-parade?refid=stprTunein:http://tun.in/piSyY--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/shadeparadepod/support

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8 Nov 2018

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Ep. 29 De CoCo-TAZO (with Richard Villegas)

De Colores Radio

It's our first ever De CoCo-TAZO and we couldn't have started it with anyone else other than Richard Villegas of Songmess! De CoCo-TAZO's are shorter episodes that feature special interviews with fellow brown podcasters and friends. We hope you enjoy this interview where we get to learn a little more about Richard. We discuss his upbringing, why supporting latinx musicians is important, as well as his upcoming travels. Make sure if you haven't already to listen to Ep. 60 "Rixi does Dallas" of Songmess where we give our takes on some of our favorite Texas artists. Don't forget to leave us a darn review! Enjoy!


14 May 2018

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Ep. 45 - The Miseducation of Richard Villegas


The wind may blow and the earth may shake but Songmess is still here!On this very special episode we are bringing you loads of [relatively] new music that will make your head explode. The playlist certainly took us off guard, since many of the tracks you'll hear today go against the grain of our usual sound. This episode is packed with lit songs and some potentially controversial opinions about big pop names and rising music trends. Pero this is our show and our insight, and we invite conversation, so enjoy!Featured Artists: Boss In Drama, Cardi B + Messiah, Bomba Estéreo, Daniela Spalla, The Marías, Mula, Kali Uchis + Reykon, J. Balvin, Salt Cathedral, La Dama, Cuco, Ocean Lips, and Kali Mutsa + Imaabs + Tomasa del Real.Episode art by César Arias [IG @ariasariasarias] and don't forge to share, subscribe and find us on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or contact us at songmessmusic@gmail.com.We also want to acknowledge the victims of the recent bout of hurricanes and earthquakes that have rocked the Caribbean, the southern US and Mexico. There is no shortage of people in need at the moment, so reach out to whichever organization you trust most and volunteer and donate however you can. These recent disasters hit close to home for us since many of our friends and show favorites hail from Mexico and Puerto Rico, and we feel for all who've lost homes, livelihoods and loved ones. Please find a list of organizations where you can donate below and make sure to support local benefit shows. Every little bit counts!Puerto Rico:- Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Ricohttps://www.fcpr.org/- Hurricane Maria Children's Relief Fund Save The Childrenhttp://www.savethechildren.org/site/c.8rKLIXMGIpI4E/b.6115947/k.B143/Official_USA_Site.htm?msource=wexgphomb615&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIy-bO-_3B1gIVRWSGCh37Jgs1EAAYASAAEgI2x_D_BwE- Maria & Irma: Puerto Rico Real-time Recovery Fundhttps://www.generosity.com/emergencies-fundraising/puerto-rico-real-time-recovery-fund- Fondos Unidos de Puerto Ricohttp://www.fondosunidos.org/- Caritas Puerto Ricohttp://www.caritas.org/where-caritas-work/latin-america/puerto-rico/Mexico:- www.topos.mx Paypal: donativos@brigada-rescate-topos.org- Cruz Roja Mexicanahttps://cruzrojamexicana.org.mx/

1hr 34mins

28 Sep 2017

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Ep.56 w/. Richard Villegas (Songmess/Remezcla // US) - 24 June 2017

Friendly Potential Radio

This time around, Richard Villegas guides us through four noteworthy scenes in Latinx music. Richard is a journalist and podcaster based in New York, who has covered Latinx music extensively through online magazine Remezcla, and via his podcast Songmess. After his selection, FP DJ Harmony brings us back home.*Intro*Heather Woods Broderick - For Misty [Preservation]*Richard Villegas*--Mexican Producers--Titán - El Rey del Swing [Épico]Siete Catorce – Percepción [Self]Mareaboba - Noche Mágica [Caballito]María y José - Rey de Reyes [Self]Los Macuanos - Sangre Bandera Cruz [Nacional]Santos – Gatillero [Self]--Latinx Ballroom--Santa Muerte – Aye [Majia]Felix Pimenta and Nelson D – Alongada [Soundcloud]LAO - Arrasa Goza ft. Franka Polari [Self]Imaabs – Voy [NAAFI]Aja - Level Ya Pussy Up (Prod. WNNR and DJ Accident Report) [Two Ones Three Twos]--Tropical Jamz--Rita Indiana y Los Misterios - El Juidero [Sony]Mula - No Hay Manera [Pulcra]Whitest Taíno Alive - Mi Musa [Stereoptico]Füete Billëte – Tra [NAAFI]Balún - Años Atrás [Good Child]Buscabulla – Târtaro [Baby Making]--Neo Andean-- Los Mil Jinetes - Inténtalo (3bal MTY cover) [Self]Kali Mutsa - El Ojo Interno ft. María Magdalena [Self]El Sueño de la Casa Propia - High Bridge [Ponk Records]Dengue Dengue Dengue - Amazonia ft. Branco and Toy Selectah [Enchufada]Chancha via Circuito - Sueño en Paraguay (El Buho Rmx) [Wonderwheel]Lagartijeando - Camino En Llamas [Wonderwheel]--*Harmony*Marie Davidson – Insomnie [Holodeck]Central – Pillow Peace [Dekmantel]Om Alec Khaoli – Say You Love Me [Gallo/ATFA]Nana Tuffour – Sikyi Medley [Black M Sounds]Aishat Mohammed – Yours Truly [Electromat]Nahawa Doumbia – N’Teri (K Civ Rmx) [Self]@songmess@remezcla-nyc@mrgoodrock

2hr 2mins

25 Jun 2017