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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Stuart Cooper. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Stuart Cooper, often where they are interviewed.

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12 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Stuart Cooper. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Stuart Cooper, often where they are interviewed.

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NFLUK fan special pub podcast with Stuart Cooper.

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What happens when you have a laptop, a microphone and a NFL fan (Stuart Cooper) who happens to be in Edinburgh! You record a podcast live in a pub watching the champions league final! This was so much fun
Aug 24 2020 · 23mins
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Episode #100 -Kev Johnson, Stuart Cooper & Frank Trigg

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The 100th!  Such a great episode and a big mark for us, especially during COVID and the shit year that everyone in our industry has had, regardless if anyone watches, we hit 100:)  Had a blast catching up with old friend Stuart Cooper about his journey in the sport and working with Team Envisage owner Kev Johnson on the fantastic pre work out coffee, available soon here in Canada!  Make sure to grab this product on amazon or message me personally to chat about it!  Clean, delicious and gets the job done right!  As well, super honoured to chat with UFC Hall of Famer, Stuntman, Actor and all around bad dude, Mr Frank Trigg!  We spoke alot about movies, acting and the stuff that happens behind the scenes in his new line of work, living in California and the shit that comes with it, how fighting has changed, coming to Nova Scotia and the East Coast while growing up in Rochester and the god damn expense that comes with being a California resident!  So many laughs, great episode that you cannot miss!  Remember to like, share and subscribe!  Enjoy

Aug 12 2020 · 1hr 46mins

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Capturing JIU JITSU through a Lens | Stuart Cooper

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🥋 Welcome to The Jits Guy, The Middle East’s Premier Source of Jiu Jitsu & Talent🥋 

Stuart Cooper is almost synonymous with American Jiu Jitsu and the growth of BJJ content online. A Black Belt is BJJ, he always had an eye for film and capturing the greatest moments and stories of our martial art. He first began making films  in 2011 when he was working full time as a wedding videographer. Soon after he began recording and putting together highlight reels and documentaries revolving around Jiu Jitsu. Because of the feedback and hundreds of thousands of views he was getting, Stuart knew he was onto something and had taped into a niche area. 


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Jul 29 2020 · 1hr 10mins
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In Conversation: Stuart Cooper

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Stuart Cooper is the CEO of Adelphi Group, a leading global healthcare agency headquartered in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

Jun 17 2020 · 46mins

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EP.70 Stuart Cooper, Ayahuasca, Ego Death

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Feb 16 2020 · 43mins
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Matburn Episode 16: Stuart Cooper

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This is a very special episode with the one and only Stuart Cooper. Stuart is a world renowned jiu-jitsu film-maker known for his exciting highlight videos and short-films which typically document the journey of influential jiu-jitsu practitioners. In this episode Stuart gives a powerful testimony about his journey with jiu-jitsu and film-making which subsequently lead to a life-threatening drug addiction. He details how he slipped into a dangerous routine of training, travel, and taking pills to help sleep while dealing with jet-lag. Routine turned into habit. Habit turned into dependency. Dependency turned into full-on addiction. Stuart talks about how he fell into a paralyzing depression after weaning himself off his pill addiction. In a desperate attempt to regain his old-life back, Stuart took a chance and sought out an ayahuasca shaman. He tells us about his experience with ayahuasca and his climb back to the life he once had. It's an amazing story about overcoming adversity and addiction.
Sep 24 2019 · 2hr 7mins
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Ep. 065 - Stuart Cooper

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Considered by many to be the finest jiu jitsu documentary film maker ever, Stuart Cooper followed a difficult and winding path to get where he is today.

Stuart opens up about his difficulties with addiction almost derailed the incredible life he created for himself, and how he eventually overcame them through the use of plant medicine.

Feb 25 2019 · 31mins
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Episode 25 - BJJ Black Belt Stuart Cooper

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Stuart Cooper is a Jiu-Jitsu black belt, head coach at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand, and is Jiu-Jitsu and martial arts documentary filmmaker.

Stuart joins the podcast to discuss his start in jiu-jitsu and filmmaking, his travels, overcoming injuries and illnesses, and his plans for the future.

Check him out on Instagram @stuartcooperfilms and on Youtube at Stuart Cooper Films.

Dec 03 2018 · 1hr 11mins
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EPISODE XXXI Ft. Stuart Cooper

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Stuart Cooper is a jiu jitsu black belt and the most well known film maker in the bjj community. I met Stuart in Thailand and after our first conversation I knew that he had to come on the podcast. The timeline of our careers are very similar in terms of film making and it was awesome to sit down and talk with someone who has been through so many similar experiences. Stuart was also extremely honest about some of the issues his life of travel would eventually lead too.

Aug 16 2018 · 2hr 51mins
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Ep. 44 - Stuart Cooper, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, MMA film maker, and current BJJ head coach at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket

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Stuart Cooper is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and current BJJ head coach at Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket, Thailand.  After beginning his BJJ journey ten years ago, he stumbled upon creating short films and documentaries of BJJ fighters during a time where he was injured and had no choice but to observe from the sidelines.  It was during this time that Stuart Cooper Films was born.

From humble beginnings to now BJJ head coach at one of the world's leading MMA facilities, hear about Stuart Cooper's incredible journey of learning from - and now coaching - some of the world's premier BJJ and MMA athletes.

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Jul 11 2018 · 55mins