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#118 Pleasure, Sexuality & Spirituality with Kelli Tennant

Curiosity & Consciousness Podcast

Kelli Tennant is the Host of the TOP 50 Podcast, The Kelli Show, and Co-Founder and CEO of Soulfire Productions. As a former TV Host, she knows what it’s like to be the good girl and follow the rules, and she’s helping others break out of this toxic cycle. Kelli leads the way for women to step into their sexuality unapologetically. She guides women into the juicy intersection of spiritual and sexual liberation, challenging them to break free from a lineage of toxic lies and rules. kellitennant.com @kellimtennant


8 Jul 2021

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170: When Good Girls Remember Who the F They Are with Kelli Tennant

Be You Podcast

Today’s guest reminds us that “None of us are perfect and we are perfect in that,” in this raw and inspiring episode. I found Kelli Tennant by listening to her Top 50 podcast The Kelli Show and absolutely falling in love with it. I have loved everything about her and her energy and how she is showing up on this planet. The coolest thing is that I reached out to her on Instagram as someone she doesn’t know and she immediately opened her arms and said yes. I am so thrilled and honored to have her here. Kelli Tennant is a great example of someone who shows up as herself, that might make us uncomfortable, but always makes us “check ourselves.” She is successful, confident, and triggering and I’m sure that there you might be turned off by your own opinion, fear, and judgement. But remember that triggers are a gift. Kelli is a former pro athlete who found herself reporting for ESPN. Now she is a leader, coach, podcaster, and CEO of Soulfire Productions, all of which have nothing to do with her former athletic career. Why did she leave it all behind? In today’s episode, Kelli lays it all out on the table. Why she made drastic changes in her life to save herself and how she lives her life as her true self today.  I also have an exciting announcement! I am partnering with Supercast which will give you more access to me and even more content that you won’t find here on the podcast. It’s so much of a deeper dive into important topics crucial to the growth and journeys we are all on together. It is also an opportunity to learn more about how I was able to go from being broke to owning a multi-million dollar business. You deserve to do this work. As hard as it is, this work will get you one step closer to excavating the real you and finding your joy and abundance. To join Jill's private feed click here: https://beyou.supercast.tech The Be You podcast is hosted by certified girl boss Jill Herman, a champion of women’s empowerment, personal development, women helping women, and being yourself without apology. Each episode features Jill’s experiences with personal development and her journey to being yourself, sometimes featuring guests who are prime examples of women helping women.  Being a girl boss no longer just refers to achievement in the workplace. Personal development and prioritizing being yourself are key ingredients in the women’s empowerment movement. Jill has built a community of women helping women so that each one can reach their full potential as the badass girl boss they are.  Whether you’re already a champion of women’s empowerment, you’re a girl boss interested in personal development, you’d like advice on being yourself, you’re looking for a community of women helping women, or you’re just here for Jill’s lessons and entertainment, the Be You podcast is for you.   Links and Resources: Join our text community! Text (260) 217-4675 to join! Be You Home Page Be You Podcast on Instagram Be You Collective on Facebook My Best Year Ever Workshop Recording Don’t forget to download your free ebook to help you discover how to live a life of POWER, FREEDOM, and JOY! Be You and Break Free From the Opinions of Others by Jill Herman   Connect with Kelli: Kelli Tennant Home Page The Kelli Show Podcast Kelli Tennant on Instagram The Kelli Show Podcast on Instagram Lisa Bilyeu on women’s empowerment:  “Cheer for your girls like you got pom-poms at a pep rally.” - Lisa Bilyeu  Lisa Bilyeu on women helping women:  “Choose your life’s board members like you’re building a Fortune 500 company.” - Lisa Bilyeu  Lisa Bilyeu on being a girl boss:  “Be brave. Fearless.  Be badass at 15 years old. Be badass at 80 years old.” - Lisa Bilyeu Lisa Bilyeu on personal development:  “If you’re still looking for that one person who will change your life, take a look in the mirror.” - Lisa Bileyu Glennon Doyle on women’s empowerment:  “People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help.” - Glennon Doyle Glennon Doyle on being yourself:  “Every girl must decide whether to be true to herself or true to the world.” - Glennon Doyle Glennon Doyle on personal development:  “What if pain - like love - is just a place brave people visit?” - Glennon Doyle Glennon Doyle on being yourself:  “I have met myself and I am going to care for her fiercely.” - Glennon Doyle Mel Robbins on personal development:  “You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you.” - Mel Robbins Mel Robbins on being yourself:  “There will always be someone who can't see your worth. Don't let it be you.” - Mel Robbins Mel Robbins on being a girl boss:  “You have been assigned this mountain so that you can show others it can be moved.” - Mel Robbins Rupi Kaur on being yourself:  “Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.” - Rupi Kaur Rupi Kaur on being a girl boss:  “How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you” - Rupi Kaur Rupi Kaur on women’s empowerment: “If you were born with the weakness to fall you were born with the strength to rise” - Rupi Kaur

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21 Jun 2021

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Self Confidence, Spirituality, and Goddess Vibes with Kelli Tennant

Yes, And

Today on Yes, And we have none other than Kelli Tennant herself! She joins Judi to talk all things spirituality and realignment. Co-Founder and CEO of Soulfire Productions, Kelli has learned many lessons in letting go of control and letting the universe take care of things. She and Judi chat about her past as an athlete, and what she learned when she “had it all”, but still wasn’t satisfied. Listen to learn about what it means to listen to your intuition, push past perfectionism, and how you’ll find peace and alignment once you truly let go. Today on Yes, And:Learning what it means to channel your inner goddess How Kelli worked through trauma to become who she is todayWhy there’s a shadow side to perfectionism Using discomfort a a tool for growthHow to fully trust your intuition Embracing your spirituality and sexualityThis show is supported by:Soul CBD | Use code YESAND15 for 15% off your order! Resources:Kelli’s Instagram: @kellimtennant Work Your Light card deckThe book Kelli mentioned: Journey of SoulsKelli’s workshop: Unleash Your GoddessKelli’s websiteConnect with Judi:Send Judi a voice message: speakpipe.com/JudiHoller Book: Fear Is My HomeboyInstagram: @judiholler Website: judiholler.comEmail: hello@judiholler.comJudi’s TikTok: @ginand_juicedCheck out all of Judi's favorite products!This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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2 Jun 2021

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Episode 8 | Kelli Tennant | Sexual Goddess

Women Make Waves with Lindsey Locke, Arielle Bloom, and Laura D'Aiello

Kelli Tennant is on the show today, and get ready... it's steamy! Kelli is making waves by shaking up the word "normal" as we know it. Previously a sideline reporter for the Lakers and Dodgers and now the facilitator of women's circles and plant medicine advocate, Kelli has made HUGE shifts in her identity. Because of this firsthand experience, Kelli is able to better support those around her also on this journey to find themselves.Today the ladies explore:The Intersection of Spirituality and Sexuality Sexual Liberation The Practice of Surrendering Releasing Expectation & Believing in SovereigntyThe Somatic Experience & Dropping Into Your BodyReparenting and Healing The Mother WoundFighting Forward and Learning From Your PartnerKelli is as fierce and she is inspirational! Enjoy the show!Connect with LindseyFollow ArielleFind LauraKelli on IGVisit the NCFIT SHOPBecome a part of the NCFIT CollectiveVisit NCFIT onlineListen to The Kelli ShowFind Kelli Online


10 May 2021

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F*ck Social Norms & Step Into Your Truth with Kelli Tennant

That Sex Chick

Today, Alexa is joined by the host of The Kelli Show and CEO of Soulfire Productions, Kelli Tennant. Their conversation goes deep into sexual liberation and stepping outside the box you’ve been stuck in. They push you to challenge social norms when it comes to sex and nontraditional relationships, and both tell personal stories they’ve never shared publicly. This juicy conversation will get you to turn inward and pave your own path to truth. Today on That Sex Chick:Grow and expand by asking yourself better questionsHow to step outside the box society put you inKelli’s journey of unfolding through Ayahuasca Connecting & feeling accepted by other womenMonogamish relationships & threesomesWhat our judgment of others’ reveals about ourselvesFollow Kelli:⁨IG: @kellimtennantPodcast: The Kelli ShowWebsite: kellitennant.com ; ⁨soulfireproductionsco.com⁩Human Design Guide: katiecalder.comConnect with Alexa:thatsexchick.com IG: @thatsexchick Click here to Own Your OrgasmThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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24 Feb 2021

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How Kelli Tennant overcame 15 years of Fibromyalgia hell to now living her best life!!

The Chronic Comeback

This week on the show - Kelli Tennant!!! I’ve been excited to have Kelli on the show for some time for two reasons: 1. Her story is very close to mine in terms of the length of time she was ill and the paths she went down and I know many of you will feel the same2. She has placed a massive emphasis on the power of the mind in her recovery. I’ve mentioned psychedelics and ayahuasca a number of times and how they are more and more interesting to me in terms of healing and these are areas which Kelli knows a lot about and so I’m excited for you to listen to those particular areas. Please connect with her on Instagram @kellimtennant

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7 Feb 2021

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Kelli Tennant | Can Men and Women Be Friends & Threesome Mentality

Get Psyched

Kelli Tennant is IN THE HOUSE and we are getting REAL. Kelli and I dive into our friendship and what it's been like for her having a partner with a female best friend. We share our experience around men and women being friends, while diving into:- Sharing insecurities and honoring the desire for freedom - Breaking the cycle of anger and jealousy- Establishing mutual respect - Taking personal responsibility for belief systems - Healing self-worth wounds through triggering partners- Balancing three sums- Appreciating the masculine and embracing the feminineConnect with LindseyFollow KelliListen to The Kelli ShowListen to Ok, Babe!


25 Nov 2020

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How to Start & GROW your Podcast with Kelli Tennant

Ian Corzine Audio

In today’s episode, Kelli Tennant of Soul Fire Productions and host of The Kelli Show explains how her background in TV Sports Reporting led her into the podcasting space. She gives my audience 3 major tips on growing your podcast including: identifying your podcast’s purpose, how to increase downloads and the secret to getting 5 Start Reviews. Learn what Soulfire Productions has to offer you: soulfireproductionsco.com https://www.instagram.com/soulfireproductionsco/ https://www.instagram.com/kellimtennant/


22 Oct 2020

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022: The Awakened Woman: Reclaiming Your Sexuality with Kelli Tennant host of The Kelli Show

Doing It Different

Ever have judgemental thoughts when seeing a woman freely express her sexuality? If you do, it might just be that you're feeling some shame or curiosity about your own. Thousands of women experience shame, disconnect, or a lack of true freedom around their sexuality and pleasure. I put off addressing this area of my life until about a month ago and following the path of today’s guest has been incredibly inspiring.  On the show, we have Kelli Tennant who is an open book about her spirituality, sexuality, womb, and the divine feminine. In this episode, we talk about reclaiming your sexuality, what it’s like working through shame around sex with a partner, and tools that have helped us along the way.  I look forward to this being one of many podcast episodes I have on this topic and hope you enjoy it! Episode Highlights:  5:11 Kelly’s mission to create a safe space for women 7:18 How women’s circles are changing Carly’s and Kelli’s lives 9:42 Kelli’s wellness journey from being in the best shape of her life to being bedridden 16:22 Carly’s decision to heal her relationship with sex 18:56 What is controlling every aspect of your sexuality  21:57 Why Kelli is choosing to deepen her connection to her own sexuality 25:07 Experiences that can lead to shame around sex 29:46 What your judgments can tell you about yourself  32:07 How spirituality and sexuality are interconnected  35:14 Channeling your guides to create more alignment in your life 39:31 Kelli’s mindset around making progress with her sexuality  42:06 Working through sexual shame while in a relationship  46:29 How to take responsibility when throwing an adult tantrum 50:40 Carly and her husband’s tool for handling arguments 52:43 Kelli’s 3 most impactful tools for healing 58:37 What a self-pleasure practice can look like for you 1:02:16 How Kelli’s life has changed since prioritizing her sexuality 1:08:04 The role that Ayahuasca and psychedelics can play in your transformation 1:15:52 How you can start reclaiming your sexuality 1:19:09 Ways to get in touch with Kelli Links and Resources:  Kelli’s Website Kelli’s Instagram The Kelly Show Okay, Babe. The Practice Duo Women’s Space Podcast 015: Sex, Shame, and Orgasms with Sex & Relationship Coach Alexa Martinez Guest Bio: Kelli Tennant seduces women to be their wild selves. She is an Intuitive Facilitator, the host of two top rated podcasts, The Kelli Show + OK, Babe., an Integrated Health and Reiki Practitioner, Women’s Circle Facilitator, Board Certified Trainer in Hypnotherapy and plant medicine advocate.  After years of illness and detachment, Kelli utilized Ayahuasca and Psilocybin, somatic therapy and energy healing modalities to expand into her sexual and spiritually connected self.  She supports women as they break free of limiting beliefs, melt into their desires and find truth in their own bodies.  Kelli is also the Co-Founder and CEO of Soulfire Productions, a media company rooted in community, providing production and consulting for top podcasts in wellness and personal development. Did you enjoy this episode? Please drop a comment below or leave a review on iTunes to let me know! I love hearing what you think and it helps others who want to Do It Different find the podcast as well.

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20 Oct 2020

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Christina Rice & Kelli Tennant | The Podcast About Podcasts

Thought Criminals

Get ready for today’s bonus episode where Conner, Kelli Tennant, and Christina Rice dive into their personal experiences with growing their podcasts. They share stories of how they started, insights they’ve gained about the industry, and tips for marketing your show. This no bullsh*t trio gives information other podcasts hosts don’t share, so you get a real behind-the-scenes look at what podcasting is all about.In this episode of The Realness:Should you fear running out of topics or content?Why you want to authentically share personal experiencesPodcasting as a space for taboo & controversial topicsEye-opening experiences and insights learned since podcastingMonetizing a small or medium size showKnowing the “why” behind your showResources:The Pod Course: thepodcourse.comKelli’s Podcast: The Kelli ShowChristina’s Podcast: Wellness RealnessFind me on YouTube here - http://bit.ly/connerwandersyoutube---Learn more about Conner's coaching programs at gettherealness.comThis show is produced by Soulfire Production

1hr 8mins

21 Sep 2020