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TID13: Productivity during a pandemic (Guest Faye Hollands)

The Kate Toon Podcast

We’ve all seen the meme, you don’t need to be super productive during a pandemic. But the truth is, we kind of do. My working time has been cut down by half, if not more. But now more than ever I need to hit my financial goals and keep my business ticking. In today's episode, I’m going to share my productivity methods - they’re not hacks, cos hacks kind of implies something a bit dodgy these days. They’re tried and tested ways I’ve managed to squeeze all the juice out of the day. And I have a special guest Faye Hollands from Busy Business Women who is going to be sharing her tips too.


15 Apr 2020

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The Business Hustle - Faye Hollands

So Crisp with Jay Crisp Crow

Lesson you learn quick smart when you start a business: your talent is a small percentage of important necessities for a successful outcome.The rest? It’s business.And that’s a lot of learning – often about stuff you didn’t already know, a steep curve of figuring out what to DIY, what to outsource, how to find systems and processes that work for you, when to push, when to lean far out, and how to be as productive as possible (while still allowing for joy to permeate every part of your day).And then, in the online world, there seem to be 2 camps. The hustle brigade – the women striving and pushing and hustling their patooties off, proudly, and the anti-hustlers, those singing a song about unbusying your life, your business, your mindset.Hustle has become a bit of a dirty word in business, which I think is a shame. Personally, I am pro hustle. I am also pro nap and pro lean out. I know, a contradiction.So I invited Faye Hollands onto So Crisp to give us her expert advice on the hustle and to teach us all a thing about productivity.CRISPY TAKEAWAYS * Yum *Hustle does NOT equal success!Busy does NOT equal productive!One from me,“You can totally be pro-hustle and pro-nap at the same time!”


4 Dec 2019

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32. Online productivity with Faye Hollands [Social Summer]

The Rural Compass

in today's Social Summer episode I will speaking to Faye Hollands the founder of Busy Business Women about all How to stop wasting time on distractions and interruptions, especially when it comes to the online space. Faye helps time-strapped women in small business - who want to create consistent leads, clients and income - significantly improve their productivity and profit without burnout, stress or overwhelm!I seriously love that Faye is a self-proclaimed productivity ninja and she has a tough love but in the nicest way approach to helping her clients build businesses that are hustle-free and allows them to create the results in their business and life, fast. If you are not already part of her busy business women Facebook group I would implore you to head over and join, I have taken away so many great tips from inside the group from both Faye and the community she has created. Freebie:https://busybusinesswomen.biz/playbookSponsored by https://engageandcreateconsulting.com.au/www.theruralcompass.directory


27 Nov 2019

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80. How to do less and Achieve more with Faye Hollands

Brand Builders Lab

Want to be more productive and organised? In this episode I'm chatting with Business Coach and creator or the Busy Business Women's podcast and group about all things getting stuff done, what holds us back and how to think about your business in a new way.


23 Oct 2019

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30 Quick Productivity Hacks To Streamline Your Life And Business - With Faye Hollands

Busy Business Women

It's all well and good dishing out business productivity hacks, but let's be honest - home can really get in the way of getting your best work done at times!It doesn't matter how focused you are in your business - if you haven't got your sh*t together at home those tasks WILL eventually creep in and mess with your mindset and overall productivity.So in this podcast episode I share with you 30 really simple things I do to streamline my life that help reduce my stress levels, fight the frazzle of juggling competing demands, and ultimately allow me to get the important things done in my business instead of being distracted by everyday home life and menial business chores.I hope you love the last one... it's unconventional!>> Check out the show notes and transcript here: busybusinesswomen.biz/podcast45And don't forget to grab your freebie - The Productivity Playbook™: http://bit.ly/2WmRwcrEnjoy!FayeXP.S. Whenever you're ready... here are 3 ways I can help you grow your business:1. Join the Busy Business Women Facebook GroupWe're a fast-growing BS-free group that's all about making the road to dazzling entrepreneurial stardom easier, faster, and a little less crazy - Click Here to join: bit.ly/2FRlPKW.2. Book a Productivity Pow Wow™If you're serious about growing and scaling your business, and would like to take the stress and confusion out of what to do next, click here to book your very own 1:1 Productivity Pow Wow™ with me where we'll actually talk, like real humans do, and work out what you need to focus on next to move your business forward. Book straight into my diary here: bit.ly/2VdivBE.3.3. Join My Shine Tribe for $1!Don't go it alone in the slow lane! Get the knowledge, network and nous you need to build a productive, profitable business that finally allows you to make the money you want without confusion or burnout. Join Shine today for only $1 and see what all the fuss is about without any risk: http://bit.ly/2tnM5ZU


1 Oct 2019

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Ep10. 2018 Faye Hollands

The Busy Mum Podcast

In today's episode I speak with Faye Hollands from Busy Business Women and Out Shine Consulting. Faye is a mum, a wife and a business lady. Did you know that only 3% of businesses survive past 5 years and Faye is now celebrating her 11th year? Let's Dive In!


24 Jun 2018