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E995: Interview with Kyle Miller & Caner Gökeri of PATHWAYS

The Rock Metal Podcast

Kyle Miller & Caner Gökeri of PATHWAYS chat with Jon about Guitar Pro, R&B basslines, Hot Karl Productions, Dingwall Basses, Darkglass Pedals; two tracks 'Great Old Ones', 'Sophomania' and their latest album. 'Great Old Ones' https://youtu.be/D8f65MFsvLo 'Sophomania' https://youtu.be/lSXmbCZOBHQ Find out more about PATHWAYS at: https://facebook.com/Pathwaysband/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jon Harris of The Rock Metal Podcast interviews rock and metal bands to get the scoop on their latest two songs and news! Want to be on The Rock Metal Podcast? Email Jon at TheRockMetalPodcast@gmail.com Want to support The Rock Metal Podcast? Donate here: https://www.paypal.me/JonJHarris Want to be on our newsletter list? Provide your email address at https://mailchi.mp/af7a2332e334/therockmetalpodcastnewsletter


5 Jun 2021

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Episode 18: The 2021 USAPL TBS Summer Open with Kyle Miller

The TBS Talks Podcast

In this special episode of the TBS Talks Podcast Mark is joined by Kyle Miller from Project Strength where they go into a full in depth look at how the 2021 USAPL TBS Summer Open (TX-2021-13) came to be as well as how the demand and feedback from the lifters (and a little help from Kyle) quickly grew the meet from the original 40 lifter plan into having a stacked roster with a 3rd PRIME TIME session. They give a preview of the potential Prime Time roster and what to look forward to as the session develops over the next few months. They also go into the planning efforts and give some hints as to what sort of things Mark and Mirtha have in store for the meet to make it a national quality meet at the local level. 

1hr 49mins

18 Mar 2021

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Kyle Miller - From Zero To Life-Changing SaaS Exit

Ditching Hourly

Full stack engineer Kyle Miller explains how he bootstrapped a SaaS and sold it for a life-changing amount of money a few years later. Kyle's Links Website LinkedIn


9 Mar 2021

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2WL Episode 89- Kyle Miller/Texas Strength Classic Recap

2 White Lights

On this episode of 2 White Lights, Kyle Miller (@Kyle_projectstrength) joined us to recap the Texas Strength Classic PT session:- Sean Noriega builds momentum (@hamstringpapi) (7:02-31:21)- Ashton Rouska casually totals 938kg (@wreck_it_rouska) (31:24-41:47)- Teen phenoms (@aidanroeder and @luckylifts)(41:50-54:26)- Ian Bell's single ply brilliance (@iandeadlifts) (54:29-58:01)- Gregory Johnson 93kg debut (@maroonroo)(58:03-62:49)- Surprising storylines (@lee_girth, @anasanbar, @Jeff_thompson_74kg, and @Jesus_deadlifts) (62:52-75:32)- TSS running a brilliant meet, the livestream, and the future of primetime (75:35)

1hr 48mins

1 Mar 2021

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Bobby Talks...w/ Nate Adams & Kyle Miller - Democratic Voters

Bobby Talks...

Episode 14, Bobby Talks...w/ Democratic voters Nate Adams (Democrat) and Kyle Miller (Republican) voting for Joe Biden.Everything was on the table in this discussion including talks on Character/Policy, Non-Negotiables, Abortion, Defunding the Police, and reasons why they align themselves with the parties they do. Finally, they try to answer questions from Independent and Republican Voters.

1hr 13mins

27 Oct 2020

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Episode 13: Waleed Hourani & Kyle Miller

The TBS Talks Podcast

In Episode 13 of the TBS Talks Podcast Mark is joined by Waleed Hourani and Kyle Miller. Waleed and Kyle are the owners and coaches of The Project Strength - a powerlifting gym and coaching service located on the South Side of Houston, Texas in close proximity to U of H (University of Houston). From social media, to current cultural and political discussions, to some current projects they are working on, this conversation between friends and fellow gym owners & coaches is nothing short of a wild ride of fun. So much so that a guest appeared about 55 minutes in! Yet another fun conversation that we are sure you will not be disappointed in nor want to miss! 

2hr 50mins

28 Sep 2020

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Kyle Miller

Food Sex Money Water

Kyle Miller is a yoga instructor has traveled all over the world learning and teaching many different styles of yoga. Along the way learning the ins & outs of each practice ultimately landing on Katonah Yoga as a way to be free in her personal practice.  Resources:  Kyle Miller: https://kylemilleryoga.com IG: https://www.instagram.com/kylemilleryoga/ Sign up for the Katonah Yoga mentorship program  https://www.katonahyoga.com/programs The Space  https://www.thespacecolumbus.com FSMW Shirts: https://bit.ly/2RrVdZt IG: https://www.instagram.com/thespacecolumbus/ https://www.instagram.com/josieschweitzer/

1hr 3mins

23 Sep 2020

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Kyle Miller, Love Yoga

My BeautyFuel Food by JJ

"Kyle Miller found yoga at 15 years old, when she casually started taking classes in Santa Monica, California—her hometown. The practice quickly became her primary outlet for stress and also a favorite workout, leading her to explore the teachings later in New York City. In 2007, Miller traveled to India to study privately with an esteemed yoga teacher and, upon returning to New York two months later, started a private teaching practice.Continuing her studies, Miller completed a Jivamukti teacher training and an 800-hour apprenticeship. She now teaches at Yoga Vida, leading their three-yearly teacher training courses and their destination retreats around the world. Her simple intention: help students feel good. Her yoga classes are uplifting, challenging, and transformative, a practical, modern interpretation of the ancient wisdom." Live the ProcessWe love Kyle's happy-go-lucky, carefree attitude and are so excited to share her routines and good vibes!


10 Jul 2020

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"Do Not Become Jaded" | Kyle Miller


I sit down with the person who told me not to become jaded, and the reason behind this podcast, Kyle "The O.G. Unjaded" Miller. In this episode we talk about how he went from losing money everyday as he was first starting out to now being at the top of his game at a very successful high tech company. - He tells me where he first learned about branding and marketing - How the best marketers are also the best wedding DJ’s (metaphorically) - When and where great ideas actually happen (people think its in the meeting… and he believes its in fact not true) - How to go into the meeting with the winning hand - His beliefs about success and creating a team environment - How he feels about the phrase fake it until you make it - How to deal with everyday work stress. Instagram: KyMiller12 Twitter: KyMiller12


29 Jun 2020

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Episode 8: Samantha Ledezma & Kyle Miller

The TBS Talks Podcast

In Episode 8 of The TBS Talks Podcast Mark & Mirtha are joined by Samantha Ledezma - a friend and long time member at TBS, and Kyle Miller - friend and co-owner of The Project Strength. In the episode, the four have a deep and long form conversation covering the current cultural climate in the U.S. stemming from the most recent George Floyd case. They go into detail covering their thoughts and feelings about the specific case and then broaden out to the cultural implications involving things such as police brutality and race in the U.S. The conversation is meant  to be an example of the types of conversations that people need to be having in their own social circles such as with friends, family, and coworkers. These issues need to be talked about and thought out with out anger, frustration, or judgement. It is only when we can all learn to understand each others' point of views that we can all start to push to move forward - together. We hope you take as much from this conversation as we did.  

3hr 9mins

7 Jun 2020