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How To Choose a Sex Toy Feat. Ashley Cobb and Lovehoney's Paul Jaques

Future of Sex

New to sex toys and feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you already have toys but want something new? Lockdowns across the world have created a surge in sex toy sales and pushed sex companies to innovate on toys. Whether it’s your first toy or fifth, choosing the right sex toy can be overwhelming.  This week we chat with sex expert Ashley Cobb to figure out the ins and outs of sex toys, what’s hot on the market right now. Paul Jaques, Lovehoney’s quality and technical manager, also joins to talk about sex toy trends. We discuss all things innovation: sound, battery life, and a future of more sustainable toys. Figure out the right toy or toys for you in 2021! To learn more about this show, visit FutureOfSex.org. To keep up with all things Future of Sex, follow us on Instagram @futureofsex and Twitter @futureofsexshow. Episode highlights 1:00 Introducing the episode 1:21 WeVibe Moxie: Wearable clitoral vibrator 3:00 Why use a sex toy? 4:00 Health benefits to masturbation 5:20 Boom in sex toy sales 6:45 Introducing Ashley Cobb 7:26 What to ask before buying 8:40 Types of vibrators 9:48 Other things to look for 11:10 How to figure out if a toy is any good 11:45 Is buying a sex toy online safe? 13:35 LMNT 15:43 Introducing Paul Jaques 16:03 Trends in sex toys in 2021 17:35 Advancements in charging technology Guests: Ashley Cobb, host of Hoe and Tell podcast, sex toy educator with Lovehoney, and sex advice columnist with Madame Noir; and Paul Jaques, Quality and technical manager at Lovehoney Sponsors We-Vibe: Premium sex toy company designing and developing intimate products that work in sync with the human body. LMNT: Electrolyte drink mix. http://drinklmnt.com/FutureofSex - for your FREE sample pack! Future of Sex - connect with us! @futureofsex on IG   @futureofsexshow on Twitter www.futureofsex.org Credits Host: Bryony Cole on IG @bryonycole Twitter @bryonycole, www.bryonycole.co Producers: Bryony Cole and David Lamb on IG: @davylamb Editor: Chad Michael Snavely on Twitter @chad_michael, www.chadmichael.com


31 Mar 2021

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Sex-Ploration is Key: Self Love and Sexual Confidence with Ashley Cobb

Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says

Make sure to follow Ashley Cobb on the following channels Instagram @sexwithashley_ Online: www.sexwithashley.com Youtube: Sex With Ashley Twitter: @sexwithashley_ As always you can find us on Instagram @dopeshttherapypod  and contact us via email at dopeshttherapypod@gmail.com Logo artwork by Nora Padison: Instagram @bynorajayne ***Disclaimer***Dope Sh*t My Therapist Says Podcast is not a replacement for therapy. The conversations, guests, and tips talked about on the episodes are provided as educational, thought provoking, and to be inspiring and are NOT specific theraputic advice. The views of our guests reflect their own personal experiences and perspectives. Information and tips heard on the episodes are to be used at your own caution and discretion as they are not being given by a therapist that knows you personally. As always please seek out your own individual mental health care to best serve you.


22 Mar 2021

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#15 A Sex Influencer's Tale: Holding Out Hope f/ Ashley Cobb

#NoBibsBurpsBottles: The Stories of Childfree African American Women

Ms. Ashley Cobb, 35, is a native of North Carolina. She has a degree in Public Health and is a former classroom teacher.  Currently, Ashley is a sought after Sex Influencer, sharing her wisdom, opinions and unfiltered sex advice to the masses via her blog, podcast and advice column. She is the co-host of of two podcasts, "Gossip and Gasms" and "Hoe and Tell", which allows Ahsley to fulfill her mission of getting people comfortable with talking about sex out LOUD! In this episode, Ashley offers up a bunch of laughs as she shares about her interest in sex, the fairytale she created with baby names, building her career as a Sex Influencer, being the only childfree friend in her friend group, and her preferences when dating. Ashley's personality style pulls us throughout the entire interview as she is so forthcoming and open about her experiences.  Do you want to connect with Ashley?  Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @SexWithAshley.   If you have enjoyed listening to this podcast episode, please let us know on our social media handles below. We would love to hear your thoughts! Please SHARE this podcast with others and please do not forget to SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW. Thank you in advance for listening and for your support. Social Media Instagram.com/nobibsburpsbottles Facebook.com/DrAngelaLHarris Twitter.com/nobibsburpsbott Checkout the Blog: Blog.nobibsburpsbottles.com Website (Shop, Speaking Engagements, Consultations) www.nobibsburpsbottles.com --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


8 Mar 2021

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How To Pick A Vibrator With Ashley Cobb

Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators

Picking a vibrator can be difficult. There are so many options, functions, materials, where do you start? Sexpert, Ashley Cobb, is join us to talk more about vibrators today. One of my personal favorite topics. This is the second episode in our series during love month on masturbation and sex.  You can find Ashley Cobb on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. You can also listen to Ashley’s Hoe and Tell Podcast. Get my Top Foreplay Tips HERE! Get your Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators Apparel and Pure Romance by Jordan Jones products here. A couple toys with honorable mention: twilight mood, opening act and womanizer.  Follow Jordan D'Nelle on Facebook and Instagram Email: JordanDnelle@VaginasVulvasandVibrators.com Support the Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators podcast! Leave an honest review on iTunes. Your ratings and reviews help this podcast impact more lives Subscribe to Vaginas, Vulvas, and Vibrators on iTunes if you haven't already! *Disclaimer: This podcast is for informational and/or entertainment purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


11 Feb 2021

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Food & Desire with Sexologist Ashley Cobb

For Your Table Podcast: Candidly Nourishing Conversations

This episode is definitely X-Rated so be sure you're listening with headphones!  Sexologist Ashley Cobb is the millennial microphone for women of the world seeking to find and give their partners ultimate pleasure and great sex. Ashley Cobb, “your favorite friend of filth” is the founder of Sex with Ashley, an interactive, educational, and informative platform focused on sexual health, sensual pleasure, and orgasmic tools to make the pleasure principle more like the pleasure placement. As a former educator, Ashley knows all about teaching others. She is the sexpert, leader, and influencer that brings the conversation of women’s pleasure to the forefront, and crosses generational lines and gender identities to reach men and women everywhere. Ashley spends countless hours experimenting, researching, and trying new positions, toys, and tools to “teach the people ”through social media and in-person experiences. Her entertaining approach for educating others about sex makes her the voice everyone loves to hear. In her podcast, Hoe And Tell, Ashley retells the story of pleasure, excitement, and “hoe”some fun with narration and commentary. Ashley Cobb holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Promotion and Biology. She also has studied Human Sexuality and Pleasure at The Dr. Rachel Institute. Learn more about Ashley’s work at www.sexwithashley.com For more information on Krissy's Vinaigrettes, visit www.krissysvinaigrettes.com and use code KRISSY to take 15% off your next purchase Music provided by Sidney Thomas of Glasscity Productions. You can find him on IG @_glasscity_ and also at glscty.bandcamp.com--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


15 Jan 2021

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Ashley Cobb: Sexual Wellness for Womxn Founders (Founder, Bedtanicals)

Get Sh!t Done

Sexual wellness will be valued at $108B. People need it but entrepreneurs run away from talking about it. When we talk about wellness in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, it’s typically about: Meditation Working out Affirmations/Visualizations When we talk about sex in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, it’s typically about: Sexual harassment from the predators we allow to galavant around the ecosystem because too many people prioritize money and power over people’s actual well being. The sex startups started by men so they can get it to work again or prevent hair loss. Sex as founders doesn’t have to be shunned nor weaponized. It’s actually important that we take back its power if it’s apart of our lives. However, it’s EXTREMELY hard to prioritize it when you’re a busy founder building a business, trying to be a good friend, parent, partner, friend, or just breathe and be human. Sex can be apart of your wellness routine and can be an asset. The good news is that you can figure out ways to make it apart of your wellness routine regardless of whether you’re single or taken. Your favorite Sexpert, Ashley Cobb, founder of Bedtanicals knows all about the struggles around building a business and balancing a sex life. Here’s what you’re going to learn from Ashley: The #1 tip that will make your life SO much easier. How solo sex can be apart of your self-care routine. How to communicate your needs. Tips, tricks, and tools to use to navigate dating in quarantine.Join the F*ck 4% Movement https://bit.ly/2Ut3qy1 Here are the resources Ashley referenced:  sexwithashley.com Hoe & Tell Podcast Love & Honey Subscribe & Rate Now. #getsshitdonepodcast Learn More About the Get Sh!t Done: shegetsshitdone.com Have feedback, a show topic you want us to cover, or just want to say hi: tribe@shegetsshitdone.com


8 Dec 2020

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S2E8 - How to Give Your Partner an Incredible Orgasm ( With Ashley Cobb )

The Sexual Happiness Podcast

With help from sexual educator Ashley Cobb, Sammi and Anna discuss the best ways to make sure your lover has a fantastic orgasm. From advising on techniques, sex toys and the mental necessities for reaching orgasm, these are tips you don't want to miss.To say thank you for listening, we're also offering you 15% off any purchase at Lovehoney. Follow the links below to claim the discount in your region.Lovehoney USA: Use the code PODCAST15 at checkoutLovehoney UK: www.lovehoney.co.uk/podcast/Lovehoney AU: www.lovehoney.com.au/podcast/Lovehoney CA: www.lovehoney.ca/podcast/Lovehoney NZ: www.lovehoney.co.nz/podcast/Lovehoney EU: www.lovehoney.eu/podcast/#Lovehoney #SexualHappiness #TurnUpTheTurnOn


6 Nov 2020

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Ep. 09 If The Dildo Fits: Sex Toys with Ashley Cobb

Honeydew Me

Dildos, vibrators, and anal beads… OH MY. In this episode we talk with Ashley Cobb, sex educator, sex blogger, and SEX TOY EXPERT. She's a total badass with all the info you've been waiting for. Want to find your *perfect* toy? We've got you covered! Curious about butt plugs? Get Ready! Want to know what electricity play is? YES YOU DO BITCH. Tune in if you're ready for a damn good time. We also talk about: Types of toys Using toys with a partner The WILDEST toys Ashley has seen Connect with Ashley: @sexwithashley on Instagram sexwithashley.com Hoe and Tell Podcast If you love us, check out: Honeydewmepodcast.com @honeydewmepodcast on Instagram Join our email list to receive our "10 Favorite (Sex) Things" download for FREE!


4 Nov 2020

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Interview with Sex Blogger Ashley Cobb

Radical Magical Brilliance: Centering The Well-Being of Black Women

Ashley is a "Sexfluencer" whose goal is to help women create more intimate, exciting, fulfilling sex life. She created her personal brand and blog, Sex With Ashley as a tool to help women feel comfortable discussing their sexual desires as well as release all the negative B.S. that holds them back from experiencing the best sex imaginable. Likewise her CBD Sexual Wellness Company, Bedtanicals is on a mission to provide luscious, organic CBD lubrication and increased pleasure to people with vulvas and vaginas.


2 Oct 2020

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Ep. 14: My Pleasure Is Mine (feat. Ashley Cobb & Stephanie Orozco)

Sweetened with Ash Lemonade

In episode 14 in honor of Sexual Health Month, Ash is joined by sex blogger Ashley Cobb of Sex with Ashley, and certified sex educator Stephanie Orozco aka Sex Ed Steph.  The ladies share their experiences in the realm of sex education as women of color, the unconventional paths of sexologists, the attitudes surrounding sex, product recommendations and more.  This episode is sponsored by Audible! Start your free 30 day membership trial at audibletrial.com/ashlemonade Follow Our Guests:  Ashley Cobb Website - https://www.sexwithashley.com/ Instagram - @sexwithashley Stephanie Orozco Instagram - @sexedsteph Twitter - @sexedsteph Get 'Sweetened' on social media! Twitter - @sweetenedpod Instagram - @sweetenedpodcast Facebook - Sweetened with Ash Lemonade Website - sweetenedpodcast.com Email - sweetenedpodcast@gmail.com 

1hr 7mins

21 Sep 2020