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7/29 Hour 3- Chris O'Leary, Entertainment Page, QB Quarter Of

The Sports Junkies

  1:18 Arm Expert Chris O'Leary 25:08 ZZ Top bassist dies 37:06 Aaron Rodgers' training camp presserSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


29 Jul 2021

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2021 Draft Show - Episode 10: Chris O'Leary

Ticats Audio Network

Louie B is joined by CFL's Senior Writer, Chris O'Leary. The two react and discuss the 2021 CFL draft as it unfolds. Powered by TELUS.


5 May 2021

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The Angry Catholic Show episode 113 w/ Chris O'Leary (ChrisOleary.com)

The Angry Catholic Show

Chris O'Leary (Survivor/ChrisOleary.com) joins us to discuss... Abuse of the abused AID - Bishop Bambera-Who does a cover up protect? Sacrificed with Chris O'Leary website: TheAngryCatholic.com e-mail: mail@TheAngryCatholic.com


17 Apr 2021

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The Angry Catholic Show episode 111 w/ Chris O'Leary (Survivor)

The Angry Catholic Show

Chris O'Leary (survivor/ChrisOleary.com) joins us on the third segment to discuss... "Loch"ed down and covered up AID - Will godless men rebuild the Church? Another Cardinal under a cloud w/ Chris O'Leary website: TheAngryCatholic.com e-mail: mail@TheAngryCatholic.com


27 Mar 2021

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Chris O'Leary Hire, Freeman the Recruiter, LB and DB Talk. 2-8-21 Power Hour

Irish Sports Daily Podcast

In this week's episode of Power Hour we discuss the hiring of Chris O'Leary as safeties coach.  We also discuss Marcus Freeman the recruiter, and break down linebacker, safety, cornerback and specialists position battles for this spring.  

1hr 8mins

8 Feb 2021

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18: Adam Buxton & Chris O'Leary on Scary Monsters (Part 2)


Part Two of my megachat with comedian and author Adam Buxton and in this episode, we’re joined by the one and only Chris O’Leary, returning to Albumtoalbum after his chat with us on ‘David Bowie’ (1967) some months back, author of Pushing Ahead of the Dame blog and collected essays on Bowie’s canon in ‘Rebel, Rebel’ and ‘Ashes To Ashes’. We travel through the album’s tracklisting in this episode, from Ashes to Ashes to the closing Its No Game Part II and a bit beyond too. Chris and Adam swap nuggets of Bowie trivia and anecdotes and Adam blesses us with his incomparable tribute to Gary Numan. We talk about pirates, midwives of history, broken pizzas, bad theatrics and s-s-s-s-s-ociet-t-t-t-t-ty. Additionally, Chris shares a prized Tom Verlaine anecdote whilst I generally burble and chuckle along.   A fuller meander through my thoughts on the absolute belter Scary Monsters is included in the notes for Part One, but if you want to explore Adam and Chris’s work in greater detail, as well as following up on some of the topics that arose in the chat, here’s a handy cut out and keep list:   Chris O'Leary's study of Scary Monsters at 40  https://bowiesongs.wordpress.com/2020/10/08/scary-monsters-at-40/   Adam’s Bowie Spotify compilation https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6ZtTS8N3Qwx2oX1X8jRxL2   General Buxton stuff   www.adam-buxton.co.uk   ‘David Bowie in New York 1980 • The Elephant Man, Scary Monsters & Other Strange People’ by Nacho  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1fTtwGqdQw&t=5s

1hr 23mins

8 Jan 2021

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15: Chris O'Leary on David Bowie (1967) part 2


Let us head back to the summer of 1967 and the second side of the debut album by promising pop hopeful David Bowie. On this side of the disk, we encounter Little Bombardier, Silly Boy Blue, Arthur (uncle Arthur?) a singer in a band, the Maid of Bond Street, the sneezing Mr Gravedigger and many others. Guiding me in this kaleidoscopic quest is my friendly guest, the man behind Pushing Ahead Of The Dame, Chris O'Leary. In amongst the ditties, he tells me something of his own work and the story behind his remarkable chronicle of Bowie's life and work and how he came to assemble it. We also look at religion, God, gender and theatre. All the cool things. I hope you enjoy this episode and if you do, please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts or your podporium of choice and check out Chris's work at - https://bowiesongs.wordpress.com


22 Sep 2020

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Of Human Bondage: Istanbul not Constantinople (From Russia With Love) feat. Chris O'Leary

Pex Lives: A Doctor Who Podcast

Christine, Sam, and Kit are joined by the brilliant Chris O'Leary for a hoot of a podcast on the classic Bond movie From Russia With Love. They talk about thriller storytelling, the politics of espionage, tanning, snuff films, and microdosing  Christine's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ballardiangorse Christine's blog: https://katebushsongs.wordpress.com/ Christine's Twitter: https://twitter.com/ballardiangorse Sam's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sammaleski Sam's group blog: https://downtime2017.wordpress.com/ Sam's solo blog: https://sammaleskiwriter.wordpress.com/ Sam's Twitter: https://twitter.com/LookingForTelos Sam's book: https://www.amazon.com/Sheffield-Steel-Essays-Thirteenth-2018-2019/dp/1083103474 Kit's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kitpower Kit's blog: https://gingernutsofhorror.com/my-life-in-horror.html Kit's books: https://www.amazon.com/Kit-Power/e/B00K6J438K Kit's Twitter: https://twitter.com/KitGonzo Chris's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chrisoleary Chris's blog: https://64quartets.wordpress.com/ Chris's books: https://www.amazon.com/Chris-OLeary/e/B00QZDX1IO Chris's Twitter: https://twitter.com/bowiesongs 

1hr 55mins

17 Sep 2020

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14: Chris O'Leary on David Bowie (1967)


Following on from our conversation about Bowie’s final album, this episode of albumtoalbum whizzes us back 53 years to his first, the eponymous debut, released in Britain on June 1 1967. Of course, any other artist in the world might be nervous about releasing an album - a debut album! - on the same day as The Beatles dropped their long-awaited follow up to Revolver, but that's showbusiness baby. Still, one can only imagine the sense of panic felt in the Decca boardrooms, when puce-faced executives heard just exactly what their newest star would be releasing in competition with the Beatles' masterpiece. And history proves that for record buyers hotfooting it to their local disc emporioum, pounds shillings and pence burning a hole in their kaftans, Sgt Pepper beat Uncle Arthur and company hands down, in face of stiff competition from other new releases, which included The Parable of Arable Land by the Red Krayola, the debut album by The Bee Gees and Mr Spock’s Music from Outer Space. Hardly surprising, but still disappointing, when the album barely grazed the charts, reaching 125 in the UK and something even less impressive in the US.  ’Aarrghh, that Anthony Newley stuff, how cringey,' recalled a Tin Machine era Bowie in 1990. 'No, I haven’t much to say about that in its favour. Lyrically I guess it was striving to be something, the short story teller. Musically it’s quite bizarre. I don’t know where I was at. It seemed to have its roots all over the place, in rock and vaudeville and music hall and I don’t know what. I didn’t know if I was Max Miller or Elvis Presley’ Max Miller and or Elvis Presley don’t really come to mind when listening to it now. Instead he was consciously creating songs that would span his palette of interests at the time, solid songs that turned out to stand him in good stead for the next year or so as his interests veered towards theatre, mime, Buddhism and the emerging singer-songwriter genre.  Here, he flits magpie-like, alighting on this style or that, immersing himself in the art of crafting songs. He’s moved away from the rough RnB of his first few years and is experimenting with characters and scenarios that owe something to the general mood of acid-tinged weirdness of the times. But as we can see, these mini capsules of narratives and characters were like Bowie opening up his playbox for the first time, and donning the first of many many costumes to come. From the slightly Syd Barret esque Uncle Arthur to the chilling spoken word murder ballad of Please Mr Gravedigger, these songs aspire to pretty broad palette, veering between enchanting, entertaining, unsettling and ephemeral.  This album is 60s London at its height, Britpsych and sci fi pop jostling with folky sensibilities, Anthony Newley-infused story songs with a Weimar-era Berlin side eye.  So in order to look at it further, I’m glad to welcome on board the man behind the best Bowie blog ever, Chris O Leary, whose essays on each song and album in his blog Pushing Ahead Of The Dame have become to Bowie what Ian McDonald’s Revolution In The Head was to the Beatles - intelligent, enjoyably opinonated, well researched beautiful slices of prose that manage to conjure fresh perspectives and insights into Bowie’s work. Chris’s blog has been revised and edited into two brilliant volums, Rebel Rebel and Ashes to Ashes and if you haven’t yet read them or the blog, I strongly recommend you do either immediately after listening to this podcast.  As ever, please do share and recommend this podcast where you can and follow the lovely O'Leary on Twitter if you don't already at @bowiesongs


31 Aug 2020

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Virtual Happy Hour - Chris O'Leary

Untappd Virtual Happy Hour

Greg Avola shares a beer with Chris O'Leary, Founder and Editor of Brew York. This segment was recorded as a live broadcast on Untappd TV on July 7, 2020. To watch the full original version with video, visit untappd.tv!


20 Jul 2020