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Female Financial Empowerment with Financial Coach, Lisa Schader

Emancipate Your Mind

Living a financially free life has less to do with income and more to do with intention.Often when we come from a high demand religion, we are conditioned to believe that money is the root of all evil.We may shy away from making too much of it, or having any left over in savings.  We may also pick up shame or fear messages about what it means to be a working mother. We can also pick up societal and familial limiting beliefs about money from our upbringing that are passed down through the generations. Perhaps we learned that budgeting was difficult or meant living a life of lack. Maybe we thought only "rich people" get to live a financially free life.Financial Coach, Lisa Schader, says that these beliefs coupled with patriarchal views of women leave women particularly vulnerable to financial abuse. (And yes, that's really a thing.)  But Lisa helps us bust all of those myths and empower ourselves to get the exact financial futures we hope for and deserve.  Whether you have a solid understanding of finances, or really aren't sure what financial accounts you have or how to log into them, Lisa gives us shame-resilient ways to become aware of our current financial positions and begin to better chart  our financial futures with some simple adjustments. DID YOU LOVE LISA? Here's how to soak up more financial wisdom from Lisa Schader. INSTAGRAM:https://www.instagram.com/moneyfitmoms/ YOUTUBE:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwJjy7yeD5b5cDGPo3AA9fw TIKTOK:https://www.tiktok.com/@moneyfitmoms PINTEREST:https://www.pinterest.com/MoneyFitMoms/ FACEBOOK:https://www.facebook.com/MoneyFitMoms/ TWITTER:https://twitter.com/MoneyFitMomsWEBSITE and FREE MONEY FIT CHALLENGE: https://www.moneyfitmoms.com  _____________________________________________________WANT MORE SUPPORT HEALING AFTER RELIGIOUS TRANSITION? If you'd like to be part of an online community where we take the podcast topics and pull them apart for discussion and further learning, talk about all the religious transition things, and just enjoy each other's company, join my free "Emancipate Yourself" Facebook group at this link:https://www.facebook.com/groups/370375144009891Or if you want to follow me for religious and psychological insights, commentary on events in the world, links to other people doing great work related to religion, and little windows into my real life, follow me on Instagram or Reddit @EmancipatedMolly , TikTok @EmancipatedTeri , or Twitter @EmancipatedTeri. If you have a question or want to talk about further coaching support, please email me at teri@emancipatedcoaching.com 

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18 Apr 2021

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How to Develop Healthy Financial Habits and Become a Millionaire in 10 Years with Lisa Schader of Money Fit Moms

The Dreamers Podcast

Episode 4: The Dreamer joining us on the podcast this week is Lisa Schader. Lisa Schader is a financial coach and the creator of MoneyFitMoms.com. Lisa and her husband became millionaires in their early thirties. In this episode, she shares the financial decisions her family made to reach that milestone and how building wealth can be used to do good in the world.In this episode, you will learn about:How a personal finance class in college helped Lisa and her husband become millionaires in 10 yearsA simple investing technique to help you build wealthMoney lessons she learned from her parents and grandparentsTips for raising financially savvy childrenHow you can use wealth to do good in the worldHer best money decision and money lessons she has learned along the wayIf you enjoyed today's episode, here's what you can do to support me and help more Dreamers discover the podcast:Leave a review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. I read every single review. I will select one review to read on the podcast every month.Subscribe to the podcast, so you never miss an episode: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify |  iHeart Radio | Amazon Music | Listen Notes |Share the podcast with your family, friends, and co-workers.Tag the podcast on Instagram @thedreamers.podcast and let me know what you liked about it. Links Mentioned in this Episode:Dream of Legacy BookMoney Fit MomsJumiino Natural SkincarePark Place PaymentsConnect with me:Instagram: thedreamers.podcastInstagram: annelysewealthFacebook: annelysewealth If you like the content and would like to support the podcast, you can buy me a coffee here.Do you want to sponsor the podcast?Are you a Dreamer? Do you know a Dreamer I should interview? Leave a voicemail or connect with me on social.


22 Feb 2021

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Ep 3: How to Become an Everyday Millionaire- w/ Lisa Schader

Scared To Savvy

In today’s episode Lisa Schader, founder of Moneyfitmoms.com, shares with us the blueprint that helped her achieve everyday millionaire status, as well as the mindset blocks she encountered along the way and how she was able to overcome them. We also talk all things investing, saving, and spending while sticking to our values, budgets, and avoiding money fights with the hubby. This is an episode you won’t want to miss if your goal is to build wealth while living your best financial life. Here’s where you can find out more about Lisa: www.moneyfitmoms.com www.instagram.com/moneyfitmoms And make sure you subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as they are released every Monday. Follow us at www.instagram.com/scaredtosavvyand www.instagram.com/thefinsavvymom for more on motherhood, money, and mindset.


21 Sep 2020

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How to Become a Millionaire by 30 - with Lisa Schader

Marriage Kids and Money

Want to learn how to become a millionaire by age 30? Lisa Schader from Money Fit Moms shares the 7 steps she took to become a young millionaire and take her family to the next level of wealth and happiness. With these steps, we're hopeful you will achieve your own version of financial independence and financial freedom as well. 


27 Jul 2020

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How to Start Your Debt-Free Journey in 4 Easy Steps - with Lisa Schader

Talk with a K

Today, I’m sitting down with Lisa Schader, a financial coach and Master of accounting who lives what she teaches. She’s passionate about helping others with their financial situations and we dive into tips on how to start your debt free journey and where to go from there. Get your pen and paper because Lisa is dishing out all the best tips! I’m so excited for you to hear this episode because I just did an episode on simple budgeting (which I've hoped you've listened to! Lisa confirms a lot of my original tips - thankfully!) and I touched on how important it is to tackle your debt. Then I was introduced to Lisa and I knew I had to have her come talk about this because honestly I’m a ROOKIE and I cannot wait for you friends to hear from a financial coach who really knows her stuff! I took notes for myself! You're going to leave this episode feeling ready to take on your debt and build towards your future! SUPPORT THIS PODCAST BELOW (this helps us keep going and we are so thankful for you!) https://www.tipsmack.com/artist/tipjar/h4gyw  Follow on Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/talkwithakaepodcast/


17 Apr 2020

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"Getting Unstuck" with Lisa Schader [Episode 56]

LearnDoBecome Radio

If you've been feeling stuck, today's podcast will give you a lift. Lisa Schader started by building her STEP Command Central simply, but this simple system helped her restart her photography and personal finance businesses. She's tackled a kitchen renovation and has learned how to take problems and turn them into projects. Want to be inspired? Come listen in to hear how you can make forward movement in the areas that are most meaningful to you! https://LearnDoBecome.com/episode56   Have you attended our free training, "How to Finally Stop Drowning in Piles"? We'll show you four simple steps to get out of any pile and create a life of peace and order! https://LearnDoBecome.com/STEP   And make sure to subscribe to all our podcasts. More details can be found at https://LearnDoBecome.com/Radio


27 Jun 2019

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AP 007: Lisa Schader || Running toward fears while battling postpartum anxiety

About Progress

I'd be hard-pressed to find any one else who is more knowledgeable on all things self-improvement and human development related.  Lisa has a wealth of knowledge on these topics in great part because of her lifelong insatiable drive to learn and improve herself; but it also arose from the huge struggles she faced after the birth of her first son.  Lisa found herself immediately facing extreme postpartum anxiety; anxiety fueled by perfectionism Lisa didn't fully realize was in control; anxiety so intense that she couldn't sleep or eat, take care of herself or, most devastatingly, take care of her baby.  Lisa describes the low points of being the opposite of her usual self, how she made recovery her top priority, and the growth she has built the past five years as she has run towards her fears instead of away from them.  Lisa is in a much better place now, is still passionate about self-improvement, but also has great wisdom in how to do so without being obsessive and imbalanced.  There are so many jewels in this interview, including Lisa's tips on how to set goals and manage them in a way that they are achievable in our day-to-day lives. **** Please see the blog www.aboutprogress.com for more, including past podcast episodes in addition to Monica's (our host) own journey as a recovering perfectionist. You can also follow Monica at her handle @aboutprogress. Music cred: "Sweet Promise" by Nicolai Heidlas

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21 Dec 2016