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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ricardo Tubbs. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ricardo Tubbs, often where they are interviewed.

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5 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Ricardo Tubbs. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Ricardo Tubbs, often where they are interviewed.

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Ricardo Tubbs

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Ricardo Tubbs, BJJ black belt and owner of Da Firma Kimono Company, sits down with Brandon Quick to talk about how his life and Jiu Jitsu.

Feb 27 2020 · 1hr 23mins
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EP 87 – Do you give to your community? | Da Firma Kimonos Company Owner Ricardo Tubbs

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Ricardo Tubbs is a black belt and the owner and instructor at Da Firma Training Center as well as Da Firma Kimono Company.

Ricardo did a great breakdown of the thirteen leadership principles from Collin Powell's book "It worked for me". He also talked about the importance of preparation.

My takeaway came from the interview came when he spoke of "Giving back to the community," which inspired me to title this episode "Do you give to your community?"

Stick around for my final thoughts after the interview and I expand on this topic. Stay tuned right after jiu-jitsu tribe's message. Enjoy the podcast! OSS!

Gustavo Dantas

Itunes – https://tinyurl.com/y45kymp4

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Stitcher – http://tinyurl.com/y52f5u6z

Nonprofit Jiu-Jitsu Tribe – www.jiujitsutribe.org




It Worked for me - Collin Powell 

It's your ship - Captain Michael Abrashoff

Here is the picture I promised from the Final thoughts:

Emerson and I in the Bahamas at the Judo Junior World Championship in October of 2018.

Jan 26 2020 · 1hr 11mins

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Veterans Day: Ricardo Tubbs, Mission 22's Julia Gumpert, Jason Mask

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On Veterans Day, we talk to three people with prominent roles in both the military community & BJJ communities: Ricardo Tubbs, black belt, active duty service member & owner of Da Firma Training Center, Julia Gumpert from Mission 22, a nonprofit dedicated to ending suicide among veterans (and using jiujitsu as a tool); and Jason Mask, a Navy veteran and purple belt with a message: all veterans should try jiujitsu.

Also, big news: One year. 58 shows. More than 60 videos about technique, nutrition, live event coverage and funny things. Plus, the occasional webcomic.

It’s been an amazing year. Now it’s time to take it to the next level — which means a couple of big changes.

First, the name of the show is changing. We want a name that’s going to reflect our focus on Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and more broadly the healthy lifestyle associated with jiu-jitsu. A lot of you know I have a blog called Dirty White Belt. The idea behind the name is that as my belt gets darker, I always want to retain the white belt attitude of consistently learning. I want to learn forever, and this project is a way to stay on that journey with my fellow travelers.

With that in mind, the new name of the show will be Dirty White Belt Radio. But that’s not the only big change.

We’re creating a new website which will launch at DirtyWhiteBelt.com that will house ALL the content we produce — podcasts, blog posts, video instructionals about jiu-jitsu, food and nutrition, webcomics, and a unified events calendar for seminars, tournaments, superfight events and MMA fights throughout the Southeast. We’ll also have ways you can support the charities we back, as well as ways to support other local North Carolina brands.

We want you to expect more from us. We’re still going to have the content you’ve come to expect — just more of it and a better version. We’ll always focus locally on jiujitsu and other fighting arts in the Carolinas and beyond, but now we’re going to be bringing in more big, national guests, especially guests with historical significance. (We already have some interviews recorded that I can’t wait to share with you). We’re also going to produce more regular bonus content to go along with the podcast — things like videos and comics.

All of this will be housed at the (currently under construction) dirtywhitebelt.com. We hope to launch the website on Jan. 1, to start next year. And we had so much fun at the ConcussionCast Carnival last year, we hope to do another live event in 2017!

In the meantime, we’re going to slowly transition everything under the Dirty White Belt label.

What does this mean for you, the listener and supporter? Not much, I don’t think. Now begins the process of transitioning to the new name on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and our various social media channels. If you already subscribe to us in one or more of those places, you shouldn’t need to do anything else — and if you don’t subscribe already, please do. And be aware that when you see something from “Dirty White Belt,” that’s us.

Our goals remain the same: to shine a light on all the fantastic things happening in our local scene, and to talk to the great people making them happen; to bring you the best possible interviews with both local folks and legends of the fighting arts; and to spread the word about jiujitsu to everyone who needs to hear it. And everyone needs to hear it.

Thanks for listening, and for hanging with us through this exciting transition!
Nov 13 2016 · 1hr
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Epi 140 Ricardo Tubbs DFKC

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The week we bring you an interview with BJJ black belt Ricardo Tubbs. Ricardo is a black belt under Master Ricardo Cavalcanti, he is also the owner of Da Firma Kimono Company.

We talk about:

  • What makes Da Firma Kimono Company different
  • Why they have 49 different sizes of kimonos
  • Some challenges with starting a gi company
  • Tips for caring for your gi
  • Keeping the color in your gi
  • BJJ and the navy
  • BJJ in schools
  • Advice for a student doing a first tournament
  • The importance of basics
  • Advice for doing no-gi from a mostly bjj background


Quote of the week: "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life" Muhammad Ali

Article of the week: Purple Belt a.k.a. "The Rolling Belt"

Please check out this video if you are interested in supporting The BjjBrick Podcast.

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This episode also has a movie breakdown of Napoleon Dynamite on a bike ramp and Gary talks about his book "Rolling In The Living Room: The Futon submission"

Catch us next week for another episode of The BjjBrick Podcast

The BjjBrick Podcast is in iTunesStitcher radio, and Google Play Music for Andriod

Jun 20 2016 · 1hr 41mins

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Verbal Tap with Da Firma's Ricardo Tubbs

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Drake is on the internet, Jon Jones is back, and SubCon has Glover vs. Woodmansee! Then, from Da Firma Training Center and DaFirmaBjj.com, Ricardo Tubbs stops by and he might be the ultimate jiujitsu gentleman. Seriously, this guy rocks, and answers some great questions about what he looks for when he sponsors athletes. What happens when a blue belt, a purple belt, and a brown belt get together? Listen in and you tell us over @VerbalTapCast on Instagram!!!
Oct 26 2015 · 1hr 41mins