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Elyse Rylander - OUT There Adventures - Founder - Empowering Youth in LGBTQ+

Pave Your Own Path

Elyse talks about growing up in a small town just outside of Madison, Wisconsin.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in communication arts, gender studies, and LGBT studies.  Elyse is the founder of an organization called Out There Adventures (OTA).  The goal of OTA is to empower queer young people through their connection with the natural world.  Elyse discusses the many obstacles she faced when creating OTA and the magical moments that have kept her moving forward.Thank you again to Brian Collings and his group D Y N O for creating the music for this podcast.  You can find him on Spotify.https://open.spotify.com/artist/2lDxtNnWacATmUUG9YWStX?si=0Ouf6-fwR42P1C5bbQguKQAlso I want to give photo credit to Clayton Boyd.  Find his page using the link below.https://www.claytonboydphotography.com/

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3 Aug 2020

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Nature as a Disruptive Force for Queer Youth: Elyse Rylander

She Explores

Elyse Rylander is the founder and executive director of OUT There Adventures, a nonprofit dedicated to empower queer young people through their connection with the natural world. Elyse believes nature is a disruptive force for queer youth and hopes to foster their identities and love of the outdoors. Women featured in this episode: Elyse Rylander Hosted by Gale Straub In this episode, you'll hear What Elyse is working on right now How partnering with other established nonprofits like Outward Bound is helping spread the mission of OUT There Adventures Why it can be uniquely hard for a small nonprofit to do outreach for queer kids for outdoor programs Why role models are so important for queer youth in the outdoors How working at an outdoor store and getting into guiding positively impacted Elyse as a teenager Why Elyse believes nature is a disruptive force How nature mirrors queer identities How OUT There fosters inclusiveness on trips What Elyse hopes the youth take with them when they leave Hurdles to growth for OUT There Elyse's vision for the future About the second annual LGBTQ Outdoor Summit What Elyse is looking forward to Sponsored by BetterHelp and Bombas Join us in our She Explores Podcast Facebook Group Camp with us In Taos at the Women on the Road Gathering Resources OUT There Adventures: Website & Instagram LGBTQ Outdoor Summit Outside Online Article on Elyse Rylander Sponsor Websites and Codes Betterhelp: Get the first week free by heading here and using offer code 'explores'! Bombas: Get 20% off your first purchase by using code 'explores' at checkout! Get 20% off an Escape Campervan rental by using code 'WOMEN20' at checkout Enjoy this episode? Rate us on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. It’ll help other people find us. Music is by Lee Rosevere, Jason Shaw, Josh Woodward using a Creative Commons Attribution license. Music is also by Kay Orange


17 Oct 2018

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Rare Air Talk: OUT There with Elyse Rylander and Sonya Pevzner at The Studio (Boulder)

Dispatch Radio

Elyse Rylander and Sonya Pevzner take the Rare Air Talks stage at The Studio (Boulder) to share their personal connection to LGBTQ issues in the outdoors community.


28 May 2018

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Luis Benitez, Jamie Logan and Elyse Rylander Discuss Diversity in the Outdoors, from The Studio (Boulder) Airstream

Dispatch Radio

We preview tonight's (May 17) Rare Air Talks debut at The Studio (Boulder) with featured speakers Luis Benitez and Jamie Logan along with special guests Elyse Rylander, founder of OUT THere Adventures, and journalist Chris Weidner. More at DispatchRadio.com


17 May 2018

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#172 Putting the “out” in outdoors with Elyse Rylander


The outdoors has a diversity problem, not with the landscapes or the weather, but with the people who participate.  Today's guest is changing that by getting people out, outside. Elyse Rylander is the executive director of OUT There Adventures, an organization that takes queer young people on outdoors adventures to help them develop positive identities and individual empowerment. In this episode, we chat about how the outdoors can serve as a safe space for queer youth and why it's important for everyone to care about the movement.


30 Mar 2016