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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Adam Holt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Adam Holt, often where they are interviewed.

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9 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Adam Holt. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Adam Holt, often where they are interviewed.

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Making Bold Predictions and Raising the Bar With Adam Holt

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In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie Hopkins talks with Adam Holt of Asset-Map about how the bar for financial planning clients is going to rise in the future, his bold predictions for the FinTech world, and the commoditization of financial planning.

You can find show notes and other information at CarsonGroup.com/Framework.

Sep 28 2020 · 58mins
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173 - Adam Holt - Want Clients to Trust You? Lead with Advice

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When Luke and Josh talk about how to build and nurture relationships, they are, in large part, talking about how to build trust with customers. For this week’s Stay Paid guest, developing trust in relationships with clients and prospects begins with clearly communicating three value propositions that all clients want from their financial advisor—indeed, from every service professional with whom they work.

Adam Holt, CEO and Founder of Asset-Map, says if you want to know how to build trust with customers, then demonstrate you:

1. Know what matters to them.

2. Understand their unique situation.

3. Provide them with options.

You can’t tell a customer to trust you. You have to communicate with them in ways that prove you know, understand, and can provide what they want. Do that consistently, and you’ll build trust in your relationships with clients. It’s what Adam helps his clients do.

To learn how to generate more referrals and repeat business, visit: www.remindermedia.com

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Aug 31 2020 · 42mins

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041 Helping Clients Navigate Chaos While Creating New Value For Your Practice With H. Adam Holt

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Today, H. Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map joins us to talk about the company he founded to help clients visually understand their goals and how they will reach them through their investments and insurance products. Along the way, he has helped many financial professionals build larger practices, that help more clients and with less travel time.   Check out Asset-Map:    Connect with That Annuity Show at https://twitter.com/ThatAnnuityShow, https://www.facebook.com/thatannuityshow, Visit our website at https://thatannuityshow.com. Visit Nassau Financial Group on the web at Connect with Ramsey Smith on https://www.linkedin.com/in/ramseydsmith or https://twitter.com/RamseyDSmith1. Visit https://alex.fyi on the web. This podcast is intended for general informational purposes only and is not a solicitation of any insurance product. The discussion is not meant to provide any legal, tax, or investment advice with respect to the purchase of an insurance product. A comprehensive evaluation of a consumer’s needs and financial situation should always occur in order to help determine if an insurance product may be appropriate for each unique situation.
Apr 10 2020 · 40mins
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Dan Stein & Adam Holt

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This episode still sits down with local musician Dan Stein and professional musician Adam Holt a Spaceship.


Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/thorradio/message
Jan 23 2020 · 1hr 53mins

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Peter Ward, Adam Holt, CKNM Arthur James, CKNM Reverend Freakchild

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Peter has followed up his debut solo album, with Train To Key Biscayne, a collection of 12 original songs from Peter.  We will find out about Peter’s journey and talk about the new album, which is loaded with friends.

Adam is out of Alabama and he brings his smokin’ guitar and soulful voice to the music on Kind Of Blues, his latest album.  I look forward to sitting with Adam and learning what is behind his music.

Arthur returns to The Couch to talk about Hey…I’m Still Here, his latest release.  Arthur gives us his interpretation of some incredible songs, which you never thought could be Blues. Arthur is always a blast.

The Reverend returns with Road Dog Dharma, his newest collection of songs that tell his tale.  It also includes clips with some of the top DJs…We’ll find out about the Reverend and how this road-dawg is doing.
Jun 11 2019 · 2hr 52mins
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#ItzOnWealthTech Ep 14: Cleaning Up Clients’ Financial Closets with Adam Holt

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The post #ItzOnWealthTech Ep 14: Cleaning Up Clients’ Financial Closets with Adam Holt appeared first on and was written by Craig Iskowitz.

“Consolidation of assets has been one of the leading value propositions of what we’re doing, because if we can clean up a client’s financial closet, that’s more valuable than any kind of a investment strategy.” — H. Adam Holt, CEO of Asset-Map, LLC Adam Holt is the Founder and CEO of Asset-Map, one of the […]

The post #ItzOnWealthTech Ep 14: Cleaning Up Clients’ Financial Closets with Adam Holt appeared first on and was written by Craig Iskowitz.

May 30 2019 · 46mins
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IAMKAYPEE Podcast #87 - with Adam Holt on Pirate Attack, Badass Chimps and Our Addictions

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Adam makes his glorious return to the show where he describes his run in with Turkish pirates, we get on to how brutal and awesome chimps can be and there has been an update on the severely handicapped russian, Valery Spiridonov's head transplant story

Apr 21 2019 · 1hr 34mins
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Asset Map with Adam Holt (CEO) | E65

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In this 65th episode of Fintech Impact, Jason Pereira, award-winning financial planner, university lecturer, writer, and host conducts an interview with Adam Holt, the CEO of Asset-Map. Asset-Map is a powerful online visualization tool that helps financial advisors, as well as clients, get aligned with each other. Adam shares the road that brought him into creating this service, how Asset-Map provides tangible value, and what changes Adam believes need to take place to improve the industry.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

● 00:30: – What kind of financial software program is Asset-Map

● 01:03: – How did this journey towards Asset-Map roll out

● 02:17: – Which elements are included in the Asset-Map visualizations for clients

● 07:20: – You have to show a client that you know them, their needs and solutions

● 09:59: – What does the customer experience of the product look like

● 13:21: – What kind of goals-based planning module is Asset-Map

● 15:03: – What has the advisor and client feedback been like with Asset-Map

● 18:42: – Which types of integrations are possible with Asset-Map

● 20:15: – Stop getting stuck in the exact details of the ever-changing data

● 22:17: – Explain what is happening in terms that the client can understand

● 24:40: – Advisors need to manage and project the client’s expectations

● 25:13: – What would Adam Holt want to change in the industry

● 28:23: – Which issues have been challenges to Asset-Map’s growth

● 29:40: – What keeps Adam Holt excited about what he is doing with Asset-Map

3 Key Points:

1. The 5 things to capture on an asset map are legal entities, cash flows, assets,

liabilities, and insurance policies.

2. Asset-Map has essentially created an easily digestible info-graphic around a client’s


3. The three basic expectations of consultants: prove that you know your client, you’re

your client’s situation, and know their options.

Tweetable Quotes:

- “We’ve been focusing a lot on, ‘how do I make the advisor look better?’” – Adam Holt.

- “There are so many people trying to lead with advice, they’re mistaking the research,

and the guidance, and the analysis stuff as actually the product of what the customer is really paying for.” – Adam Holt.

- “We already have now, enterprise-level results, for multiple years, that advisors using

Asset-Map are actually making more revenue than those that don’t, by a significant measure.” – Adam Holt.

Resources Mentioned:

● Facebook – @Woodgate_Financial

LinkedIn – Jason Pereira’s LinkedIn

LinkedIn for Adam Holt

Asset-Map.com – Website for Asset-Map

See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Apr 16 2019 · 32mins
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Episode 18: Adam Holt - Tackling His Anxiety, Getting Married, Meeting Idols

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Adam and i reminisce about our time together in metal bands while in college, what its like to meet Idols and Adam opens up about the times in his life dealing with anxiety
Nov 26 2017 · 1hr 32mins