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Medical Schools Must Champion Health Equity - Dr. Valerie Weber, Dean of Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine

Raise the Line

“It has always really been about making things better for people,” says Dr. Valerie Weber of the various roles she has held in her distinguished career. “As somebody who is fortunate, you must use your role to help others and to make the system better.” In this episode of Raise the Line, Dr. Weber joins host Shiv Gaglani to discuss current challenges and new models in medical education, the impact of COVID, and pandemic silver linings. Tune in to discover how Dr. Weber's mother's passion for caring for community elders inspired her daughter's journey to leadership in healthcare, a field that Dr. Weber considers “the best career in the world.” Learn why Dr. Weber is a staunch advocate of community-based medicine and believes it is essential for medical schools to lead the way in championing health equity. Plus, find out what she thinks may prove to be the “discovery of the century.”


12 May 2021

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309: Stepping into A New Role In The Marketing World - with Valerie Weber

Social Capital

Meet Valerie After almost 30 years with Monofrax, Valerie has progressed from Clerk to Marketing Manager. She's just beginning to network and has found that the last year of virtual networking meetings and webinars was the perfect place to start. Just don't ask her to attend a speed networking event! I'm curious why you're not interested in speed networking, is there any reason why?  Speed networking is sort of my worst nightmare. I mean, frankly, it's the business version of speed dating, and I'm just like, "Oh, this is so bad," and especially for someone who's an introvert that likes to have a few moments to think before they answer on anything, the pressure is a little too much.  I totally understand. So tell me a bit about Monofrax and what you guys do. The short boring answer is that we are a manufacturer of fused cast refractories. The more interesting answer is that we are a foundry that does not pour steel, we pour artificial stone. What exactly is artificial stone? Well, first of all, we're at twice the temperature of lava, which I think is really cool and we're pouring blocks that are to be used for the linings of glass furnaces and metal furnaces. So who's your buyer that's buying from you? Predominantly our customers are the glass industry and light steel or light metal. We've also been used for nuclear vitrification and we have a global presence and we have been selling worldwide for the last 30 years. What's it like coming into a marketing role without any experience in that space? It was a little frightening because I have no background and no experience. But on the other hand, I consider it a huge advantage because if I'd taken marketing 30 years ago in college, things have changed so much since then that I'm looking at it with fresh eyes. Nothing is out of the question and I'm just willing to throw myself into it completely. What was your biggest challenge that you faced moving into this role? The biggest challenge has been the organization, marketing, strategy, and plans. All of those things that I probably would have learned if I'd studied in college. The rest of it would be the writing for social media, and articles for industry magazines, those things came a lot easier. Can you share with our listeners one of your favorite networking experiences that you’ve had? My favorite probably is when this all started and I can either blame or credit Kurt Anderson, for all of this who I know he's been a guest on your podcast. I attended a Manufacturing Marketing World Conference back in 2019, sat in the center of the room and this gentleman comes and sits next to me and starts a conversation. He's as energetic as always, he's the biggest cheerleader for manufacturing and that's where it all started. I started talking to him and then when he started his manufacturing Ecommerce Success Series, I started attending that and I started networking with the people that were also in that attending and it sort of just started rolling from there. As you continue to connect and meet with new people, how do you best nurture these relationships that you're creating? I'm probably not really good at the nurturing part, I'm better at the connecting part because I go to a webinar, if it's one that's weekly or bi-weekly and I consistently go I get to the point where I recognize the other people in the room. Then it's much easier to go down the chat list or look at the people in the gallery and go, "Oh, okay, I need to connect with this person, and then I can write them a quick message on LinkedIn and say, Hey, I see you're attending the same webinar." So I already have my script prepared, because we're doing something together at the same time, we have the same interest and it just makes it a whole lot easier to do that. What advice would you offer that business professional who's really looking to grow their network? Probably to do something very similar, where you're going to a webinar series or something else like that and on a consistent basis, you're seeing the same people and you can start to come up with a list of who looks interesting who can help you, which is my primary reason for networking because since I'm new to marketing, I'm looking for all the people that I can that are experts because I figured why not learn from the best? Then you'll know who you would be interested in marketing and networking with which makes it a whole lot easier. If you could go back to your 20-year-old self, would you tell yourself to do more or less than or differently with regards to your professional career? I think if I went back to my 20-year-old self, I would say, take more risks. Don't be quite so afraid of doing things, you're more capable than you think you are. Connect with Valerie: LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/valerie-weber-a69a3743/


10 May 2021

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Welche Zukunft hat das Radio, Valerie Weber?

Was mit Medien — der Medienpodcast

In den letzten Wochen haben wir auf der Audio-Hype-App Clubhouse diskutiert, wo Licht und Schatten dieses neuen Audio-Netzwerks liegen – auch welche Möglichkeiten es für Journalist:innen gibt. Jetzt haben wir das ganze mit euch noch mal etwas größer gedacht und diese Entwicklung in einen größeren Kontext gestellt: Welche Zukunft hat Audio und welche Zukunft hat das Radio? Auf den ersten Blick könnten wir sagen: Bei der neuen Audio-Welle hat sich das Radio die Butter vom Innovations-Brot nehmen lassen. Das Radio macht drei Dinge aus: 1. Musik. 2. Die Wort-Inhalte. 3. Interaktion. Musik? Dafür gibt es doch Spotify. Wort-Inhalte? Dafür gibt es doch Podcasts. Und Interaktion? Dafür gibt es jetzt das Clubhouse-Prinzip. Die Frage ist berechtigt: Wie sieht die Zukunftsvision von Radio aus? Darüber haben wir auf Clubhouse mit Valerie Weber gesprochen. Ihre Karriere zeigt: Sie steht für Radio! Jahre war sie im Privatfunk – beispielsweise als Chefin von Antenne Bayern. Heute ist sie die WDR Programmdirektorin. Die These von Valerie Weber: Radiomacher:innen haben mit dem Aufkommen des Internets eine ihrer schärfsten Waffen aus der Hand gelegt, nämlich die Communityfähigkeit. Clubhouse zeige jetzt noch einmal, wie wichtig die sei. Unsere Zusammenfassung hört ihr ab Minute 5. Den kompletten Clubouse-Talk könnt ihr als Supporter:innen auch als Bonus-Podcast nachhören. Webinar-Tipp: LinkedIn für Journalist:innen Wir empfehlen euch unser nächstes “Was mit Medien”-Community-Event “LinkedIn für Medienmarken. Mehr Reichweite und Relevanz.” Wie können Journalist:innen das Netzwerk für die eigene Arbeit einsetzen? Wie können Medienmarken dort präsent sein? Das Webinar am Mittwoch, 17. Februar 2021 zwischen 18-19:30 Uhr statt. Dozent ist der freie Wirtschaftsjournalist Maximilian Nowroth (Was mit Wirtschaft) und er gibt bei uns im Podcast einen Einblick in seine Themen des Webinars. Ihr könnt euch für das Webinar auf unserer Event-Seite anmelden. Das Gespräch hört ihr ab Minute 17. Medien-Start-up der Woche: Nurii Der Medienwandel ist schwer verdaulich, und wir versuchen euch das Thema gut verdaulich Woche für Woche näher zu bringen. Was gute Ernährung mit Medien zu tun hat – das hört ihr jetzt bei unserem Medien-Start-up der Woche: Wir stellen euch derzeit unsere Geschwister-Start-ups vor, die mit uns die aktuelle Runde des Media Lab Bayern Fellowships begleiten. Heute lernt ihr ein Start-up kennen, das im Bereich Service-Journalismus arbeitet. So bezeichne ich das mal. Es heißt Nurii. Das ist eine App, die Personen hilft, mit Lebensmittelunverträglichkeiten beschwerdefreier zu leben. Was dahinter steckt, verraten uns das Gründer-Team Isabella Hener und Rainer Lonau. Das Gespräch hört ihr ab Minute 23. “Was mit Medien” wird ermöglicht durch seine Supporter:innen. Für schon 5 Euro im Monat kannst du Supporter:in werden und machst nicht nur diesen Podcast möglich, sondern erhaltet auch Zugriff auf die komplette Episode – im Web und in eurer Podcast-App. Im Bonus-Teil dieser Episode hört ihr unsere Reflektion der Audio-Diskussion mit Valerie Weber, warum die Digital-Abo-Erfolge der New York Times für deutsche Verlage nicht unbedingt Grund zum Jubeln sind, ein Köpfe-Quiz zu “Germany*s Next Topmodel” und ein Rückblick auf unser Meet-up für Twitter-Liebhaber:innen. Posthorn: Ihr könnt eure Sprachnachrichten und Mails gerne an posthorn@wasmitmedien.de schicken. Neu dabei? Du kannst Was Mit Medien ganz bequem über Spotify, Apple Podcasts oder deine Lieblingsapp hören: window.podcastDataf5562d82b47b09 = {"title":"Was mit Medien \u2014 der Medienpodcast","subtitle":"Das Magazin zum Medienwandel, jeden Freitag neu","description":"Eure konstruktiven Begleiter zum Medienwandel. Daniel Fiene und Herr P\u00e4hler mit Interviews und Hintergr\u00fcnden.","cover":"https:\/\/wasmitmedien.de\/wp-content\/cache\/podlove\/84\/b24827c5ed329f6da460b96b8f04da\/was-mit-medien-der-medienpodcast_400x.jpg","feeds":[{"type":"audio","format":"mp3","url":"https:\/\/wasmitmedien.de\/feed\/mp3\/","variant":"high"},{"type":"audio","format":"mp3","url":"https:\/\/wasmitmedien.de\/feed\/podcast\/","variant":"high"},{"type":"audio","format":"mp3","url":"https:\/\/wasmitmedien.de\/feed\/t3mspufqjel7dqrkz7jq44luxfwqlythybnfgyzo\/","variant":"high"}]}; if (typeof SubscribeButton == 'undefined') { document.write(unescape("%3Cscript class=\"podlove-subscribe-button\" src=\"https://wasmitmedien.de/wp-content/plugins/podlove-podcasting-plugin-for-wordpress/lib/modules/subscribe_button/dist/javascripts/app.js\" data-json-data=\"podcastDataf5562d82b47b09\" data-language=\"de\" data-size=\"big\" data-format=\"cover\" data-style=\"filled\" data-color=\"#75ad91\"> %3E%3C/script%3E")); // hide uninitialized button window.setTimeout(function() { iframes = document.querySelectorAll('.podlove-subscribe-button-iframe') for (i = 0; i < iframes.length; ++i) { if (!iframes[i].style.width && !iframes[i].style.height) { iframes[i].style.display = 'none'; } } }, 5000); } Wir empfehlen dir auch unseren wöchentlichen Newsletter, damit du direkt über unsere Podcast-Gäste, Inhalte und Events informiert wirst. Hier kannst du dich anmelden.


9 Feb 2021

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Dr. Valerie Weber

Beyond the Coat: The Life of a Physician

All of us at Beyond the Coat would like to extend a warm welcome to the Boonshoft School of Medicine's newest dean, Dr. Valerie Weber! Dr. Weber hails from Pennsylvania where she became interested in healthcare and helping people at an early age. She has a true passion for connecting with her students and for celebrating all that medicine has to offer. Join us as we hear more about Dr. Weber's journey through residency, academic medicine,  leadership, and eventually to Dayton, Ohio! 


22 Jan 2021

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Episode 52 Inspiring 6-Figure Beauty Boss Series with Valerie Weber

Beauty Marketing Simplified podcast

How do you put your life together when all you've got is a seemingly crippling situation? You've started a business with your hard work, but don't see a single client around. What rubs insult to injury is the crumbling personal life you've got to deal with without family nearby to help you out. With massive faith and steadfast determination, you can beat the impossible odds and reach success. Valerie proves it as she shares her story. She did it, so can you. Valerie Weber is the Founder of Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio, a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Certified Instructor. She began her journey in cosmetic tattooing, where she felt most at home in her artistic self. After years of striving to learn more to be the best, she realized that it took a great deal of practice and dedication to this craft to be just that. She continued to learn from those she admired and collected valuable knowledge that eventually helped her develop her style. Loving what she's doing is a complete understatement. The idea that a well-executed cosmetic tattoo can positively change someone's quality of life, knowing that drives her to be her best and work side-by-side with other professionals she trusts and shares that same vision as she has. Ultimately, this thought led her to train and mentor others who are also meant to change lives through art. The ever-popular Bi-Fusion Eyebrows and WhipLash Eyeliner techniques were what she played with for years to get just right.  In this episode, Valerie shares what you need to consider in growing your business, the need to hire a team, the structure you need to create, and what comes with getting one. She underscores how not to sacrifice laws and safety even when you are still starting and doing things yourself. You're putting your brand and name on the line here. Though we are already digitally connected, she points out nothing beats creating personal relationships with your clients. That will last you a lifetime. As a business-minded person, she reminds everyone that your time is your investment. Though she's big on being generous, always learn to draw the line where your business assets aren't compromised.   As with every success, you start at the beginning, and Valerie shares the most challenging times when she started her beauty business. At that time, her married life was in shambles, she went through a divorce, was left with a 5-year old son she sent to and from school while juggling her work in a clinic. She didn't receive child support; she didn't have a family member to help her out with her son. Her father was dying of cancer. She was all alone and left with no choice. What adds to the awful situation is that she had no clients, but never gave up. With patience and dedication, she painstakingly worked on her portfolio by scrapbooking. She went to every place she could get friendly with the owners and presented what she had. That's when her efforts paid off. To this day, she looks back with pride in her achievements. It was a choice of fight or flight. She chose to fight... and see where it got her today - on the wings of success.


2 Oct 2020

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9: Valerie Weber, Dermagrafix

Extra/Ordinary Small Business

If you mention the name Valerie Weber or Dermagrafix in permanent cosmetic circles, you may get a look of recognition or admiration.  Valerie Weber is an international name in her industry, a talented artist and a savvy business owner. When you meet Val or browse her social media, you will encounter a poised, professional and successful artist-meets-mogul who seems effortless in her delivery. But the truth is, Weber achieved those things through a lot of hard work and determination.   Having made the choice to strike it out of her own while settling into a new life as a single mother, Valerie shares her outlook on what it takes to get to where you want to go in your career and in your life.  Valerie kept a hold of her vision and ambition to make a business and a better life for herself and her son. Today, she is a mother of two sons, a wife to a loving and supportive husband, and an all-around boss.     Are you connected with Extra/Ordinary Small Business?   Instagram: @extraordinarysmallbusiness Facebook: @extraordinarysmallbusiness Online: extraordinarysmallbusiness.com <-- Sign up for our email!   Want to be featured on Extra/Ordinary Small Business?  Head to extraordinarysmallbusiness.com to apply.


11 Feb 2019