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Jess MacIntyre & Nat Moores discuss profit & purpose

Agency Dealmasters podcast

Jessica Manintire and Natalie Moores are the co-founders of a fantastic communications agency called Mac & Moore. Where do I start, in 2016 on the back of the doom and gloom of Trump, Brexit, they really wanted to see a change in the world so they set up the agency. They were in-house at agencies before and worked with a tech startup that failed, and at that point, they joined forces and decided to do something a little bit different. About 3/4 of the way into the interview Jess quotes an author who says, i’m completely happy when my brain, heart and gut aligns and I think you’ll hear that come through in their stories. They truly live their purpose and have built an amazing business around it. We discuss everything from: What profit and purpose actually means How to get purpose right Black lives matter Why female founders need to be more resilient that their male counterparts. Launching a business in 2016, although 2016 seems calm and uneventful by 2020 standards If you are remotely interested in, Making the world better, then you will find this conversation to be absolutely fascinating, so without me keeping you in suspense any further, my conversation with Natalie Moores and Jessica Macintyre.


30 Jun 2020