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044: An Athlete Turned Into A Professional Forex Trader w/ Chris Lori

Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Chris Lori: An Athlete Turned Into A Professional Forex Trader I find it fascinating sometimes how traders vary in their backgrounds. Some had a regular job or came straight out of school. Others had nothing. But, how about an athlete who re-oriented his career to trade as a professional Forex trader? In episode 44 of the Desire To Trade Podcast, I interview Chris Lori, a former athlete who trained himself to become a professional Forex trader. Chris currently does workshops around the world and is very passionate about trading. Over the course of this interview, Chris shared about his trading methodology, which consists of benefiting from decreases in volatility and periods of consolidations. We discussed the process of developing yourself as a trader while watching the charts. The one thing you should get from this interview is the crucial importance of having a development plan. [bctt tweet="Focus on a development plan if you want to succeed as a trader - @chrislorifx" username="DesireToTrade"] Question & Cheat Sheet - Chris Lori How Chris got introduced to Forex trading The power of price action and understanding price behaviors The important is to focus on behaviors you understand and make sure that they fit your criteria. Trading plans are good, development plans are better! The goal is not to copy other people. That won't make you successful. How to create your development plan (VERY powerful) What you can do to improve instantaneously by yourself It consists of watching the charts. You'll brain will develop itself that way. Make sure you do it properly (don't just sit and watch passively). Stay objective! How to control your emotional state The #1 advice Chris has to offer aspiring traders And much more! What is one thing you are going to implement after listening to this podcast? Leave a comment below, or join me in the Facebook group! The music at the end of the podcast has been produced by Daniel Hoshor. If you want custom & tailor-made music for your business, make sure to check him out at www.thedannyboiexperience.com. Show notes: http://wp.me/p6qxZI-RI Get the FREE Complete Price Action Strategy Checklist!


15 Nov 2021

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Trailer to Episode 37 | Chris Lori - forex trader


Chris Lori talks to me on A Trader’s Life this week. After retiring from Olympic sport Chris got into trading; he put the hours in, worked on his discipline, till he became world class at that too.. Having made a comfortable living for himself from trading, he took a look around the world and decided he wanted to help people much less fortunate than himself – he set up an anti-sex trafficking organisation in South East Asia. Listen to the full episode from the audio file stacked above this one.Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/penrakespodcasts)


2 Jun 2021

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Episode 37 | Chris Lori - forex trader


My guest today is a man who has always had an appetite for risk. In his youth he was a bobsled driver competing in 4 Winter Olympic Games. Retiring from sport he got into trading, he put the hours in, worked on his discipline, till he became world class at that too. Having made a comfortable living for himself from trading, he took a look around the world and decided he wanted to help people much less fortunate than himself – he set up an anti-sex trafficking organisation in South East Asia. My guest today is by his actions alone an exceptional human being – Chris Lori.  --BEFORE YOU HEAD OFF… as we all know, a lot can go wrong in trading. Some days you can find yourself gasping for breath and telling yourself you need a complete break from it.Well, take a look at this. It’s a way of making passive income by taking a stake in the crypto space but doesn’t require you to trade crypto. The company in question is called Yieldnodes. And essentially, what these guys do is provide cutting edge services to the blockchain network, such as maintaining e-wallets and the like.It’s very easy to get set up on the platform, and the returns are truly exceptional, averaging around 10% per month. Once you factor in compounding you could be looking at just north of 200% per annum. Here’s another thing I think is really important: Yieldnodes have allowed members to audit their incomings and outgoings and found them to be entirely transparent.  I personally think this is an exciting proposition and, if you sign up through my link, instead of the usual minimum deposit of 500 Euros, you can make a start with just 50 Euros. Heck, some people put that on the lottery every weekend! So why not plant a seed today with Yieldnodes and see what grows from there?By pass the 500 Euro minimum requirment and start participating in the Yieldnodes project with as little as 50 Euros via this link while helping to keep this podcast going.  https://yieldnodes.com/atraderslife Support the show (https://www.patreon.com/penrakespodcasts)


2 Jun 2021

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Episode 59 - Chris Lori, 4x Olympic Bobsledder & Anti-Sex Trafficking Crusader

Straight Outta Windsor

This is a powerful episode.Chris Lori is a four time Olympian, competing for the Canadian Bobsled Team and later coaching the American Bobsled Team to Silver and Bronze Medals. Chris later became a self-made man as a foreign exchange trader in Singapore, where he learned about the children's sex-trade crisis in surrounding countries. Chris has gone undercover in many operatives and raids, which have gone on to save hundreds of girls. He is a real life superhero.Follow Chris:Facebook - Chris LoriTwitter - @chrislorifx Follow this show:Facebook - Straight Outta WindsorTwitter - @thatwindsorshow Powered by: Libro Credit UnionFor banking that fits your life, visit libro.ca/mylifehere The Straight Outta Windsor Podcast part of the Border City Networkbordercitynetwork.com 

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19 Mar 2019

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17: Stop Looking for “Copy Me” Systems, Start Understanding Price Behavior & Refining Your Psychological Profile w/ Chris Lori

Trading Nut | Trader Interviews - Forex, Futures, Stocks (Robots & More)

Download Chris' best interview quotes here: https://tradingnut.com/chris-lori/?r=podDownload the Robot Traders Guide - How to Make a Fortunate Trading Robots: https://tradingnut.com/robottradingguide/?r=podEnter the Demo Trading Edu-Contest here: https://tradingnut.com/democomp/Subscribe to Cam's Youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/tradingnut?sub_confirmation=1

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8 Jan 2019

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Episode 6: Interview with Chris Lori of ProTraders Club

Trading with Venus Podcast: Forex Trading | Finance | Investing | Lifestyle

An in-depth understanding of the market, discipline and consistency are some of the key components for trading success. But how do you develop these?  It is my pleasure to chat with Chris Lori on this show who shares some golden nuggets on how to develop as a trader and the importance of having a trading Development Plan. Listen to the show to see how you can come up with one yourself. Chris is a registered CTA and a Fund Manager. He has over 16 years of experience in trading Forex. Prior to his trading career, Chris was a decorated Olympian in the sport of bobsledding with 9 Crystal Globes, 22 world cup medals and an overall World cup title to his name.


5 Aug 2015

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EP3 // Ex-Olympian Chris Lori And How Sports Apply To Forex Trading

The Trading Lifestyle Podcast: Trading Heroes Forex Trading Blog | Pro Trader Interviews

Forex Trader Chris Lori Today I am happy to have on the podcast, professional trader, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), fund manager and Forex mentor Chris Lori.  I have known Chris for awhile now and when I first started to trade, he was instrumental in getting me started on the right foot.  Although I have been in contact with Chris via email over the years, I have never spoken to him in person, so I was excited to finally get to chat. In addition to his accomplishments in trading, Chris also participated in four Olympic Winter Games as a member of the Canadian Bobsleigh Team.  He has won multiple Crystal Globes and World Cup Medals during his athletic career. As I have written about before, the very first Forex trading course that I purchased was from an “educator” named Aden Rusfeldt.  It turns out that the course was a total scam and I completely wasted my money. Chris' course was the second education package that I picked up and I was a little skeptical at first and understandably so, based on my previous experience.  But as I went through the first few DVDs, I started to realize that what he was teaching was legit because I could see what he was talking about on the live charts and it make me look at the charts in a completely different way. To this day, I still believe that his educational material on price action is one of the best on the market, especially for beginning Forex traders.  He trades almost solely on price action and his favorite pair is the AUD/JPY.  I just ordered his course on trading the AUD/JPY and I am interested to learn how he trades it during the Asian Session, which is typically a much lower volatility session. Chris was in Western Australia during this interview, where he spends a lot of time.  That is the beauty of being an independent professional trader, you can pick up and work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. I hope you enjoy this episode and if you have any questions for Chris, please leave them below!  Also be sure to check out the other interviews in The Trading Lifestyle podcast series. In This Episode: Find out if he thinks backtesting is worthwhile or not How his athletic background made him a better trader What Chris' father did to help him become a currency trader The age that he started trading and the exact timeline of his trading progress How he built his trading stake Advice that he has for traders who want to start managing money What really exploded his trading results Click Play To Listen To The Interview Resources Mentioned: Pro Traders Club Chris backtests with Forex Tester Free material on ChrisLori.com Other Ways To Get The Trading Lifestyle Podcast: Click here to subscribe via iTunes (If you liked it, a five-star review would be greatly appreciated, thanks!) Click here to subscribe via RSS (non-iTunes feed) Click here to hear the other episodes Right-click here to download the MP3 Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links in which I get a commission if you purchase through those links.  It doesn't cost you anything extra and part of my commission goes to support Kiva.  I have personally gone through Chris' training material and highly recommend it. The post EP3 // Ex-Olympian Chris Lori And How Sports Apply To Forex Trading appeared first on Trading Heroes.


6 Mar 2012