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Ep. 219: Ki Tisa with Rabbi Ben Spratt and Cantor Shayna De Lowe

Drinking and Drashing: Torah with a Twist

In times of missing leadership, it’s easy to understand how a crowd could descend into crisis and chaos. When leadership is great and change is understood, a crowd turns into a community, one which is willing to stretch with its leaders, supporting, pivoting, and contributing to the change at hand. We welcomed the brilliance of Rabbi Ben Spratt and Cantor Shayna De Lowe of Congregation Rodeph Sholom as we navigated losing the scarcity mindset, leaning into the benefits of change and constraints, and finding holy moments (even when in hidden clefts). To continue the conversation: Rabbi Spratt’s Email: rabbispratt@crsnyc.org Rabbi Spratt’s Study Phone: 646-454-3027 Cantor De Lowe’s Email: cantordelowe@crsnyc.org Cantor De Lowe’s Study Phone: 646-454-3031 Congregation Rodeph Sholom: RodephSholom.org Show the love with some Drinking and Drashing: Torah with a Twist merchandise at store.drinkinganddrashing.com, and don’t forget to subscribe and give us a rating on Apple Podcasts—it’s a great way to help our show grow! Edited by Kate Griffin


14 Feb 2022

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Rabbi Ben Spratt on Genesis 3:24 -- "A Surprising Stroll Through the Garden of Eden"

The Rabbi's Husband

On today’s episode, our Rabbi’s husband is joined by his great friend, and a Cantor’s husband, Rabbi Ben Spratt. Rabbi Spratt spent his early years exploring his Jewish identity, journeying through the many worlds of Judaism before finding a home within the Reform movement, and in 2008, he was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America where he was the recipient of many awards and prizes. Currently, he is the beloved Senior Associate Rabbi of Congregation Rodeph Sholom and the Rabbi-in-Residence of Rodeph Sholom School. Rabbi Spratt has chosen Genesis 3:24 to discuss with Mark.He begins the discussion by sharing his Jewish journey, precisely what interests him about the Garden of Eden, and both the conventional reading of today’s passage as well as a more radical reading of it. He and Mark then explore the side of God that tests us, the significance of choosing knowledge over immortality, and Judaism’s perspective on living forever. Rabbi Spratt then describes his approach to supporting those who are dealing with death, and reveals what he feels is the path to knowledge, connection, and relationship, as well as the lessons he has learned about mankind. Today’s enlightening conversation offers you the opportunity to go beyond the conventional and expand your understanding of this magnificent text with two passionate and insightful seekers of biblical truth.Episode Highlights: Rabbi Spratt’s Jewish journey What interests Rabbi Ben about the Garden of Eden The conventional reading of this story A more radical reading of it The side of God that tests us The significance of choosing knowledge over immortality Judaism’s perspective on living forever Rabbi Spratt’s approach to supporting those dealing with death The path to knowledge, connection and relationship The lessons about mankind that Rabbi Ben has learned Quotes:“God expelling them from the Garden of Eden actually sets up the idea that the only aspect, perhaps, that distinguishes us from God is that we are mortal. And that I think is a very radical read.”“Maybe this is the very path of what Torah is all about - that part of what we’re called to do is to bring that innate curiosity, the inquisitive spirit that makes us want to plumb the depths…the divine aspect of us which is reaching for more and more knowledge.”“In the Jewish imagination…our origin story is one where we’re reaching actually for knowledge instead of immortality.”“You live forever through the deeds that you do in this chronologically finite life.”“I believe that we are all wired just to be boundary crossers…our heroes are always the boundary crossers.”“Our most fundamental need is connectedness.”Genesis 3:24 He drove the man out, and stationed east of the garden of Eden the cherubim and the fiery ever-turning sword, to guard the way to the tree of life. https://www.sefaria.org/Genesis.3.24?lang=bi&with=all&lang2=enLinks:The Rabbi’s Husband homepage: http://therabbishusband.com/Mark’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/markgerson?lang=en-


30 Jul 2020

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Episode 92: Reinventing Synagogue - Matt Gewirtz, Ben Spratt, Blair Albom

Judaism Unbound

Dan and Lex are joined by three guests, Matt Gewirtz, Ben Spratt, and Blair Albom, who have helped to shape Tribe, a Jewish organization co-founded by a partnership of two Reform synagogues that is devoted to meaning-making and community-building in New York City, serving (and led by) Millennials. Matthew Gewirtz is Senior Rabbi of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun in Short Hills, NJ, and Ben Spratt is Associate Rabbi of Congregation Rodeph Sholom in Manhattan; this episode is part of our series exploring Reform Judaism. If you're en joying Judaism Unbound please help us keep things going with a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation. Support Judaism Unbound by clicking here. To access full shownotes for this episode, click here!


17 Nov 2017