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Eclectic Soundtrax Podcast - #43 w/ Travis Larson and Jennifer Young

Eclectic Soundtrax Podcast (ESP)

On this episode we chat with guitarist Travis Larson and bassist Jennifer Young of the Travis Larson Band. This show was a beautiful disaster of false starts, potty breaks and audio malfunctions, but we had a blast! And from what we learned about DIY touring, the messiness somehow seems fitting. Ever sit in a van driving cross country surrounded by music gear while the milk-addicted driver chomps copious amounts of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the dude in the back haphazardly eats a bowl of rice? Well, Jennifer Young has.  Travis, Jennifer and drummer Dale Moon have had a fascinating career spanning three decades. Our two guests met as teenagers in San Luis Obispo, CA and later met Dale (the new guy... of 23 years) from Eureka further up the west coast. These days the three all live within biking distance of their musical office, Treehouse Studios. They also record "the loud stuff" at Avalon Studios with audio engineer and touring sound-man, Kip Stork. The two initially played different instruments in their younger years but transitioned to guitar and bass around the time they met. Both shared a love for progressive rock and fusion bands and began to share mix tapes of influences such as Rush, ELP, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, and Steve Morse. Dale entered a few years later in the midst of a hiatus due to a torn rotator cuff, and the band built a studio to record their first album as Dale rehabilitated. Their debut record came out in 1998.  As they began to write and perform, the duo worked at a video store. Jennifer's dedication to the band was such that she traded her beloved, hard-earned Camaro for the band's first tour van. TLB then cut their teeth by regionally touring, and as their reputation grew they began getting offers for endorsement deals from companies such as San Luis Obispo based, Ernie Ball/MusicMan. This led to unique opportunities to do guitar clinics across the country and the band began to expand their fanbase and musical network beyond the west coast. TLB has also been a staple performing at NAMM shows for over two decades.  We discuss the band's origins, their inspiring trajectory of success, the recording process, live and studio gear, innovative tour vans, and then somehow get into Travis's obsession with milk. We also hear about their long-running relationship with fusion rock trio The Aristocrats, and find out bassist Bryan Bellar has insanely great hair and loves spreadsheets. With seven 7 albums and 3 full-length performance DVDs, the Travis Larson Band is firmly rooted as one of instrumental music’s premiere acts, having worked on record with Steve Lukather, Victor Wooten, Dave LaRue (Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Dixie Dregs), Vinx (Sting, Herbie Hancock). They have toured and/or shared the stage with such notable acts as Ted Nugent, UFO, Steve Morse, and The Aristocrats. TLB Endorses MusicMan, Electro-Voice, Markbass, DV Mark, Gtretsch, Sabian Skunk Endorses Godin Guitars, Tregan Guitars, Ernie Ball, 5 Iron Woodworks Intro Music: Bionic as Hell by Skunk Manhattan Outro Music: Golconda by Travis Larson Band. For more great guests SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, FOLLOW --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app

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11 Apr 2021

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Interview 15: Jennifer Young

The Wellington Hustle Interview Project

Find more interviews like this one at the Wellington Hustle Interview Project.Listen to the interview on your favourite podcast app: Apple Podcasts | Stitcher Radio | Spotify | GoogleThis month I’m joined by Jennifer Young.Jen describes herself as a recovered-admitted-lawyer-turned-Workplace-Wellbeing-Specialist, Life & Resilience Coach, Facilitator, Mental Health Advocate, Youth Leadership Development Advisor and Writer.After university, Jennifer moved to Wellington and took up a role in Leadership Development.During this time, she struggled with the transition from study to work. This was compounded by the fact that her initial workplace had a bullying environment. Over time Jen vowed that she never wanted another person to have this same experience and Intentional Generations was created. Now, let’s listen to this interview with Jennifer Young…Q1 WHAT WAS YOUR VISION WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED YOUR VENTURE?To be a judge and make decisions to help the lives of others. Although, that would be many decades in the future.At the start of my career, I found myself in such a toxic work environment. I developed anxiety and depression. I had to quickly learn to manage my mental wellbeing. Specifically prioritising my mental health.The idea for JenY Insites (now Intentional Generations), was influenced by my first working experience. The reality was so different from what I had imagined work-life to be. I was shocked. I never wanted another person to experience that kind of treatment. This influenced my passion to make changes in organisations. Helping others develop the confidence to bring about the understanding of wellbeing and mental health. I value variety and freedom. Being able to help a range of organisations from corporates, government to schools is important to me. Impacting people, helping them develop skills to navigate life's challenges.I unintentionally started in 2017 with my blog, JenY Insights. I shared tools, resources and what I’d learnt over the years working in Leadership Development. The vision was to take the training for senior leaders and make it accessible to those less privileged. I also shared my own experience as I trained myself. After moving from consulting to a corporate learning and development role, I noticed my anxiety starting to return. Part of it may have been the environment, but I had a voice inside telling me to get out. I couldn't ignore it anymore. I had to take my own advice and access my greatest growth by stepping out of my comfort zone.To form a new habit you need to do something for at least forty days before it becomes automatic. So, I challenged myself to a ’Forty days of Facing Fear’ practice. I was scared of rejection, failing and even succeeding. So I did one thing that scared me every day for forty days. It forced me out of my comfort zone, growing my confidence exponentially. Next, I travelled to Italy and taught English for three months. On returning, I knew that I wanted to help people every day for the rest of my life. Everybody gets a sense of looking up to people who seem to be doing great things. Think of an amazing person riding a lion. Those watching are in awe. That person seems so crazy and adventurous. The reality is that person is thinking “Holy shit, how do I get off, I’m going to be eaten alive!!!” That's very much what it is like to be an entrepreneur. I can't take credit for that metaphor. It came from a mentor, Toby Thomas.Q2 HOW DID YOU DEAL WITH EARLY SETBACKS?I have a lovely network of friends, called Founders Supporting Founders. We discuss life beyond social media. setbacks and challenges. I committed to being really honest about my challenges publicly. For the first year and a half, I earned very little. I was giving a lot of my time away fro free. I didn't know how to charge. I had no experience in running a business. I was wearing twenty different hats. CMO, COO, CEO, sales, networking and delivery.I would get offers to speak at many events, but most would expect me to present for free. Just because I was new. That was an exhausting setback. Nine months in, I was burning the candle at both ends while reminding myself to take care of my wellbeing. It was difficult. People don’t talk about how hard starting a business can be. Especially when you don’t have the luxury to hire help.Working out my worth, another comfort zone challenge for me. Up until this point nobody had openly talked with me about how to charge for my service. I started by talking to people more experienced in their coaching / public speaking journey. It taught me what was or wasn’t normal to charge. The best bit of advice I received was to charge for your worth. Even if it’s uncomfortable. It’s not just the hour I spend with a client. It’s the preparation beforehand and don’t forget all that training and previous experience. I also learnt, that in a corporate market, if I didn’t charge enough, I wouldn’t be taken seriously and I’d lose the contract.I have to be assertive and clear on my worth. Time and energy are incredibly precious resources. There are only so many hours in a day. I can't be everywhere providing my service for free. I’ve learnt to be a lot more discerning.Q3 WAS THERE A TIME YOU WANTED TO GIVE UP?Yes! Two or three times over the last three years. Giving up, or at least taking a break. Finding a job, having a steady paycheque with training, holiday and sick pay.In reality, I may have had challenging days, but on reflection, it's very clear that I don't want to work in a full-time office environment.In those challenging times, I’ve learnt to ask my network for help. It’s surprised me how generous my community is when I share with vulnerability and openness. So grateful for those in my network. Many have become amazing friends. I’ve learned to step back, reassess the situation, then make decisions that align with my values.COVID has been challenging for my business sense. Many people said that they wanted my services, but didn't have the budget. During the New Zealand initial lockdown, I gave away my services at reduced rates or for free. Not sustainable from a business perspective. Thankfully the last two months have massive. I'm booked out until January 2021.COVID tested my confidence and commitment. Even though I'm supporting hundreds of people, I still need support as well. Luckily, Wellington is the most incredible community. Particularly over the last year, I learnt that even though I work within wellbeing, understanding all the resources available, I can still struggle. I’ve doubled down on being more compassionate to myself. Just because I work in wellbeing, doesn’t mean I have to be perfect.Q4 WERE THERE ANY TRAPS THAT YOU FELL INTO?I’ve never shared this before. One trap I’ve learnt to navigate learning to see people’s intentions for meeting with me. Some were professional, others would be asking for my WhatsApp number or to take me out for coffee!Being a young female, using social media to authentically share my journey publicly, I have to be careful who I agree to meet. I’ve unfortunately had a few meetings with potential clients where I ended up with a dating proposition instead. The way I dress or how friendly I appear could potentially send the wrong message. I’m strict about only meeting new people in a public setting. Sadly, this is still a thing.Possibly it's because of my caring nature. Maybe it’s from my counselling training and listening skills. Some people may not have experienced this kind of attention. Q5 WHAT INSPIRES AND MOTIVATES YOU?This podcast gives a great insight into creating a new venture. It’s not all lollipops and rainbows.Being aware of just how privileged I am. My older brother, Alex, passed away from cancer when I was eight years old. He was my best friend. This keeps me grounded. I often give back to communities that support disable kids or those struggling with cancer.My mum. She’s one of the most resilient people that I know. She’s lost a child and last year she beat cancer. That was really hard to go through as a family. Past experiences. The ones I would hate others to experience. They inspire me to do my work. Training people to be more resilient and navigate life’s challenges.Q6 CAN YOU DESCRIBE A BREAKTHROUGH THAT YOU'RE PARTICULARLY PROUD OF?Completing my forty days of fear challenge. Working out what I wanted from life and taking a stand for it.During the first year, I treated my work as an experiment. The idea of running a business terrified me. I was only 25! Getting that affirmation that my ‘project’ was working was a huge breakthrough, boosting my confidence. Knowing that one insight I share may not just change someone's mind, but in fact, change their life.One lady came up to me after an event and said, “I’ve been to most of your events over the last year. There was one event I didn’t feel like attending. I was feeling suicidal, but I went. You shared how you’re guided by getting up, dressing up and showing up every single day. No matter what. No matter how small. Even if it's just getting up, having a shower and going for a walk to the letterbox and back. You stopped me from taking my life that day.” Now that was an ‘oh shit’ breakthrough. Realising what I do is way bigger than me just saying some inspirational stuff. When I started being vulnerable about my struggles with mental health, everything shifted. It removed the perception that I was perfect and helped people relate.Q7 WHAT DO YOU SEE AS BEING YOUR BIGGEST LESSON?Discovering my vision and what I wanted to do with life. I would rather spend sixty hours per week building my dream than somebody else’s who’s values done align with mine.During my first career consulting, I was chatting with a senior leader who told me, “Don’t waste your life, figure out what cause and impact that sets your heart alight. You don’t want to get to my age and find that you’re in a job you hate. I’m overweight, my wife is divorcing me, my kids can’t stand me, I have a huge mortgage and I’m totally stuck.” He looked close to tears. That image is still with me. Spending time reflecting, practising mindfulness, yoga, dance, whatever helps you get to know yourself is one of the best time investments you’ll ever make.   Q8 HAS YOUR VISION AWAYS BEEN CLEAR AND HOW HAS IT EVOLVED?There's pressure to figure out what it is we want from life and to stick with it. But, life isn't linear.Research says we're going to have at least three careers in a lifetime. But sometimes we have to adapt. My vision hasn't always been clear. Even now, I’m really busy with a huge variety of clients. I know in the new year I'll be taking time to reflect on my vision.My vision in January 2020 was very clear. I wanted to be performance dancing (no), run a retreat in Bali (no), write a book (no), run a six-figure business (not quite, thanks COVID I’ll get there).The reality is that nothing is set in stone. My vision of positively impacting a culture change to be more inclusive, intentional and adaptive is still there. However that happens, I’ll have to figure it out.Q9 WHAT WOULD YOU DO DIFFERENTLY IF YOU HAD TO START AGAIN FROM SCRATCH?I would probably have worked part-time to keep things less financially stressful. Hindsight is a beautiful thing. Instead, I dived straight in after travelling. I was so stubborn and determined not to go back into the corporate world. That financial stress wasn’t fun. I started working out of the BizDojo from the beginning. I’m so grateful for my time with that community. It taught me so much about building a business, connecting with others and I gained confidence in my skills as a baby coach and speaker. I would engage a coach or mentor earlier for professional advice also.CONNECT WITH JENNIFERIf you have enjoyed this article and want to start a conversation with Jen, you can reach out on:Websites: Intentional GenerationsLinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jenniferjyoung/Instagram: @jenyinsightsPlease don’t forget to tell Jennifer that I sent you.Interview and photography by Wellington Headshot Photographer, Tim Morrison (all rights reserved)


31 Jan 2021

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Ep:28 Wellbeing, resilience and being kind with Jennifer Young

Inspire Group Podcast

Jennifer Young is a recovering-admitted-lawyer-turned-Workplace-Wellbeing-Consultant, Resilience Coach, Facilitator and Writer. She has worked in public sector leadership development, corporate instructional design, start-up growth and with youth/young adults, with a focus on emotional wellbeing, transformational human development, innovation and intergenerational collaboration. In this episode, Inspire Group's Nic Veltman interviews Jennifer Young and covers: Conversations that we can no longer ignore, around vulnerability, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion Uncertainty and reintegration anxiety with people returning to a new normal at work How we treat ourselves ripples out to others  "Be kind to yourself, be kind to others and be kind to the environment around you" - Jennifer Young from Intentional Generations Jen founded Intentional Generations (previously 'Jen Y Insights') after 5 years of seeing consistent problems in organisations and with individuals related to: poor emotional wellbeing, toxic working cultures, intergenerational misunderstandings and a fear of innovation. People work with Jen to make change and impact without burning out and elevate them to their definitions of deeply fulfilling and deeply impactful lives. Jen also works with the community and our younger generations with challenges including climate anxiety/eco-depression, social media boundaries, self-leadership, anxiety and resilience. Check out Jen's LinkedIn page and the Intentional Generations website for more after this podcast! Feedback: Any feedback or ideas on how we can make this podcast better please let us know by emailing: info@inspiregroup.co.nz Connect to us online everywhere: Visit our website: https://www.inspiregroup.co.nz/ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/inspiregroupnz/ Linkedin page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/inspire-group Instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/inspire_group/ Connect with Jennifer Young: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jenniferjyoung/


7 Jul 2020

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S01 Episode 07: William Bilkie the last mail coach guard with Jennifer Young

On The Hill

In the mid-1850s, William Stevens Bilkie was working as a mail coach guard from Falmouth to Plymouth. The arrival of the train to Cornwall in 1859 would bring an end to his job, but William continued to reinvent himself and to actively participate in Falmouth. A renown storyteller and floriculturist, he left behind a legacy that it still around today. What was the mail coach era like? How did the people of Cornwall deal with the arrival of the railway from Plymouth? And how did Falmouth Cemetery kept up with a town outgrowing its boundaries?


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Interview with Dr. Jennifer Young, the President of the Ontario College of Family Physicians (The Choosing Wisely Campaign)


🟦Welcome to SciSection! Joining us today is our special guest Dr. Jennifer Young, the president of the Ontario College of Family Physicians🩺! We'll be learning about the Choosing Wisely campaign and her work with the campaign, which aims to reduce unnecessary tests and treatments in health care💉💊.  🟨Journalist: Emily O’Halloran 🟦Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and catch us live on the radio on CFMU 93.3 FM Wednesdays at 6pm. For more info and SciSection content, check us out on our website! 🟨Curious about a topic? Want to hear us talk about it? Any feedback? Let us know by sending an email to scisectionshow@gmail.com!


12 Nov 2019

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Episode 4 - Fundraising Your Film - Interview with Jennifer Young, Securities Lawyer

Legal Cut Pro

We interview Jennifer Young, lawyer and partner at Bryan & Company LLP about what filmmakers need to be wary of if they want to sell shares or other "securities" to raise money for their projects. Jennifer Young: http://bryanco.com/edmonton/our-lawyers/name/jennifer-young/ National Instrument 45-106 Prospectus and Registration Exemptions https://www.albertasecurities.com/-/media/ASC-Documents-part-1/Regulatory-Instruments/2018/10/3242033-v4-NI-45-106-Clean.ashx This podcast is brought to you by AMPIA and its professional development team. Special thanks to Jane Toogood, our audio editor. Greg: greg@legalcutpro.com and on Twitter @cyclaw Michelle: michelle@legalcutpro.com and Instagram @michellemolineux http://redframelaw.com/legalcutpro/ Intro sound clip "Film Projector Countdown" Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch , used under CC-BY3 license . Sound clip has been truncated from its original form. Outtro sound clip "Film Projector - Reel Runs Out" by Stefan021 , CC0 1.0 © 2019 RedFrame Law. Some rights reserved. This podcast episode is licensed to you under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC 4.0 licence. Details of this licence are available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/4.0/.


24 Apr 2019

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Jennifer Young on Red Arena

Dr Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years

This is going to be a special program that is dedicated to our disabled chidren of today and an incredible woman, Jennifer Young who has created and developed a beautiful program for chidren with Autism, and other disabilities.  The Red Arena horse ranch located in Dripping Springs is a incredible place with magical healing surroundings with horses.  Jennifer Young will discuss the history, today's goals and future of The Red Arena. Jennifer will also talk of the 8th annual benefit taking place on June 1 and 2 at The Dripping Springs Ranch Park where the public can come free of charge and take part of the many events.Join us

1hr 4mins

6 May 2018

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Ep.12 – Jennifer Young and Kayvon Kordestani

Drunk Broadway

C’mon babe why don’t we paint town and all that jazz, here on Drunk Broadway where we discuss cocktails and jazz hands with a fanatical passion. My guests for this episode are Jennifer Young and Kayvon Kordestani. Jennifer and I shared the stage in Miss Saigon and Young Frankenstein, so I had a front row...

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6 Dec 2017

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Amps & Axes - #118 - Jennifer Young

Amps & Axes Podcast

Greetings AaA Fans and welcome back to the Amps and Axes Podcast. In this installment, the guys begin with the discussion of not one, but two listener responses to the mention last week of Mr Billy F Gibbons in Cuba. One is a clarification and one is a tale of friendship, so a big thank you to the listeners. Next there is a bit of talk about Jeff's new acquisition, actually a gift from the wonderful Ms Petra. Then it's on to the guest of the week, a female four string slinger who holds down the bottom end for our previous guest, Travis Larson. Please welcome the very talented Ms Jennifer Young. Enjoy!  

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12 Mar 2016