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Rob McConnell Interviews - JIM MARRS - The Sisterhood of The Rose

The 'X' Zone Radio/TV Show

A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Marrs earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from the University of North Texas in 1966 and attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock for two years more. He has worked for several Texas newspapers, including the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, where beginning in 1968 he served as police reporter and general assignments reporter covering stories locally, in Europe and the Middle East. After a leave of absence to serve with a Fourth Army intelligence unit during the Vietnam War, he became military and aerospace writer for the newspaper and an investigative reporter. Since 1980, Mr. Marrs has been a free-lance writer, author and public relations consultant. He also published a rural weekly newspaper along with a monthly tourism tabloid, a cable television show and several videos. Since 1976, Mr. Marrs has taught a course on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy at the University of Texas at Arlington. In 1989, his book, Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, was published to critical acclaim and reached the New York Times Paperback Non-Fiction Best Seller list in mid-February 1992. It became a basis for the Oliver Stone film JFK. Mr. Marrs served as a chief consultant for both the film's screenplay and production. Beginning in 1992, Mr. Marrs spent three years researching and completing a non-fiction book on a top-secret government program involving the psychic phenomenon known as remote viewing only to have it mysteriously cancelled as it was going to press in the summer of 1995. Within two months, the story of military-developed remote viewing broke nationally in the Washington Post after the CIA held a press conference revealing the program but putting their own spin on psychic studies. "Psi Spies" is now available from JimMarrs.com. In May, 1997, Marrs' in-depth investigation of UFOs, Alien Agenda, was published by HarperCollins Publishers. Mr. Marrs has been a featured speaker at a number of national conferences including the Annual International UFO Congress and the Annual Gulf Breeze UFO Conference. Publisher's Weekly described Alien Agenda as "the most entertaining and complete overview of flying saucers and their crew in years." The paperback edition was released in mid-1998 and has since become the best-selling UFO book ever in the United States. Beginning in 2000, he began teaching a course on UFOs at the University of Texas at Arlington. In early 2000, HarperCollins published Rule by Secrecy, which traced the hidden history that connects modern secret societies to the Ancient Mysteries. In 2003, his book The War on Freedom probed the conspiracies of the 9/11 attacks and their aftermath. An award-winning journalist, Mr. Marrs is listed both in Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in America. Mr. Marrs has won several writing and photography awards including the Aviation/Aerospace Writer's Association's National Writing Award and Newsmaker of the Year Award from the Fort Worth Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. In 1993, Mr. Marrs received Freedom Magazine's Human Rights Leadership Award. Mr. Marrs has appeared on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CSPAN, the Discovery, Learning and History Channels, This Morning America, Geraldo, Montell Williams, Today and The Larry King, Rob McConnell's 'X' Zone Radio Show and Art Bell radio programs along with numerous national and regional radio and TV shows. He is a former president of the Press Club of Fort Worth and a current member of the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, and the Investigative Reporters and Editors. - www.jimmarrs.com*********To listen to all our XZBN shows, with our compliments go to: https://www.spreaker.com/user/xzoneradiotv AND NOW The ‘X’ Zone TV Channel on SimulTV - www.simultv.comThe ‘X’ Chronicles Newspaper - www.xchroniclesnewspaper.com *********


3 Oct 2022

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs Part 3

The Great Deception Podcast

Welcome back to episode 45 of The Great Deception Podcast where we wrap up the coverage of Jim Marrs' book 'The Rise of the Fourth Reich'.  He calls this section Rebuilding the Reich, American Style and attempts to connect America with the Fourth Reich. We'll look at Reagan/Bush relationship and the creation of 'continuity of government'.  Marrs uses multiple examples to show the dark force that really runs the nation; the Shadow Government. We'll examine deadly drugs like aspartame and how it came to market despite being a known carcinogen. He examines the destruction of religion in America and the Rockefeller funded education system. Finally he looks at psychology, public control and propaganda.  He shows how things like television, DAARPA, & HAARP may be designed to to harm humanity, not for the beneficial objectives they claim. Overall this has been an eye opening series, so make sure you go check out parts 1 & 2.Please share & review.  If you want to support the show or grab some merchandise, check out the links below:Mat from The Great Deception PodcastLinktree: https://linktr.ee/thegreatdeceptionpodcastIG: https://www.instagram.com/thegreatdeceptionpodcast/YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/Barons44Email: thegreatdeceptionpodcast@gmail.comTo Make Contributions:Venmo: https://account.venmo.com/u/Matthew-TerrillionPatreon: https://www.patreon.com/thegreatdeceptionpodcastMerch Store: https://my-store-cb4b4e.creator-spring.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-great-deception-podcast/support

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12 Aug 2022

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs Part 2

The Great Deception Podcast

Welcome to episode 44 of The Great Deception Podcast. This is Part 2 of the breakdown of Jim Marr's 'The Rise of the Fourth Reich' where you will hear the same names, many banking elites. The ratlines were one way the Nazi's escaped Germany with the help of the Vatican. The Gehlen Organization was a notorious spy organization with ties to US Agencies. America and Project Paperclip, bringing over a thousand Nazi's into American hands. The Space Race, was it US vs Russia, or was that a facade? Were they actually working together? Marrs' takes us thru Nazi Mind control programs, eugenics, and flouride. The JFK assassination, was it Nazi's that played a role in the assassination of an American President? Please share and leave a review... Mat from The Great Deception Podcast Linktree: https://linktr.ee/thegreatdeceptionpodcast IG: https://www.instagram.com/thegreatdeceptionpodcast/ YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/Barons44 Email: thegreatdeceptionpodcast@gmail.com To Make Contributions: Venmo: https://account.venmo.com/u/Matthew-Terrillion Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thegreatdeceptionpodcast Merch Store: https://my-store-cb4b4e.creator-spring.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-great-deception-podcast/support

1hr 59mins

5 Aug 2022

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs Part 1

The Great Deception Podcast

Welcome to episode 43 of The Great Deception Podcast where I will take a look at Part One of Jim Marrs' 'The Rise of the Fourth Reich'.  Even though Italy, Germany, and Japan surrendered, the Nazi Party never did. They rebranded & relocated. But there is also a "Shadow Government" that exists in the United States, is there a connection? Marrs presents a story of post WWII cover-ups and hidden Nazis and tries to explain every issue in the world today as stemming from Nazi influence.  Is this the case or just overstatement of Nazi power today? I will look at: If the Nazi's were the Third Reich, what were the first two? Communism and its rise thanks to the Bankers, and the difference between Communism and National Socialism. Names like Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schiffs, Warburgs, Morgans, Harrimans and Milners appear again and again. Rise of the Third Reich; Martin Bormann supported the idea “that Hitler was deliberately manipulated and placed into power, and secretly manipulated behind the scenes by more powerful forces than even he wielded, and, when he had served his purpose, was deliberately sabotaged and cast aside.” Who funded/backed the Third Reich? Prescott Bush, General Motors, Henry Ford, IBM & Thomas Watson and many more Nazi Wonder Weapons, did the Nazi's actually create the Atomic Bombs? Did the Nazi's find Solomon's Treasure? Does the Nazi underground run a Fourth Reich? "If we don’t stamp out the Nazi underground, it will make itself felt all over the world; in this country too. We may not have to wait ten years, perhaps not even five." Mat from The Great Deception Podcast Linktree: https://linktr.ee/thegreatdeceptionpodcast IG: https://www.instagram.com/thegreatdeceptionpodcast/ YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/Barons44 Email: thegreatdeceptionpodcast@gmail.com To Make Contributions: Venmo: https://account.venmo.com/u/Matthew-Terrillion Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/thegreatdeceptionpodcast Merch Store: https://my-store-cb4b4e.creator-spring.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/the-great-deception-podcast/support

2hr 1min

29 Jul 2022

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The Rise of the Fourth Reich – Jim Marrs

The Free Zone w/ Freeman Fly

Jim Marrs joins Freeman for a discussion of Alien connections to the Nazi elite and the rise of the Fourth Reich in America. Also discussed are the Annunaki, ancient Sumer and Egypt. Jim is an expert on Ancient Astronauts, the NWO, Nazi UFOs, Skull and Bones, Bush Dynasty, the CIA, and NSA, Trilateral Commission, Bilderbergers, […]


11 Jun 2022

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ET Agenda - Jim Marrs - Coast to Coast AM [06-11-97]

art bell tape vault

journalist jim marrs talks with art about his time studying the phenomenon and what ufo occupants might want from us

2hr 55mins

14 Feb 2022

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Remote Viewing Aliens - Jim Marrs

Ozark Mountain UFO Conference

The late Award-winning journalist and New York Times Best Selling author Jim Marrs presented a program on what the military-trained remote viewers experienced when using this mental technology to study alien life forms at the 2016 Ozark Mountain UFO Conference.Remote Viewing, a psychic technique developed and utilized by the U.S. Army, may have been instrumental in ending the Cold War as there were no longer any secrets thanks to the psychic experiments on the part of both the Soviets and the U.S. This practice has since been used to take a look at the different extraterrestrial species interacting with the Earth. FOLLOW US ON:Facebook: https://goo.gl/rwvBfwInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/ozarkmtpubTwitter: https://goo.gl/LunK5DWebsite: https://goo.gl/2d5cX4ASSOCIATED LINKS:Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.: https://goo.gl/xhgoAPQuantum Healing Hypnosis Academy: https://goo.gl/64G7RD

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14 Dec 2021

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Remote Viewing Aliens | Jim Marrs


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8 Nov 2021

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BoA:Audio begins another journey into , Jim Marrs.

United Public Radio

BoA:Audio begins another journey into the world of the esoteric, the unknown, the paranormal, and the parapolitical as we launch Season 7 of the program with our traditional premiere guest: the legendary Jim Marrs.

1hr 43mins

15 Aug 2021

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NEO420 Talks - Jim Marrs. Criminal Revolving Door. Vance Jr & Krebs exposed!

NEO420 Talks

Host Pc looks at public information to analyze two criminals that need to be investigated for using their "position" in perpetrating crimes against US. They went to ds universities, then moved to questionable relationships with big-tech, and then found their way back to government where they used their position to be involved in coup*against*US. CRIMINAL CALLOUT!!!Cyrus Vance Jr is the son of a CFR and Trilateral Commission member who served as Secretary of State under President Carter, who also was CFT & Trilateral Commission member. Jr is trying to make a name for himself today by harassing President Trump for tax records previous to his term. This has never been allowed, but now the ds members are trying to create issue so President Trump can't seek public office ever again. More is detailed in the podcast recording. The second criminal WE THE PEOPLE need to arrest is Christopher (Chris) Krebs. He too went to university not far from Langley, and then worked for microsoft before applying for a job with federal government Homeland Security as Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Infrastructure Protection. His job was abolished after he was fired as it is now obvious that position is one of questionable integrity. Or maybe it's just the people who are in those roles. Know what I mean?FELLOW AMERICANS, we have to hold these criminals who work against US accountable for the crimes they have committed. Yes, they protect each other, but WE THE PEOPLE are a digital army moving to capture the criminals, hold them accountable, arrest them, and see them serve life at the spa aka gitmo. Stay tuned for more in depth reporting coming soon as WE are on the trail of the global cabal criminals and will not stop until they are arrested and serving time for what they have done to US. For those who do. I salute you!!!PcSupport the show


21 Apr 2021