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"Two Spiritual Teachers Walk Into An Open Mic" Featuring Author/Podcaster/Numerologist, Remington Donovan

The Rachel LaForce Show

We have made it to SZN three here at The Rachel LaForce Show and this episode's guest is a literal manifestation come true. I first discovered Remington on a podcast in 2020 and have learned from him ever since. Remington is a Father, a Podcaster, a Numerologist and now two time Author! We sit down to talk all things "LA" and how our journeys took us out of the Throat Chakra City of the World and into places we never seen coming! We walk through our creative journeys, and how "choosing" spirituality has expanded our work in ways that LA alone never could. Can we also interest you in a fun post office rant? All comics know to keep your opener fresh and this episode's opener is no exception. LOLZ. Remington shares his forecast for the 2023 energy. Welcome to the 7 year and the hidden magic of 7 offers us so much ease, romance and upgrades. If you've been looking to let our your inner epicurean, this is your year! For more ways to connect, support and learn from Remington Donovan please visit, themysticalarts.com. You can download The Mystical Arts Podcast here as well as order his book Numerology.  Tune out, tune in and Happy 7! 

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19 Jan 2023

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Remington Donovan - Just Be You: Numerology, Astrology and Tarot

The One Flow with Jai Gopal

Real psychics, readers, astrologers, palmists-- anyone who would give you calculated advice from the ethers, must be able to put their ego aside and zero out.  It's called Shuniya and the best spiritual advisors can do this.  As you can imagine there are few of them.  We talk about this, as well as the masters who came to the US in the sixties to bring the teachings for humanity.  What is numerology and tarot reading and how can it help guide a person's life?  Follow on TwitterInstagramFacebookTiktokLinkedinSubscribe to the Youtube channel and See This Episode on VideoSome Other Videos of interest on Youtube:1) Money Camp: What is Money, How is it created and How can I get more?2) The power of mantra and tuning in to higher dimensions3)  Explanation of the mantra Sat Nam, by The Master Yogi Bhajan4) The Truth In Storytelling with Award Winning Storyteller Michael David Ker#theoneflow #satnam #kundaliniyoga #lifestyleblog #meditation #kundaini #kundalinimeditation #yogibhajan #newage #power #positivity #gratitude #love #spirituality #selfhelp #ekongkar #sikh #lineage #swamiji #swamisatchitananda #remingtondonovan #tarot #astrology #numerology #psychics #psychicreading #therealdeal #himalayanmasters #swamiramajai gopal, jaigopal, kundalini yoga teacher, kundalini yoga and meditation, ek ong kar, sat nam, lifestyle, motivation, inspiration, self help, money, energy, energy flow, the one flow

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22 Nov 2022

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Numerology - the secret language of the Universe with Remington Donovan


We are BACK and in ENGLISH this time with an amazing guest, all the way from the United States. We proudly present - Remington Donovan, a master numerologist, a mystic and a spiritual teacher. He was literally born into the traditions of mysticism, spirituality and meditation, which naturally evolved into his now 30 years of experience practicing with tarot and numerology. He's also the author of the recently released book Numerology – A Beginner's Guide to the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers.We have listened to him on so many other podcasts so it was almost surreal that we got to have him on our own podcast and talk to him live.And what a beatutiful conversation. We talk about spirituality in general, the days when the meditation feels off, your "spiritual bank account" and the flow and alignment of things once you have started walking on your destiny path. And - of course we dive deep into numerology, the numerology chart and some of the specific numbers. We especially focus on the number 6 as this year is a 6 year (2+0+2+2=6).We will end here with the quote from Remington's book which we also read in the episode:"Practicing numerology is a fluid, artistic, creative poetic, emotional an enlightening experience."We hope you will enjoy this conversation as much as we did.If you want to know more about Remington check his webpage www.themysticalarts.com and follow him on instagram @themysicalarts (Please note that this is the correct one - not the one he mentions in the episode). If you want to check out and buy his book please check here.And if you want to follow us you find us on instagram @spiriturious Josefina @jflowsthlm and Emma på spirituous_emma.THANK YOU for listening!!Peace & LoveEmma and JosefinaSound: Tex, produktion & musik: Alvin Wetterholm och Eskil Lindh Hedegård, Digital Musikproduktion StorumanArtwork: Mikaela Aare See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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28 Apr 2022

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Remington Donovan on the Numerology + Eclipse Season of 2022

Coffee with the Docs

One of our faves, Remington Donovan is back! In this episode, Remington breaks down the numerology of 2022 (it's a 6 year) and what that means for us as a collective. We also chat about eclipse season coming up, starting at the end of April. Learn more about Remington: Follow his instagram @themysticalarts Purchase his book on Numerology Join his patreon membership  Read more about him here Partners Purchase amazing Quinton minerals or an aquatru water filtration system to make sure you + your family are getting proper mineral content and clean drinking water here. Learn more about Quinton minerals and Aquatru systems in our episode with Robert Slovak here.

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19 Apr 2022

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106: Kabbalah For Beginners with Remington Donovan

The Lit Up Lightworker Podcast

Do you want to learn Kabbalah teachings? In this interview with Remington Donovan, you’ll learn what the kabbalah tree of life means, the connection between kabbalah tarot and kabbalah astrology, as well as the difference between kabbalah, qabalah, and cabala. Remington Donovan is a master numerologist and mystic seer, trained in the spiritual wisdom of the ancients. He was quite literally born into the traditions of mysticism, spirituality and meditation, which naturally evolved into his now 30 years of experience practicing tarot and numerology. Along with performing thousands of private readings, Remington teaches and speaks all over the world. He hosts The Mystical Artists podcast and leads The Mystical Arts Mystery School. His book, Numerology: A Beginner's Guide to the Spiritual Meaning of Numbers was released on November 23 and published by Hardie Grant London. When you order my book Protect Your Light you'll get the Psychic Scanning Workshop (valued at £197) – a 90-minute workshop to scan for and cleanse yourself from energy attack – for FREE! Get it at www.protectyourlightbook.com RESOURCES MENTIONED: Remington's Website: https://themysticalarts.com Remington's Instagram Handle: https://www.instagram.com/themysticalarts/ Remington's Book: https://themysticalarts.com/numerology-book FREE GUIDES TO GET YOU STARTED: Life Purpose Workbook: https://georgelizos.com/lifepurpose The Ultimate Intuitive Development Starter Kit: https://georgelizos.com/intuitionstarterkit Intuition Mastery Accelerator Guide: https://georgelizos.com/intuitionmastery Scanning For Psychic Attack Guide: http://georgelizos.com/psychicattack Crystals to Manifest Your Best Life: https://georgelizos.com/crystals CONNECT WITH GEORGE: Instagram: www.instagram.com/georgelizos Facebook Group: www.yourspiritualtoolkit.com Website: www.georgelizos.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMLcoCVRHZU407OXj24HH8g?sub_confirmation=1 Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


11 Apr 2022

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032 | Numerology and the Mystical Arts - Remington Donovan

Life Curation Podcast by Andrina Tisi

Did you ever wonder how numbers can support you in your everyday life? Then this episode, with Remington Donovan's accessible, fun, and vibrant guidance, will open your eyes to the importance of numbers in everyday life. Remington is a numerologist, qabalistic tarot reader, seer, and teacher of kundalini yoga. Right from the beginning of our conversation, you will understand how he connects these techniques so that in interaction, all approaches result in a rounded overall picture. Based on the example of a tarot card he explains how this one card tells us a complete story when combined with all the techniques he has in store. 021 is a “5 year” and we recorded this just a few days after the summer solstice. Remington not only shares with us what these last 6 months have brought to us but also going forward what the teachings show us. A lot of people believe that multidigit numbers with all digits identical, aka repdigits, are lucky numbers. Remington explains their significance from a numerology point of view. Finally, he gives us some insights about his book - Numerology | A Beginner's Guide to the Mystic Significance of Numbers -, which will be released this year in November. It is a guide for beginners and teaches us how to incorporate numbers into everyday life. LINKS TO REMINGTON Website: https://www.themysticalarts.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/themysticalarts/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/remingtondonovan Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/fr/podcast/the-mystical-artists/id1569254513 LINKS MENTIONED IN THE INTERVIEW Numerology: A beginner's guide to the mystic significance of numbers: https://www.amazon.com/Numerology-beginners-mystic-significance-numbers/dp/1784884634/ref=tmm_hrd_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr= CONNECT WITH ME Website: www.andrinatisi.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/andrinatisi/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrinatisiLIFECURATION


9 Jul 2021

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Numerology 101 with Remington Donovan


When I first listened to Remington Donovan on a podcast a year ago talk about numerology I was instantly pulled in. This wasn’t your typically armchair social media let’s talk about angel numbers conversation, but it was a deep understanding of the ancient practice. That reveled in the deep intricacies in layers one sequence can have.  In case you don’t know already, Remington is a numerologist, qabalistic tarot reader, seer and teacher of kundalini yoga. He is my go-to for anything tarot or numerology related. He has been able to connect the dots between many different practices and teachings in spirituality and take something that may seem super complex and confusing, and makes it totally FUN and easy to understand. And better yet, accessible for anyone who is interested in diving deeper. Tune into today’s episode to learn more Remington’s own spiritual path, growing up in a spiritual community and teaching yoga at the age of 7(yep, you read that right), common angel numbers and if they are significant, what certain numbers mean, practices and technologies to use to move through this transitional time on Earth, 2020, 2021, and a little snippet of what to expect in 2022, and so much more! If you’ve never encountered his work, then you’re in for a treat! Get ready to be blown away! Links from the Interview: Remington’s Website Remington’s Instagram Pre-Order his new book Numerology: A Beginner’s Guide LOVE THIS EPISODE? Share on your IG Story + tag me CONNECT WITH ME: Join me on IG Website Book an Akashic Records Reading 

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14 Jun 2021

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The Joy of Your Destiny with Remington Donovan | Episode 36

The Cosmic Mama Podcast

I've been giddy to talk with Remington for some time now. But ya know, nervous Projector and all, I needed the right timing. If you don't know Remington Donovan, you should. He is one of the most prolific and vibrant voices of our time. I schedule my own ceremonies around his offerings and take a ton of notes to maximize the energies. He's that freakin' good. I am thrilled to share our Love Fest with you and am grateful he said yes. To be in the mutual awe of a mystic walking his path with reverence and radiance. Well, it's just pure bliss. Explore all the gifts of Remington Donovan:  His website :  https://themysticalarts.com/ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/themysticalarts/ Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/mysticalarts/ Find More of  Andye Murphy at the links below: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rocknrollshaman/ Patreon:    https://www.patreon.com/luminousmysteries Website:   https://www.andyemurphy.com/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/cosmicmamapodcast/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/cosmicmamapodcast/support

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3 Jun 2021

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Episode 130: The Energy Of The 5 Year in Numerology With Remington Donovan

Awaken and Align

Remington Donovan is a numerologist, qabalistic tarot reader, seer and teacher of kundalini yoga living in Los Angeles, California. He was born into the tradition of Swami Satchidananda, learning meditation and yoga directly from him at a very early age. He began formal training in the Western Mystery tradition as a teenager studying under an Adept Master for 22 years practicing the Hermetic, Qabalistic wisdom of the ancients. He uses these technologies and talents to empower, inspire and guide individuals in private readings and group sessions locally and worldwide.   In This Episode: How I met Remington and why it took me so long to step into the potential of my chart. Our thoughts on the difference between fate versus destiny.  What is a Western mystery school and how did Remington start learning about Hermetic and Qabalistic wisdom teachings.  The 5 year, the energies around 2021. At the midpoint of 2021, it’s not too late to activate these energies in your life.  How I’ve felt about this 5 year and what I’ve been disrupting this year.  The invitation for 2021 and the energies of astrology and numerology that are supporting you. The energy of Uranus and Taurus, Aquarian Age, and crypto currency.  What can we expect for the 6 year of 2022. Collectively, we are in a 5 year but you also have your personal year in 2021.   FULL SHOW NOTES Connect with Awaken and Align: If you enjoyed the podcast and you feel called, please share it and tag me! Subscribe, rate, and review the show wherever you get your podcasts. Your rating and review help more people discover it! Follow on Instagram @awakenandalign Let me know your favorite guests, lessons, or any topic requests.

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12 May 2021

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A Deep Dive Into Numerology & Growing Up With Spiritual Teachings With Remington Donovan

Spiritual Spiral

This week on Spiritual Spiral hosts Sam Davidson and Sari Cohen had the pleasure of speaking with master numerologist tarot reader (among many other things) Remington Donovan!  They have a really fun and fascinating discussion about Remington's unique upbringing and the history behind numerology, what it really is and how it can help guide you.They discuss: Remington's upbringing on an Ashram and how that shaped his life as a spiritualist. Numerology and tantric numerology. The ties numerology has to the Hebrew alphabet.  Colors and numbers having frequencies. What it means to see specific numbers consistently. Life path numbers. And much more!Remington Donovan Website:  https://themysticalarts.comRemington Donovan Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/themysticalarts/Spiritual Spiral Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/spiritualspiralshow/And don't forget, if you leave us a written review on iTunes you will be included in our 50th episode celebration!


27 Apr 2021