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Great White Heavy Metal Rockstar Mark Kendall

Mark 2.0

Welcome to Mark 2.0 Podcast where we interview Musicians, Actors and others in Entertainment.  Great White guitarist Mark Kendall joins us on the Podcast to talk about his life, career as a guitarist of a hit rock band, and new radio show.Great White Official Website https://www.officialgreatwhite.net/New Merch -  https://daddy-brians-merch-2.creator-spring.com/SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GREAT GUESTS IN MUSIC AND ENTERTAINMENT---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- follow all of these Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/mark2.0_podcast/Twitter- https://twitter.com/M20podcastFacebook- https://www.facebook.com/mark2.0podcastofficial------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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26 Oct 2022

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Mark Kendall: Great White Band Member Guitarist Talks About His New Life

Doing It Sober with Daniella Park

The world of rock ‘n roll has been famed . . . Or rather notorious for the full-tilt subculture of recklessness, although that phase came and went in the same manner as the typewriter. Whether that notoriety has had a lingering effect from a combination of tabloid journalism, continued participation by misguided followers . . . . The actual truth behind the industry of hard rock today has seen a paradigm shift, regarding socio-economic issues and even the build of positive relationship building with audiences locally and worldwide. Mark Kendall knows this facet all too well. As a guitarist and an integral part of the cult favorite Great White, Kendall has fashioned himself as an old soul musician who enjoys human connection and believes that even though a lot has changed, much ought to remain the same - record making, songwriting, purchasing music alike. Mark is also has a head on his shoulders, he has thrown his weight behind MusiCares which has seen him featured on radio and TV for his efforts in promoting Recovery. The man, the entity, the legend joins us to tell us all about it on DIS Live


3 Jul 2022

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009 - Mark Kendall

Hot Comics

Welcome to Hot Comics! The Stand Up Comedy Podcast brings the hottest comics on the scene straight to you.   In this episode, we have the one and only MARK KENDALL!  You can find him on Instagram: @markkendallcomedy markkendallcomedy.com His podcast is called: Ridiculous News   Mark's Comic Hotties are: Black AF Sketch Group: @BlackAF_Comedy   Marietta Mendler: @Marieonetta    If you’re looking for a heartfelt interview about the comedy come-up - this isn’t the podcast for you. Hot Comics will bring you the magic of stand-up comedy with a late-night talk show feel.   And when these comedians eventually get their HBO specials… You can earn bragging rights with your friends by saying - “Oh I totally know that comedian! I discovered them on Hot Comics!”   So get ready for us to bring the comedy club to wherever you listen to podcasts with Hot Comics.   Hosted by: Lisandra Vazquez & Brandi Unger   Follow us on Instagram: @hotcomicspod @laughsbythelb @lisandra__vazquez @hunger4bunger   Or go to our website: www.LaughsbytheLB.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/hotcomics/support


31 May 2022

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123: Mark Kendall #3

Sound Matters with Tom Leu

Sound Matters episode #123 features Tom's 3rd in-depth conversation with Mark Kendall from the multi-platinum band Great White. In this episode, we debut a new segment called "Song Matters" where I specifically dig into an artist's recollections and stories on the songwriting and recording of many of the band's classic tracks. Mark goes deep into many tracks from Great White's back catalog sharing insights about the making of the music through the years. The "Song Matters" segments are for anyone who is interested in the creation process, and how the music ultimately gets written, recorded and released. > Overview of how Great White and Mark wrote songs in the early days> On reasons for recording fuller demos before presenting to band > "Congo Square"> Hendrix and Bowie's approach to song ideas> Not the Mark Kendall show... but a band of dudes with opinions> Collaborative or competitive in Great White with respect to songwriting credits> "Mista Bone"> "Rock Me" and how some of the greats change typical songwriting approaches> When others in the band hear and help with your ideas> Tom Petty and Jackson Browne... masters of their craft> When to keep working on a song or move on> Collaborating with bandmate Michael Lardie and writing solo sections> Writing in different song structure styles> Getting inspiration from other sources and Richie Blackmore's lifts, etc.> "Hold On" from the 1st album and "No Better Than Hell"> "Shot In the Dark" from 2nd album (and Alan Niven's contributions)> Jack Russell and writing lyrics> Alan Niven (like the 6th Great White member) - strong with lyrics and the business side> "Waiting For Love" from Shot In the Dark (w/Stephan Jerry Lynn Williams)> Nervous when recording and working with Michael Wagner> The Once Bitten record... did they sense it was gonna be big> "Rock Me" and hearing it back for the first time> On "Rock Me" and the workaround for the 7 min. length> "Save Your Love"> "Lady Red Light"> Michael Wagner - no effects records> "Once Bitten, Twice Shy" (Ian Hunter)> "The Angel Song" with Dio charity-inspired lyric and video> "Call It Rock and Roll"> "Afterglow" (Steve Marriott)> On Steve Marriott and (Jack Russell) singing on Herman Rarebell's solo album> "Love Is A Lie"> People online teaching guitar parts for Great White songs> Working with Jack Blades (and Don Dokken) on the Can't Get There from Here album...> Working with Myron Grombaucher (from Pat Benatar band) > Recording guitars and drums for the Can't Get There from Here album> Really listening to others ideas before shooting them down in favor of your idea> "This Is the Life" with Terry Illous (from XYZ) and Mark's grandson on the pick slide)> Creating atmospheres and not worrying about duplicating live> Underrated Great White songs: "Hold On" and "Street Killer" from the first album> Songs that are selected as singles vs. those that are B-sides> Well-constructed songs with memorable guitar parts... always been the goal> Mark wanted to be like Carlos Santana> Jimmy Page's guitar solo on "Stairway to Heaven"> Why Great White songs are memorable> Dynamics in music are the most important thing> On shredding with respect to songwriting and guitar playing> On continuing to get better, be inspired, and collaborating as a songwriter and music fan> Mark's longtime friend who is a trusted ear> The several months waiting after finishing a record> Mark's favorites of the 13 Great White videos> Thoughts on using technology today (for video and audio)> Mark's solo workConnect with Mark Kendall & Great White:Website: www.officialgreatwhite.comFacebook: www.facebook.com/GreatWhiteOfficialFacebook: www.facebook.com/MarkSKendallTwitter: www.twitter.com/MarkKendall_GWInstagram: www.instagram.com/mr._greatwhite (@mr._greatwhite)Connect with TOM LEU:Websites: www.SoundMatters.tv | www.TomLeu.com | www.16Imaging.com Official Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/tomleu2Twitter: www.twitter.com/tomleu (@tomleu)Instagram: www.instagram.com/tomleu (@tomleu)YouTube: www.tomleu.tv SOUND MATTERS Radio Episode #123 >> www.SoundMatters.tv/sm123/

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7 May 2022

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Talking Guitars & 80’s Metal LIVE! Mark Kendall; American Slang; David Lee Roth; Go Daddy; 3/8/22

The Johnny Beane Podcast


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9 Mar 2022

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Grind & Pivot

Great White is an amazing band. They are still rocking and touring. I had the privilege to speak with Mark Kendall the guitarist extraordinaire! Listen how Great White came to be the darlings of MTV and the back story to many of the recordings and tours. Cheers!MARK KENDALL AND GREAT WHITE INFO WEBSITE : http://www.officialgreatwhite.com/TWITTER : https://twitter.com/greatwhiterocksIG: https://www.instagram.com/OfficialGreatWhite/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/GreatWhiteOfficial/LOUIE MAX TWITTER: @grindandpivot INSTAGRAM: @louiemaxx, @grindandpivot Email: grindandpivot@gmail.com Website : www.grindandpivot.com Facebook: Louie Max Publicity and Booking: Melissa Kucerik Moxie Publicity

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9 Mar 2022

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Ep: 8- Mark Kendall- On How Creatively Change Your Trajectory Amidst a Pandemic

Undetoured- Navigating The Artist's Journey

Had a blast chatting with Mark Kendall about his life and how his comedy changed trajectory during the pandemic. If he doesn't inspire you to go out and create your own content, I don't know what will! Mark Kendall is an Atlanta comedian. Along with his production partner, Bill Worley, he is the co-founder of Cool Cool Cool Productions (coolcoolcoolpro.com), where they use comedy to encourage civic engagement. This past summer, he had four short films screened at the American Black Film Festival Comedy Festival. He has toured nationally with his one person show, "The Magic Negro and Other Blackness". He was the Readers Pick for Best Comedian in Creative Loafing Atlanta in 2019. While studying film at Northwestern University, he completed the Comedy Central Chris Rock Summer School Program, where he pitched jokes at "The Daily Show'' and "The Colbert Report."  Follow Mark Kendall on Instagram @markkendallcomedy You can follow Sloane on Instagram @sloanewarren and on twitter @sloaneawarren Your free guided visual meditation: https://www.subscribepage.com/morning-meditation You can join our FB group Undetoured-Navigating The Artist's Journey here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/548220022934192--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/sloane-warren/support


20 Feb 2022

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Great White's Mark Kendall / Kissin Dynamite | Ep. 326

Appetite for Distortion

First, Great White's Mark Kendall talks 2022 tour, knowing Vince Neil since 15, and sharing Alan Niven with Guns N' Roses.Plus, Kissin Dynamite's Hannes Braun talks new album "Not The End Of The Road," surviving reality TV, and interviewing Slash.#greatwhite #kissindynamite #gunsnrosesFollow @TheAFDPodcast on Twitter


25 Jan 2022

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Bloomdaddy 8-25-21 Hour 1 Pt 2 Mark Kendall, Founder & Guitarist for the band Great White

Bloomdaddy On Demand


25 Aug 2021

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Copy of Mark Kendall of Great White 05.02.2020

Swell Radio RFUA

Copy of the first Swell Radio from May 2, 2020.See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


19 Jul 2021