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Unapologetic Confidence & Living Life on Your Own Terms with Christina Glickman, TEDx Speaker & Creator of XTRA Love Army

The Jen Marples Show

The moment you stop the pursuit of trying to please everyone is the moment you will find your freedom. This week, episode 58 of The Jen Marples Show is about unapologetic confidence & living life on your own terms!In this episode of The Jen Marples Show, my guest Christina Glickman, TedX speaker and author, shares the value in letting go of caring what other people think and the actionable steps you can take right now to live the life you have always wanted to live. Some of the talking points Christina and I go over in this episode include:Unapologetically doing the things that bring you joy, despite outside criticism. Reminding us all that people are not thinking about us as much as we think they are, they are thinking about themselves!Reversing this idea that in order to be valuable, you have to be busy. Putting your health and wellness at the forefront of everything you do to prevent burnout. Taking the first step to rebrand yourself at midlife into the person you want to become.Saying no and protecting your time and energy so that you can live life in flow. Women will always be judged no matter how they look and what they do so if you’re going to be judged anyway, you may as well do whatever the hell you want!Make sure to listen to the entire episode to receive inspiration, tips, and advice that will help you change your life and improve your business.Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me on Instagram @jenmarples!  And don’t forget to follow, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!CONNECT WITH CHRISTINA GLICKMAN: Instagram XTRA: Life & Style Unscripted PodcastListen to Christina’s TEDx TalkJoin the XTRA CommunityCONNECT WITH JEN MARPLES:Join the Inner CircleInstagramLinkedInWork with Jen! Website LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein


28 Apr 2022

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517: Christina Glickman on Confidence & the Art of Being Xtra

Christina The Channel

Christina Glickman is the mother of four, TEDx speaker, host of the podcast Xtra: Life & Style Unscripted, author of the best selling book Xtra: The Art of Being, and founder of the women’s movement, The Xtra Love Army.After leaving the world of advertising Christina focused her talents on becoming a champion of women. Christina works with women around the country, dedicated to helping them walk through life with unapologetic confidence. Her powerful message on reclaiming your voice inspires women to intentionally show up for themselves, every day. To live a life with a little bit XTRA. Christina is based in Chicago, a fashion addict and entrepreneur. You can find her most days working hard with her family right next to her. Exactly how she likes it. Today on Christina The Channel:17:00 - Honoring endings for new beginnings & the pivot for Christina to begin truly living life for herself20:30 - Get to know Christina: morning routine, product & topic she’s loving, human design & astrology 27:00 - Allowing yourself/others to change & why it’s okay to outgrow people33:00 - How Christina has developed her confidence40:10 - How Christina came to have her iconic haircut & how we are always reinventing ourselves54:00 - How there is never a better moment than now to make your dreams happen1:02:20 - Christina’s reflection of her TEDx experience & what the process taught herLAST CHANCE No BS Biz School: bit.ly/nobsbizschoolThis show is sponsored by:LMNT | Visit drinklmnt.com/ctc to get an 8-pack sampler for the cost of shipping!Organifi | Go to organifi.com/ctc and use the code CTC at checkout for 20% off. Follow Christina Glickman:Check out her Instagram: @christinaglickmanWatch Christina’s TEDx talk on women reclaiming their voices: TEDx Talk Join the Xtra membership community or inquire about 1x1 time Click HerePurchase her best selling book: Xtra: The Art of Being Find her on LinkedinConnect on clean beauty: beautycounter.com/christinaglickmanConnect with Christina:Buy Christina's NEW BOOK: ManifestationMasteryBook.comLearn more: christinathechannel.comPersonal IG: @christinathechannelSign up for the FREE 30 Day 3D to 5D Ascension Course hereThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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18 Apr 2022

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Episode 003: Bringing a Vision to Life w/ Christina Glickman

The Whole View

This week, Stacy is joined by Christina Glickman to discuss the power of saying no and offer tips you can use to bring a vision to life. Links to any products and articles discussed in the episode here!Don’t forget to subscribe to this channel and visit realeverything.com! If you haven't yet unlocked our bonus content, checkout Patreon for exclusive behind-the-scenes content and how Stacy and Sarah really feel about the topics they discuss. Your subscription goes to support this show and gets you direct access to submit your questions! We also want to give a big thank you to this week’s sponsors: betterhelp.com/wholeview | get 10% off your first month justthrivehealth.com/discount/thewholeview | Save 15% site-wide with promo code: THEWHOLEVIEW Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


8 Apr 2022

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Living Xtra: How to Create a Life You Love with Christina Glickman

Activate with Laura Holloway

Today on Activate, Laura is joined by Christina Glickman! Author, TEDx speaker, and fashionista, Christina has her hand in a lot of projects, and she’s here to share about all of them and more! She and Laura discuss the epidemic of women who don’t believe in themselves, and how Christina has made it her mission to change the tides and empower women to live their best lives. Plus, learn how it’s possible to stay true to yourself while running a business, get inspiration to try some new things with your closet, and hear the serendipitous story of how Christina and Laura met (Spoiler: it includes their dogs!). In this episode of Activate:Where creativity and business meetBuilding a business that’s centered around your strengths How to handle the dream killers in your lifeMastering “The art of Being” to create a life you loveHow to shake things up in your closet and take risksFollow Christina:Instagram: @christinaglickmanListen to her TEDx Talk Purchase her best selling book: Xtra: The Art of BeingCheck out her podcast XTRA: Life & Style Unscripted Connect with Laura:Website: lauraeholloway.comIG: @activatepodcastThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions

1hr 6mins

25 Jan 2022

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Aging is Magic: BE SEEN. with Christina Glickman

The Kelli Show

Christina Glickman is THE most fabulous, magnetic, joy-filled woman—get ready to soak in this beautiful conversation between two women who really love and respect each other. Christina shares who she became on the road to TEDx, and what it looks like to not close the door on yourself even in fear. Kelli and Christina talk about the freedom that comes with aging, seeing people on a soul level, and allowing your core values to be your guiding light. They also unpack the liberation that comes from living in the gray and allowing your views to change as you evolve.Today on The Kelli Show:Who Christina became en route to TEDxHow trust allows you to move through fearAllowing others to unfold in their own processHow to navigate disagreeing with people you loveBeing locked into your own truth is suffocatingThe freedom and beauty that comes with agingMaking the choice to find joy each dayThis show is supported by:Paleovalley | Go to paleovalley.com and enter the code KELLIT at checkout for 15% off.LMNT | Visit drinklmnt.com/kellit to get an 8-pack sampler for the cost of shipping!Organifi | Go to organifi.com/kellit and use the code KELLIT at checkout for 20% off.Connect with Christina:Instagram: @christinaglickman Book: Xtra: The Art of BeingClick here to submit your review for The Kelli Show, and receive access to Kelli’s secret Spotify playlist!This show is produced by Soulfire Productions

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8 Oct 2021

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SOUL SISTERS: Getting Raw and Real with Shelley and Christina Glickman

Rebel Souls Podcast

Soul fam, you know how much we love the real and raw conversations and it doesn’t get much juicier than this! My fellow author and soul sister Christina Glickman is returning to Rebel Souls to flip the script and interview me! In this SOUL SISTERS conversation, we get real about what turns our stomachs, gives us sweaty palms, and makes us want to run away. There’s no big dream out there that isn’t filled with fearful moments and discouragement, we’re all humans with heartbeats, right? The good thing is that we get to use that fear as fuel to drive us forward. There is literally NOTHING off-limits in the episode. We basically forgot that we were recording so welcome to a deeply loving, no-holds-barred conversation that’s best described as a glimpse into my bare naked soul. We cover a lot of vulnerable and valuable ground, including:How being a badass doesn’t mean you’re fearless.What it means to give our dreams oxygen.Why it’s important to recommit every single day to what matters most to us.The value of practicing “high Intention, low attachment to outcome.”The power of finding your “forever champions.” Follow Christina:Instagram: @christinaglickmanFacebookVimeoLinkedinBook: Xtra: The Art of BeingConnect with Shelley:Instagram: @soulbbaticalWebsite: soulbbatical.comFind your Human Design TypeGo check out Rebelling FOR Unapologetic Confidence with Christina on Rebel SoulsAND Shelley’s Soulisode on what it means to be Success-FULLThis show is produced by Soulfire Productions


1 Sep 2021

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Embodying Confidence with Christina Glickman

Becoming Iconic

When we sink into our true essence and accept that being ourselves is more than enough, that is when we can truly shine brighter. That’s why episode 128 of Becoming Iconic is about embodying confidence! Sign up for The Breakthrough Masterclass where you’ll experience more pleasure, liberation, & impact.In this episode of Becoming Iconic, Christina Glickman shares the importance of showing up as your true authentic self and actionable steps you can take right now to embrace your inner confidence and encourage other women to do the same. Christina and I cover some of the following topics: Recognizing when you’re showing up as performative and flipping the switch to show up authentically you. The biggest confidence breakers and why saying you don’t care what others think of you can actually have negative implications. Does confidence come with age or through the seasons of life?Changing the narrative of confidence, not arrogance when the media tries to tell a different story. Lifting up and supporting other women through their journey of confidence. Allow every day of your life to be of substance for yourself and set space to protect your energy because no one else will. So be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive tons of practical tips on all things business, style, relationships and family. Thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot of the episode to post in your stories and tag me!  And don’t forget to subscribe, rate and review the podcast and tell me your key takeaways!Learn more about Becoming Iconic and Jen at https://jenszpigiel.com/ CONNECT WITH CHRISTINA GLICKMAN:WebsiteXtra: The Art of BeingInstagramLinkedinCONNECT WITH JEN SZPIGIEL:Work with Jen: www.jenszpigiel.comConnect with Me: www.instagram.com/jenszpigielBecoming Iconic Instagram: www.instagram.com/becomingiconicpodcastBlog: www.jenszpigiel.com/blog


29 Jul 2021

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Episode 137: Xtra, The Art of Being With Christina Glickman

Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast

Episode 137 Notes: In this episode, Alisha is sharing her conversation with Christina Glickman master community builder and Author of Xtra, The Art of Being.Our Sponsor: Abbey Gibb and The MVA! Calling all purpose-driven female entrepreneurs with stories to share with this world. Meet my friend Abbey Gibb, who also happens to be an Emmy award-winning journalist turned business and media mentor.She’s helped women like you build million-dollar businesses around your personal story, become best-selling authors, and land TED talks in months.She's currently offering a special for my community on her #1 Media Marketing Course, the Media Visibility Accelerator. A 6 module course for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses to $25k+ per month and scale their message into a global movement.This is the program your soul craves and your bank account deserves. CTA: MVAPricing options: Pay in full discount of $1497 ($5,000) or 6 monthly payments of $497137 Show NOTES:Christina GlickmanA mother of 4, making sure my humans are alive safe, and healthyAn author, community creator, Tedx, Beauty CounterWe are many things, there are many ands and I get to try a lot of them on. The biggest joy is watching someone uncover who they are and watching them uncover it. It’s vulnerable to put yourself out there. There is no shortcut, we show up we do the work, we fail and we keep going. The more we can share our stories the better. Extra, the art of being. Show up and do a little bit moreWhatever I’m doing, put full heart and soul into it.  The idea that how you present yourself in the world is so much of who you are. Oprah meets GucciExtra is about showing up in the world and give a little more Extra is doing one thing today that is hanging over me so that I can get it done.  Like scheduling the mammograms that I don’t want to do.  What can I do to get my space feeling better?The grind and hustle is one I don’t want to prescribe to.  How do I honor my relationship with myself more? Sometime extra is exploring doing the class I’m interested in. I don’t want to turn around in 10 years and be exactly where I am. Feel a mindset of getting the best out of life that I can get.  What give you joy?  That’s your success metrics  Extra is not being the loudest in the room. When you are able to show up as yourself that is part of how you serve. If we don’t allow ourselves to shine brightly we don’t give others the permission to shine brightly.  When we step into our full power, it give others permission but it allows us to serve others. Sharing your own journey so that you can see the messy complicated steps.  If you know me you know my intentionIt takes a lot of practice to show up as yourself. If we are putting ourselves out there in the world, we could be perfect and we are still going to encounter people seeing us as they are not as we are. We have to assume good intentions for others. I’ve decided to stay in my laneI’m never going to hand you three steps to greatness because it’s how you want to show up in the world. If we look to the past, women are the backbone of our society and they are the same collective group that will save us. The process of TEDx is who you get to become in the process.  Why is confidence important?  If you don’t feel worthy enough to show up in the world as yourself you’ll never get to achieve anything. We come into this world with a full cup. We are given identities and badges that shape who we are and the world that chips away at it. There is no shame in the lack of confidence that we have, but once we become clear as to why we aren’t confident in our own skin, then we can work on it. Ultimately in relationships and parenting if you’re not confident enough you can’t show up confidently in the world as you are. It’s about showing up confidently.  It is the catalyst to so much.  Christina was doing her book for her. Evolve and repeatYour story mattersStrong loving women who want a container to be held. Life is so hard.  It only occurred to me 6-9 months ago that I wasn’t supposed to do this alone. We need each other, a coach, a mentor a group.  Find your whatever! A place to dip in and out.  We all move through things. Go for it, figure it out.  There is space for everybody. There is no original ideasIf it’s painful you’re doing it right. You need the nudge and the help. Anyone who doesn’t think it’s that hard for anyone might be wrongIf we don’t feel the pain in the process, we don’t get to see the bloom. I hold a container of love @ChristinaGlickmanI’m worthy of abundance in relationship, in parenting, finances, my job. I’m worthy of it just because I’m here. Do you have questions you want me to answer on the show? Email me at awielfaert@yokeandabundance.comIf you love the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast Consider Supporting us through Patreon. 


21 Jun 2021

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E78: Unleashing your power and tapping into your unapologetic confidence with Christina Glickman

The Art of Living Well Podcast®

We are so excited and honored to welcome Christina Glickman. Christina is a mother, speaker and author of the new best selling book Xtra: The Art of Being. A book meant for the person who’s looking for permission and inspiration to be themselves. She is also a community builder through her successful membership program created for strong, loving, purpose driven women that are looking to step into life with unapologetic confidence. Christina is currently speaking to groups across the country on unapologetic confidence and the permission to just be. Her powerful message on mindset inspires people to intentionally show up for themselves, every day. Her life’s work is to help other women awaken their xtra and unleash their best self.  Christina is based in Chicago and is also an entrepreneur in the clean beauty movement as an advocate for Beautycounter. You can find her most days working hard with her family right next to her. Exactly how she likes it.  We loved chatting with Christina! She is so energetic and tons of fun. She also has a fabulous sense of style that is uniquely hers.  We dove into the idea that unapologetic confidence comes in a container of care and that we are not meant to dream alone.  We also discussed that giving permission to be ourselves unleashes our powers and gifts to the world. To be anything else is exhausting. You won't want to miss this fantastic episode! Special offer for our listeners: Christina is offering you a personal invite to her xtra membership community call.  Simply DM the word 'xtra' to her on Instagram for an invite You can find Christina on: IG: @christinaglickman Join her community: Xtra: The Membership Program Purchase her book: Xtra: The Art of Being on amazon DM her on IG for 1x1 coaching: Xtra: The Transformation  Thanks to our amazing sponsors:This episode is brought to you by Appetite for Change, a non-profit in North Minneapolis that uses food as a tool for health, wealth, and social change. To learn more about AFC, listen to Episode 31 of our podcast with one of their co-founders Michelle Horovitz, as well as our bonus episodes with co-founder Princess Haley. For more information or to donate head on over to https://appetiteforchangemn.org/impact/ or visit them on instagram and facebook @appetiteforchange.   This episode is also brought to you by Chisel Architecture, a unique firm in the Twin Cities whose trademarked design approach, called Pattern of Life, is a game changer for homeowners.  Co-Founders, Sara and Marcy focus on functionality for your home environment and believe that your overall well-being should be in the mix.  Chisel architecture has a special offer for our listeners.  Simply email hello@chiselarch.com and mention this podcast to receive $50 off your two-hour consultation.  Consultations must be booked by June 30th to take advantage of this offer.  ------------------------------------------------------------ Upcoming programs and workshops: The Art of Living Well Summertime Tribe - 60 Day Program.  Don't let your health take a backseat this summer. How would you like to enjoy summer without letting your health, energy and mood take a back seat? We've listened and relate to so many of you over the past few years comment about how your food and exercise regime is completely thrown off track during the summer leaving you feeling less than fabulous come Labor Day. Please join us we embark on a summer of feeling great, being mindful and enjoying ourselves. June 7th - August 15th - $199 For more information and sign-up here 7 Day Functional Medicine Detox Sign-up now $155 - July 11th, 2021 group start   Save the dates for in person summer yoga events in the Mpls area: June 16th and July 22nd ----------------------------------------------------------- 10 Ways to Create a Healthy Relationship with Sugar - Online Workshop: Are you ready to change your relationship with sugar? Take our online sugar workshop and be on your way to having a healthy relationship with sugar in no time. Purchase this 1 hour workshop here. 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26 May 2021

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Unapologetic Confidence with Christina Glickman

In Her Voice

What would it feel like to show up in the world with unapologetic confidence? Christina Glickman is with me on this episode to show us how to practice it! When you are ready to take on those big ideas you have in your heart, check out The Idea Hour. It will help you gain clarity, create an action plan, and move forward with confidence knowing you are here for this purpose! www.kellycovert.com/ideas Connect with Christina: You can find everything for Christina on Instagram: @christinaglickman Join her community: Xtra: The Membership Program https://xtra.mykajabi.com/ Purchase her book, Xtra: The Art of Being on amazon: bit.ly/xtrabook


6 Apr 2021