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Fleur Larsen: The Language of Racism

Marketing for Good

Fleur and Erica talk about key terms like racism, anti-blackness, equity, and white fragility and how these terms, and the concepts and actions behind them, influence marketing. They discuss woke-washing and how external messaging needs to be backed up by an internal culture that walks the talk. They explore how individuals can align action with values to live in integrity and with humility.  About Fleur LarsenFleur Larsen started facilitating 20 years ago on challenge course programs with youth and adults. Her style is based on sharp analysis, flexible thinking, joy, and purposeful results. Her work is relationship-based with connection, collaboration, and community as integral elements to reach goals. Currently, she works with several corporate and nonprofit groups facilitating retreats, trainings and workshops in addition to one on one coaching. Fleur’s work as a Seattle-based facilitator is focused on equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, experiential education and community development.  Resources referenced in this episode:Equity in equality bicycle imageJodi-Ann Burey Ibram X. KendiIjeoma Oluo Rachel CargleRobin DiAngeloWoke-Washing Brands Cash in on Social Justice. It’s Just Lazy and Hypocritical by Arwa Mahdawi“Woke-Washing” Your Company Won't Cut It by Erin Dowell and Marlette Jackson Connect with Fleur:Website: https://www.fleurlarsenfacilitation.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/FleurLarsenLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fleurlarsen/ Connect with Erica:Website: http://www.claxonmarketing.com/https://claxonuniversity.com/https://www.claxonmarketing.com/wordifier/Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClaxonMarketingLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericamillsbarnhart/Email: info@claxonmarketing.com


2 Nov 2020

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White Women As Gatekeepers: The Clipboard of Control w Fleur Larsen

The Ethical Rainmaker

*Updated 11.13.20While many awful DEI practices exist, Fleur has built a reputation of accountability and showing up! So many great assets are mentioned in this episode:Michelle talks with Fleur Larsen, a facilitator and DEI consultant with a great repFleur’s next workshop is Power With Not Power Over for white women, starting Sept 10She is one of the founders of Skate Like a Girl (est. 2000) and comes from the therapy, education and nonprofit spacesReferences: Definition of Gatekeepers: Those who speak for, describe, translate, interpret, count and determine institutional access for people of color - in the process of systemic oppression. Gatekeepers are typically accountable to their bosses in institutions rather than the communities that they serve, and usually help maintain rather than change the system. They contribute to depriving oppressed people access to the institutions that control their lives. Source: People’s Institute for Survival and BeyondDefinition of Liberated Gatekeeping: Using power and privilege, access, opportunity to break down gates; Awareness of systems, policies, people that may be gates; Realization we are ALL gatekeepers (we can be liberating or oppressive); Using gatekeeping to check other’s privilege. Source: Monica Dennis and Rachael Ibrahim and Move to End Violence Initiative.adrienne marie brown and Emergent Strategy - learn more about emergent strategy!WOAH she does 60% of the work for 40% of the pay when she works with BIPOC folx. Did you hear that? Just wanted to point it out.We mentioned Lola’s Ink, a new podcast by Jenna Hanchard which also features a great story from Jenna and guest Jodi-Ann Burey => In A World Full of Karens Be An Elizabeth...check it out!Fleur talked about The Crown Act, created in 2019 to ensure protection against discrimination based on race-based hairstyles by extending statutory protection to hair texture and styles like braids, locs, twists, and knots in the workplace and public schools. Yes, this is still happening.Fleur mentions Resmaa Menakem, therapist and author of books like My Grandmother’s HandsThe Power of a Fundraiser: is an article I wrote, that was referenced...Fleur gives props to Aparna Rae, Ligaya Domingo, Jodi-Ann Burey, Regent Brown, Tami Farber and Michelle GislasonGratitude to Falon Sierra  for letting us use her new song “Sprained Ankles" throughout this episode - its so good right?This is a brand new podcast and we could use all the help we can get! The best way to support us is by subscribing on your fav pod player, rating us (esp on iTunes...yeah, I know) and honestly...share it out to friends and colleagues. The purpose is  Write us any time at hello@theethicalrainmaker.com or visit us at theethicalrainmaker.com.


26 Aug 2020

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FLEUR LARSEN - social justice & racial equity facilitator shares her wisdom with Terasa


With all the wonderful energy behind the BLM movement these days, I've been really wanting to skill up on how to be a better ally to my Brothers & Sisters of color.If you're white, like me - then truly, respectfully, from the bottom of my heart; it's time for you to do the same.Maybe you're worried about "saying the wrong thing" sometimes to a person of color? and don't want to look like a "bad person" in front of them if you do. That's OK. Me too.We just have to put our minds to getting educated, talk about racial issues together, get clear on our 'stuff' and do the healing work together.And then we can really work together to make some powerful changes for everyone. I just think we need some help seeing the path So join FLEUR LARSEN & I on an investigatory conversation into our roles in social justice & racial equity. What we can do to clear confusion, embarrassment, old paradigms & habits.FLEUR LARSEN travels the nation & the world educating [white] individuals like me & corporations like Amazon, Boeing, even the ACLU how to be accountable for our white privilege. She teaches workshops & hosts events talking about equity, social justice, martyrdom, racism, sexism , internalized sexism, white privilege, white supremacy, and patriarchy. There's so much we've accepted in life that is actually unacceptable - It's time we take the blinkers offFLEUR LARSEN@FLEURLARSENFACILITATION.COM

1hr 26mins

29 Jul 2020

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#16: Fleur Larsen: For White Women Working on Showing Up for Racial Equity- Understanding How We've Been Set Up and How to Make the Invisible Visible to Heal our Collective Neurology

Podcast for Healing Neurology

Originally recorded in the first week of March 2020, before the last two weeks of protest and before Coronvirus up-ended our social & economic lives, with an update recorded June 2nd, this podcast with organizational development and workplace equity consultant Fleur Larsen shines a bright and clarifying light onto the role white women can and do play in the structures of racism in our social fabric and economy. These are ongoing issues (for centuries since prior to the inception of America as a country) and are so ingrained that they constitute ‘the water we swim in and the air we breathe’. Unlearning these patterns requires attention and awareness and often brings up feelings. “I’m a good person so how can I be racist?” The two are not mutually exclusive- we will make mistakes and the solution is to learn and make amends. “As a woman, I am targeted by sexism. How can I be the oppressor?” The two are not mutually exclusive- in fact, historically because of sexism, we have used our white privilege to stay closer to power. Join us for a conversation that was critically necessary before the last week of video and events and will remain some of the most important work we can do to heal our collective neurology- uncovering and uprooting each deeper layer of bias so we can show up authentically and accountably for racial justice for the long haul. Resources: · www.Fleurlarsenfacilitation.comincluding curated list of resources, books and organizations: https://www.fleurlarsenfacilitation.com/resources · https://futureforus.co/To support the advancement of women of color in the workplace. · Rachel Cargle:https://www.rachelcargle.com/ · Robin Diangelo & understanding white fragility: https://robindiangelo.com/ · The Conscious Kid with age-appropriate resources for parenting & teaching children about race & racism: https://www.theconsciouskid.org/ · Seeing White Podcast: https://www.sceneonradio.org/seeing-white/ · To diversity the news sources: https://www.democracynow.org/ · Nikita Oliver: https://crosscut.com/author/nikkita-oliver · Compiled list of articles & resources: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1BRlF2_zhNe86SGgHa6-VlBO-QgirITwCTugSfKie5Fs/mobilebasic · https://www.upworthy.com/white-americans-asking-what-can-i-do · https://blacklivesmatteratschool.com/teaching-materials/ · Article: What will be different this time? By CompassPoint: https://www.compasspoint.org/blog/what-will-be-different-time%C2%A0 · Digital Postcard from the Ground: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyyUWh09lC4&feature=youtu.be · Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) helps white people move into accountable action & has chapters across the country: https://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/chapters-and-affiliates.html

1hr 8mins

8 Jun 2020

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Ep 15 - Fleur Larsen - Plowline Podcast 42819

Plowline Podcast

Jeremy & Gerry are joined by Fleur Larsen. Fleur Larsen a Seattle-based facilitator and seasoned consultant in the nonprofit sector with a background in education and counseling. Fleur’s 20-years of experience has given her a perspective on what is needed to move our sector from a cycle of putting out fires, to a movement based in lasting equity and empowerment. In Fleur’s commitment as a social justice facilitator, she brings strong skills and experience in community building, power and privilege, and liberation work.

1hr 4mins

28 Apr 2019